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Apparently, Ellen triggered people on both sides with her defense of hanging with George W. Bush video… which proves her point that America needs to come together and love everybody!

I’m noticing that Ellen’s segment on telling Americans that it’s okay to be friends with people you disagree with politically is triggering people on both sides of the spectrum… the right and the left. Both sides are losing their minds and calling her out. Not all of them are, though… there are some people on both sides who actually agrees with her.

Yeah, I don’t really like George W. Bush, don’t really like Obama, don’t like Bernie and don’t really like Hillary but if I ever met them in person… I wouldn’t be mean to them and would be kind to them anyway. Some people can have the most insane and crazy ideas when it comes to political views but it’s still possible to treat them like real humans. We are all human and we all have feelings.

We really need to knock off this “right vs. left” crap ’cause it’s getting old and tiresome, ya know? Admittedly, I’ve been pretty harsh and mean to liberals online over the years but I’ve been trying to calm down and have been trying to be “apolitical” more. I think I may as well become “apolitical”… ya know, shut up about politics for good and just focus on music and weightlifting. Admittedly, I haven’t been letting lefties speak their minds when I should.

A lot of conservatives say lefties are “intolerant” but conservatives can be just as bad as the left. The conservative community is pretty divided for that reason. This isn’t how America should be. We need to come together and love each other as a whole. That’s what Ellen trying to say and the more you hate on her, the more it proves her point. The same goes for lefties who are always hating on conservatives and Republican voters.

We really need to unite pretty badly, though and Ellen has a lot of balls for saying it. Give it time… is Ellen about to be blacklisted ’cause she all of a sudden had “center-like” views in politics? I wouldn’t be surprised if she’ll start getting the Roseanne Barr treatment.


I’m no fan of Ellen Degeneres but what she did here was really good… for once I agree with her!!!

I’m no fan of talk show host and comedian Ellen Degeneres at all. I never liked her but for once, I’ll love her for this just for this one time… Ellen goes to an NFL football game that she got invited to and she got special seating at the game. Unexpectedly, she gets a seat next to our former president George W. Bush and his wife, Laura. This sparked an uproar on twitter and here is Ellen brilliantly defending herself on this… clearly shutting down the “outrage” crowd we live in these days.

In this segment on her talk show, she says we should be kind to one another even if we don’t agree with our political views. She says it’s okay to be friends with people even if they have opposing views with each other and I totally agree.

Ya know, I maybe a very conservative guy and I do have some “leftist” friends in my life. I don’t really hate the hardcore left and I’m willing to be friends with “liberals” just as long as they respect my views. I don’t hate liberals like some would think, I respect and LOVE all people. Really I do.

Even if I’m a pretty conservative guy… not only do I have some liberal friends and family members, I also have liberal fans and supporters. When I have liberal fans and supporters, they don’t support me ’cause of my politics, they probably support me ’cause of my bodybuilding/powerlifting and they enjoy my music since I’m a musician. They support me anyways ’cause they are adult enough that it’s okay to support people who you don’t agree with politically. I’m even willing to date a liberal woman if I had to.

We still live in a divided country. I’ve always said for a pretty long time on my blogs that this “right vs. left” battles we keep having constantly is just silly and not good for America. We still need to figure out a way to unite ’cause we need to knock off this “right vs. left” crap.

I’ve had too many liberals over the years attacking me for my political views and I’ve had many leftist people refusing to talk to me only because I’m “conservative”. That’s not how America should be.

I love Ellen for this. We really need to stop hating on each other over politics ’cause once again, it’s not good for America.

It is possible to love someone even if you don’t agree with them politically… you should try it, lefties. It’s not that hard. Shame on the media ’cause the mainstream press is partly responsible for dividing the nation.


Interesting how all these so-called “conservatives” turning their backs on George W. Bush after he slammed Trump on Today Show this morning…


A lot of conservatives today through social networking are being very disappointed and angry with George W. Bush. Why? George W. Bush had an interview on the Today Show with Matt Lauer this morning and George W. slammed Trump over immigration laws by saying, “I am for an immigration policy that is welcoming…”. See the first video above.


Interesting how conservatives have been turning their backs on George W. Why now when they shouldn’t have trusted him years ago? George W. has always been pro-illegals and pro-Islam. Proof on that George W. deported less illegal immigrants than Barack Obama…even Snopes said that was true:


George W. has also always been “friendly” with Islam ever since the 9/11 attacks and even Matt Lauer said that in the video above. It’s interesting how these conservatives loves George W. Bush so much when he has always been too friendly about illegals and Muslims. Conservatives are against illegals and Islam too.

Since these “conservatives” love Trump so much, why are they loving Trump since he had so many bad things to say about George W. over the years? Trump’s been talking trash about George W. for years and that goes way back to 2007 in the video interview above where Trump did an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN (back when CNN used to be nice to Trump, that is).

People always accused me of liking Bush since I’m a very conservative guy but not true. I’ve always hated George W. and I love it when Trump gets onto him about not doing much after 9/11, getting us into war and all that stuff.

Why are conservatives sad at George W. now? George W. is a guy who gets along with Barack Obama. They’ve been friends for years. So-called conservatives who thought George W. was a great leader is no real conservative, in my opinion. George W. has always been a “RINO”. A fake republican with some liberal views. I can’t understand why some conservatives love the guy so much. Liberals can be dumb, naive and uneducated? Yes definitely. Well, some conservatives can be just as bad.


Trump has been saying a lot of things that liberals LOVE but I’m sure they still hate him anyway…

Many would believe that Mr. Trump has been saying a lot of things that “conservatives” has been thinking but not really. Mr. Trump has been saying a lot of things of what liberals has been thinking too.

It’s a pretty well-known fact that liberals blame George W. Bush for the Iraq War and liberals all say that George W. lied about weapons of mass destruction. Well, Mr. Trump has been saying the same thing for days now. Mr. Trump has been attacking George W. Bush on the GOP debates for a while now. You think liberals would love him for this? Apparently, liberals will always hate Mr. Trump even if he’s on their side on some things.


I realize Mr. Trump is upsetting some conservatives of him blaming George W. Bush but come on, y’all. It doesn’t mean that Trump is a “closet” liberal, Mr. Trump is just trying to show that he’s not on either side. Mr. Trump is just trying to keep it real and tell the truth on both sides of the spectrum.

George W. Bush is a fraud and a liar, that’s what Mr. Trump was trying to prove last night. Liberals should love Mr. Trump for that but I’m sure they’re still hating on him anyways.

Last night’s GOP Debate wasn’t a very good one and it wasn’t Mr. Trump’s best night either. I still love Mr. Trump but he needs to ignore Jeb’s bullshit and just concentrate on America. I’m getting sick of the Jeb & Trump shouting matches, though. It’s getting old and Jeb needs to drop out of the race already.

I didn’t watch the whole debate last night, just half of it ’cause I forgot it was on. It wasn’t a very good debate anyway. I still love Trump and still supporting him no matter what anyone says.


After thinking about it a while, I think Trump is right about attacking Jeb over 9/11/01…

Jeb claims that George W. kept us safe during 9/11/01 which I think is a total crock of shit. George W. kept us safe? If that was true then the towers in NYC wouldn’t have came down and more than 3,000 people wouldn’t have gotten killed. George W. was late into responding to the attacks as he was reading children’s books to a group of children in a class room while 9/11 was going on. George W. could have prevented 9/11 easily but he was reading children’s books in a classroom at the time.

Did George W. bear responsibility for 9/11? Yes, absolutely. 9/11 probably was a government inside job. While I’m sure Bush & Cheney may have planned the attacks, I’m sure they didn’t plan it alone. He definitely had some help with the Clintons and Barack Obama. 9/11 happened under their watch too. They were all in on it. Why do you think Barack Obama is still protecting George W. over 9/11?

I’d say release that top secret 28 page document that Obama is keeping sealed. Release that and we’ll see whether or not Trump is right to attack Jeb over George W.’s involvement in 9/11. Release that document already ’cause Americans deserves to know the truth of 9/11/01 just like America deserve to know the truth of what happened in Benghazi.

Trump isn’t desperate for liberal voters at all ’cause he’s just like the rest of us. I guess, he’s right in blaming George W. over 9/11.

Maybe Jeb was involved in the attacks too ’cause he seems to be protecting his brother every step of the way.


Well, Donald Trump should get more liberal voters after him blaming Bush for 9/11/01…

To those who believe that blaming Bush on 9/11/01 is a right-wing “conspiracy theory” is lying. It has always been a left-wing conspiracy theory. Trump just blamed Bush for 9/11/01 and he’s in hot water in the GOP establishment for it and Trump is under fire in the “right wing” community too.

If you look at that “Being Liberal” post above, there are a bunch of liberals who are actually agreeing with Trump on something for once. So is the Donald now trying to get more liberal voters?


I do agree that 9/11/01 attacks happened under George W.’s watch, though, no doubt about it and he did very little to prevent it from happening but do I believe GWB planned the attacks himself? Not a chance.

If you read Trump’s tweets carefully, though, he didn’t necessarily blame 9/11 on GWB, Trump is only saying he did very little to keep us safe that is all.


Who celebrated 4th of July better: George W. Bush or Obama????

So who celebrates 4th of July better, George W. or Obama? Obviously George W. Looking at the photos above and their messages. Obama just writes a one short sentence with a quick “Happy Fourth” with him and Michelle watching the fireworks.

George W. posts a pic of himself doing some bicycling with some veterans.

In this photo check it out:

Here’s George W. as president back in 2007 giving a speech with the West Virginia National Guard…

Obama’s way of celebrating 4th of July? He has Bruno Mars play a concert for the troops at the White House and Obama just gives a really short speech sounding like he’s drunk or high on something.

If this isn’t good enough to see that Obama is less appreciative of American than Bush is then I don’t know what to say. Bush likes it patriot style… Obama likes it Hollywood style. Obama has always been lousy at celebrating 4th of July and Michelle’s dress is inappropriate too.

Of course, liberals are never gonna ADMIT that George W. celebrated 4th of July better than Obama.


The Obama White House blames Bush on the rise of ISIS again… *yawn*

Ya know, it doesn’t make a bit of sense to me why people would blame the rise of ISIS on Bush when ISIS didn’t even exist at all under Bush as president. George W. left office in 2009 so it was a long time ago.


I’ve seen articles on the White House blaming ISIS on Bush making the rounds of facebook and some are actually believing everything of what the White House press room says.

The last thing you wanna do is believe everything that comes out of the Obama White House. Especially the press conferences that he has there.

If you actually believe everything that comes out of the White House, then you are a dumb ass naive and uneducated moron.

That’s all the White House can do is play the blame game without any proof to back it up with. Look at the Benghazi video for proof on that. White House tried to blame the Benghazi attacks on a youtube video and there’s no proof on that.

If you’re gonna blame somebody or something, back it up with proof and facts. Of course, the White House never does and those stupid idiot liberals will believe everything they say.

Everything that comes out of Obama and the White House, liberals are gonna be like  *gasp* “Oh my god, Obama said something I agree with. He’s my hero. Kudos to him!”

It really is pathetic, ya know?

Liberals need to grow up. They really are the most childish people I’ve ever seen.

I can’t stand that Josh Earnest guy. He’s predictably 10x’s worse than Jay Carney. If you believe their lies, then I feel sorry for you.



You see, now that the NSA is finally proven illegal… it can be a wake up call that government is bad news for America…

Some people especially on the liberal left mostly believe that career politicians are incapable of doing criminal and bad things to America. The NSA spying should be good enough to see that career politicians on both parties be it either Republican or Democrat can be pretty criminal people. Some people on the left would think Democrat politicians are saviours to America which is why they worship people like Barack Obama, Hillary, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth W., etc. The left sees these people as “good” people doing their jobs when the reality is they are not. I wish the left would wake up and realize that Democrats are just as bad as Republicans. I hate how liberals are on their side only. To them only Republicans are bad for America… they’ll never see how broken and corrupt the Democrat side is as well.

The mainstream media and liberals did all they could to defend the NSA Spying under Barack Obama and they clearly lost this time around.

Don’t ever believe that politicians are good for America. They are capable of doing corrupt and pretty evil things to the country that includes Barack Obama. You can’t trust politicians of any kind. There are all kinds of bad people in this world and that includes career politicians. It’s amazing how some can’t see how evil these people are. Libs are still not gonna blame this on Obama, though. It’s always George W. to them. Pathetic. That’s how one-sided these fuckers are. Both Obama and Bush should be held accountable for the NSA Spying.


BREAKING NEWS: NSA Spying finally proven illegal like I’ve been saying for a long time now…

It’s no surprise but it’s about freakin’ time, though!!! What’s even more interesting is that all the NSA spying was not authorized by the Patriot Act at all. The Patriot Act was also illegal. A big win for Rand Paul ’cause he’s been trying to prove the NSA spying is illegal for a long time now. It’s finally time to take out the NSA.


Once again, I’ve tried my best to tell people that the NSA Spying is illegal but all liberals did was defended it and they claimed that the Patriot Act gave them the permission to do so. Well I’m sure liberals are feeling embarrassed that they found out that they were wrong. Yeah, Bush started the NSA spying but Obama made it worse so that makes them both criminals now that this is proven illegal.

It’s finally time to expose the criminals that the Democrats are. I’m sick of them having a free pass in everything. They aren’t above the law.

This could help Rand Paul earn more votes for sure.