Trump has been saying a lot of things that liberals LOVE but I’m sure they still hate him anyway…

Many would believe that Mr. Trump has been saying a lot of things that “conservatives” has been thinking but not really. Mr. Trump has been saying a lot of things of what liberals has been thinking too.

It’s a pretty well-known fact that liberals blame George W. Bush for the Iraq War and liberals all say that George W. lied about weapons of mass destruction. Well, Mr. Trump has been saying the same thing for days now. Mr. Trump has been attacking George W. Bush on the GOP debates for a while now. You think liberals would love him for this? Apparently, liberals will always hate Mr. Trump even if he’s on their side on some things.

I realize Mr. Trump is upsetting some conservatives of him blaming George W. Bush but come on, y’all. It doesn’t mean that Trump is a “closet” liberal, Mr. Trump is just trying to show that he’s not on either side. Mr. Trump is just trying to keep it real and tell the truth on both sides of the spectrum.

George W. Bush is a fraud and a liar, that’s what Mr. Trump was trying to prove last night. Liberals should love Mr. Trump for that but I’m sure they’re still hating on him anyways.

Last night’s GOP Debate wasn’t a very good one and it wasn’t Mr. Trump’s best night either. I still love Mr. Trump but he needs to ignore Jeb’s bullshit and just concentrate on America. I’m getting sick of the Jeb & Trump shouting matches, though. It’s getting old and Jeb needs to drop out of the race already.

I didn’t watch the whole debate last night, just half of it ’cause I forgot it was on. It wasn’t a very good debate anyway. I still love Trump and still supporting him no matter what anyone says.


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