Career politicians who go after Trump instead of Obama, that’s another problem we’re having…

Career politicians especially the GOP live in this delusional fantasy world that Donald Trump is the enemy of America. They naively believe that America doesn’t want the Donald as president. The funny thing is Mr. Trump’s polls proves that most Americans do want Trump as president. Most believe that Trump is the best bet for America but I think it’s a proven fact that career politicians and the media doesn’t care what the American people really want. They don’t really care how we think at all.

That’s because I believe too many people today still have a hardon for Barack Obama. Mr. Trump just wants to do good things for America and make us great & powerful again, people think he’s the enemy? Obama wants to destroy us from within and people still love him. Now there is something wrong with that and it shows how people are messed up in their heads. There are way too many people out of touch with reality and that includes republicans.

Obama is the real enemy of America and Mr. Trump’s high poll numbers should show that we all agree that Obama is the enemy. Not Mr. Trump. A lot of people believe that the GOP tries to bring Obama down but they never did. Reality check, the GOP is actually on Obama’s side and always has been. Why do you think they’re trying to bring Trump down instead? The GOP helped us get Obamacare, Obamatrade and the FCC rules so fuck ’em. The GOP have been helping Obama gain more political power and that’s why I no longer support them.

All the backlash that Mr. Trump is getting, Barack Obama should be getting the same backlash. Instead everyone is too weak at fighting back at Obama and many believes Obama is doing nothing wrong.

When Mr. Trump gets elected, he’s gonna prove that Obama was the enemy of America all along.

When the GOP candidates attack Mr. Trump, why do you think their polls are so low? Why is Mr. Trump’s polls gets so high and everyone else is low in the polls? Think about it. Okay, I’ll explain but will keep it short. Mr. Trump’s polls continues to surge real high ’cause he knows what America’s best interests are and he wants to help Americans. The other GOP candidates, their polls are so low ’cause when they attack Mr. Trump, they are also attacking us Americans when they are not even realizing it. The GOP candidates should be focusing on bringing out the best in America but they’re not doing that if they continue to attack Mr. Trump. The other GOP candidates are destroying their own reputation the more they attack Mr. Trump ’cause that’s not what America wants to hear. America wants to see the GOP candidates talking about improving the country and making us great again… Mr. Trump is the only candidate doing that while all the others just bitch & whine, bitch & whine, blah blah blah. All the other candidates do is attack each other back and forth, not just at Mr. Trump but they attack the other candidates too. Mr. Trump is spending less time attacking candidates during the debates and only spending time talking positive things about America.

So my advice to the other GOP candidates which they will never take if they want their polls to surge then spend less time attacking Mr. Trump all the time and focus on improving the country. America wants to see an end to government corruption and seeing all the criminals in government arrested. Clean out the rats in government and start over again. That’s what Trump is gonna do when he’s elected. Fire all the rats and clean house.

The media wants us to believe that we all think “liberal” but we don’t at all. What the media reports is not how we really think. Most of us wants Barack Obama out of office and we want him held accountable for his actions. That’s how we really think.

All Mr. Trump is doing is speaking out about all the things of what we’ve all been thinking for years and that’s the only reason he’s surging the polls and it’s exactly why he’s winning. It’s a shame that the government and media don’t care what we really think. Well we’re not putting it up with it anymore and we’re fighting back. That’s what supporting Mr. Trump is all about is fighting back at government corruption and the media’s “political correctness”.

Make America Great Again! Trump 2016!


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