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Here’s to Jeb and the NeverTrumpers who thought he couldn’t make it…

lmao… I’ll never forget that Jeb predicted that Trump will never be president. You shouldn’t forget it either, well here’s a reminder.

I want to know what Jeb’s face is like when he heard that Trump is now the president-elect. I’m sure Jeb’s reaction would have been comedy gold. I’m sure he’s pissed.


See what happens when you go after Mr. Trump??? He gets them to drop out of the race and they lose…

The mainstream media was in bed with Jeb Bush and thought Jeb would win the GOP nominee but the mainstream media failed. The media lost this time and Trump has the media beat, big time. Each time a GOP candidate decides to go after Mr. Trump… they drop out of the race. This is why Mr. Trump is doing a good thing going after the other GOP candidates. Some people may think Mr. Trump should stop attacking the other GOP candidates and concentrate on Obama/Hillary but I disagree. Trump going after the GOP candidates is what he needs to do in order to win the nomination. That’s what you gotta do… go after your opponents and get them to drop out in order to win. Trump says he knows about “winning” more than anybody and I’m beginning to see that. He really does know about winning more than anyone and that’s why he’s winning the election so far. Trump is even doing better than Hillary. So the other GOP candidates want to attack Trump, Mr. Trump will retaliate and destroy them hard… now look what happens to them? They’re all dropping out… all those candidates that decides to get all over Trump: Rand Paul, Carly, Christie and now Jeb… all those candidates were Trump’s enemies but they failed at trying to beat Trump. Same is gonna happen to Ted Cruz, Rubio and Kasich. Trump and Carson will be the final two in the GOP race.

Now that Jeb is finally gone, good fuckin’ riddance that is… who will the media be in bed with next in the GOP field? Probably Rubio. They’re gonna make Rubio look like the GOP star. When the media tries to make a GOP candidate look like a star, they fail and the same is gonna happen to Rubio. Rubio will drop out ’cause of it.

Word of advice… do not mess with the Donald or he’ll “pwn” you every time. He’s doing a good thing attacking the other GOP candidates. Get them to step down, win the nomination and then Trump can keep his focus on Obama, Hillary and everything else that’s important for America!

GO MR. TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now that you think about it, Trump is doing the right thing going after Jeb & Ted…

Wow. Mr. Trump is going on full on attack mode on Jeb Bush & Ted Cruz. For a while, I thought Trump should leave those guys alone and keep his focus on Obama/Hillary but after thinking about it a while… Mr. Trump is doing the right thing going after Jeb & Ted. That’s the name of game in politics, ya know? Attacking other candidates is just a way to help turn off voters and get voters to stop supporting their candidates. That’s why they attack each other all the time. Mr. Trump just wants people to wake up that Jeb & Ted aren’t to be trusted. I’ve noticed that Jeb & Ted both has been getting more supporters and Mr. Trump just wants to let people know that they are supporting the wrong candidate. Yeah, the GOP attacks maybe getting heated but that’s the name of the game in “elections”. It’s how they win over voters and it’s how they make other candidates lose their voters.

Conservatives may not enjoy Trump blaming George W. on the Iraq War but if you think about it, Mr. Trump is doing the right thing. It’s like, why is Jeb running for president when his brother lied about things like the Iraq War and Weapons of Mass Destruction? It seems like the only reason why Jeb wants to be president is to help protect his brother over 9/11, Iraq War, etc. Jeb is desperate to win the nomination. Jeb is doing all he can to win the nomination by buying fake donors/special interests, having his mother Barbara campaign for him and now Jeb is having his brother George W. help him. Jeb is desperate to win for sure.

Mr. Trump is just trying to get Jeb and Ted to drop out ’cause they are not to be trusted. Of course, the media continues to side with Jeb & Ted ’cause what’s new with the media? Like I said before, the media is in bed with anybody who Trump attacks. When candidates attack Mr. Trump and Mr. Trump decides to retaliate, they lose and you never heard from them again. Look where Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina ended up when they tried to go after Trump. Perfect example, y’all.

Like they all say, you can’t stump the Trump. He’ll get you owned every time. Both Jeb & Ted are pieces of garbages. Anybody that supports them are a bunch of losers!


It’s obvious the GOP Debate audiences are so fake and they were stacked there…

I’ve watched pretty much all of the GOP Debates so far except for the one that Donald Trump skipped. After watching all the GOP Debates, it’s easy to tell that the audiences are so fake. They were stacked and planted there possibly by the TV network themselves. All the GOP Debates so far were designed to destroy Mr. Trump. The GOP Debates just have him on there ’cause the network is desperate for ratings obviously ’cause they know that Trump is a ratings draw. My question is since they know that Mr. Trump is a ratings draw and they want to have him on… why are the networks always obsessed with destroying the guy? I don’t get it.

The audiences at the GOP Debates all cheer for Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio every time they open their mouths but the audiences boo everyone else. It’s obvious the audience is so fake. I take it that Trump supporters are banned from watching the GOP Debates live in person?

That’s such bullshit ya know? Totally unfair indeed.

Everybody in America wants Mr. Trump as president but once again, it’s a shame that nobody else cares how we really think. The media don’t care what we really want. Well, it’s time to show ’em what we really want. It should be the people that should be picking the president, not the media or the government.

Make America Great Again. Trump 2016!


Trump has been saying a lot of things that liberals LOVE but I’m sure they still hate him anyway…

Many would believe that Mr. Trump has been saying a lot of things that “conservatives” has been thinking but not really. Mr. Trump has been saying a lot of things of what liberals has been thinking too.

It’s a pretty well-known fact that liberals blame George W. Bush for the Iraq War and liberals all say that George W. lied about weapons of mass destruction. Well, Mr. Trump has been saying the same thing for days now. Mr. Trump has been attacking George W. Bush on the GOP debates for a while now. You think liberals would love him for this? Apparently, liberals will always hate Mr. Trump even if he’s on their side on some things.


I realize Mr. Trump is upsetting some conservatives of him blaming George W. Bush but come on, y’all. It doesn’t mean that Trump is a “closet” liberal, Mr. Trump is just trying to show that he’s not on either side. Mr. Trump is just trying to keep it real and tell the truth on both sides of the spectrum.

George W. Bush is a fraud and a liar, that’s what Mr. Trump was trying to prove last night. Liberals should love Mr. Trump for that but I’m sure they’re still hating on him anyways.

Last night’s GOP Debate wasn’t a very good one and it wasn’t Mr. Trump’s best night either. I still love Mr. Trump but he needs to ignore Jeb’s bullshit and just concentrate on America. I’m getting sick of the Jeb & Trump shouting matches, though. It’s getting old and Jeb needs to drop out of the race already.

I didn’t watch the whole debate last night, just half of it ’cause I forgot it was on. It wasn’t a very good debate anyway. I still love Trump and still supporting him no matter what anyone says.


Donald Trump isn’t the asshole in the election, Jeb Bush is…

It’s funny how liberals and some people in the “right-wing” community are declaring that Donald Trump is the biggest asshole in the election. No, not at all. The way I see it, Donald Trump is doing positive things for America and wants what’s best for all of us. That’s all he cares about.

The real asshole in the election is Jeb Bush. You know it, I know it. Jeb is weak on responding to terrorism and he’s too nice about illegal immigration by calling it an “Act of Love” but the media establishment has a huge hardon for Jeb Bush.

The GOP Debate the other night should further prove that Jeb is the biggest asshole in the election. Why do you think his polls are so bad? ┬áNobody wants another Bush in the White House and this piece of garbage Jeb can’t get the hint. Jeb is one freaky mofo and I can’t stand his speaking voice. Jeb’s deep speaking voice.

Jeb thinks that bringing in Muslims into the USA would help defeat ISIS which you know that is a big load of bullshit. Jeb’s immigration plan is pretty weak at best.

I can’t stand Jeb. If he gets elected then he would indeed be a lot worse than his brother, George W. No more Bush’s please. No more Clinton’s either! Don’t worry about Donald Trump, he’s not the problem. You should focus on taking down Jeb. He’s the true nightmare for America!


Congrats to the GOP candidates for fighting back at CNBC tonight! That was amazing!

Yeah, I did watch GOP Debate No. 3 earlier tonight and it was horrible. The CNBC moderators treated the candidates like shit. I thought presidential debates were supposed to be that the moderators ask the candidates a question and they answer them? Well the moderators did ask the questions but all they did was ask insulting questions. Instead of letting the candidates talk, the moderators have to join in on the debate with them. Yep, the moderators joined in on the discussions when they shouldn’t have. That’s not what a presidential debate is supposed to be like. You’re supposed to let the candidates debate and argue with each other but instead the moderators was debating with them. Seriously??? But what can you expect from a libtard media outlet like CNBC?

So who were the stars tonight at the debate? ALL OF THEM. Yes, even Jeb. The moderators disrespected the candidates, they fought back at the moderators. They fought back hard. Ted Cruz called them out. Donald Trump called them out. Marco Rubio called them out. Ben Carson did too. CNBC messed with the wrong people for sure.

I loved how Ted Cruz destroyed the moderators. When the debate first started, the moderators of course, insulted Trump by calling him a comic book villain in the first question and Trump wasn’t afraid to say, “that wasn’t a very nice thing to say”. Then Ted Cruz spoke out and destroyed the moderators. See the video below where Ted calls out the moderators.

I also love it when Ben Carson called out the politically correct crowd over gay marriage. You know how when liberals call you a “homophobe” for being against gay marriage? Well Ben Carson brought that up and destroyed the PC crowd which was golden.

This GOP Debate No 3 was supposed to be about economics and jobs. Well the moderators hardly ever focused on that. They started asking the candidates other questions that didn’t have anything to do with economics… it was pathetic. When the candidates tried to speak, the moderators would interrupt them a lot. I’m like really? Just let them fucking talk and answer the questions!

I know you guys don’t like the GOP candidates too much but I think you would have to agree that they were treated pretty unfairly tonight. You should give them kudos for fighting back as well. I was impressed with everyone tonight, all the GOP guys were stars tonight. Congrats for all of them for having the balls to defend themselves! That’s how corrupt the media is, everyone!

Jeb and Marco did the most talking while Trump and Rand Paul did less. CNBC was doing all they can to destroy Trump but like always, they’re just helping him get even more popular as I’m sure his polls are going up even more after tonight.

Tonight’s debate was entertaining as hell to watch though.


Well, Donald Trump should get more liberal voters after him blaming Bush for 9/11/01…

To those who believe that blaming Bush on 9/11/01 is a right-wing “conspiracy theory” is lying. It has always been a left-wing conspiracy theory. Trump just blamed Bush for 9/11/01 and he’s in hot water in the GOP establishment for it and Trump is under fire in the “right wing” community too.

If you look at that “Being Liberal” post above, there are a bunch of liberals who are actually agreeing with Trump on something for once. So is the Donald now trying to get more liberal voters?


I do agree that 9/11/01 attacks happened under George W.’s watch, though, no doubt about it and he did very little to prevent it from happening but do I believe GWB planned the attacks himself? Not a chance.

If you read Trump’s tweets carefully, though, he didn’t necessarily blame 9/11 on GWB, Trump is only saying he did very little to keep us safe that is all.


GOP Debate: When will FOX News realize that the more they attack Donald Trump, the more they are helping him?

I just figured out why Donald Trump is doing so good in the polls it’s because FOX News is trying their best to bring him down but it’s not working. All it’s doing it is helping Donald Trump and winning in the polls. Yeah, I did watch last night’s GOP debate and it was a joke honestly. Of course, Donald Trump was the best debater and I’ll be honest that I thought Ben Carson was awesome too. Ben Carson would be the 2nd best debater from last night. I was impressed with Ben Carson and starting to like him more but I’m still gonna support the Donald, though.

It’s no surprise to see that all FOX News was gonna do is try to make Donald Trump look bad throughout the entire debate and they also have a big hardon for Jeb Bush which is no surprise either. Why do FOX News love Jeb Bush so much? He’s just another RINO who does nothing but lie and say stupid things. Jeb Bush is an idiot and he acted like one last night and FOX News loves Jeb? WOW! It’s just proof that FOX News has been leaning left lately ’cause Jeb Bush is no conservative even though he claimed that he is last night. John Kasich is another one who claims he’s “conservative” but he admitted he supported the Supreme Court’s “gay marriage” ruling… another so called “conservative” that supports gay marriage. *yawn*

Most of the guys last night were idiots. Rand Paul was an idiot ’cause he did nothing but get into shouting matches with Donald Trump and Chris Christie. Gov. Christie is a moron as well.

Even though FOX News tried their best to ruin Donald Trump, the Donald steals the show like always. All FOX News is doing is getting the American people to like him even more, what part of that don’t they get?

After watching the debate last night, I’m starting to realize that FOX News maybe a garbage network after all. All mainstream media news is garbage and that includes FOX News. See? I’m not on one side at all. What’s sad last night is that FOX News didn’t show the rest of the candidates with respect while they go on a big love fest on Jeb Bush. Really?

Last thing America needs is another Bush in the White House. No more Clinton’s or Bush’s please. I really think Donald Trump is gonna win the nomination easily. FOX News should let the people pick the president, not them. FOX News is even biased too, not just the liberal media.


I say no to Jeb Bush as president, we don’t need more Bushs or Clintons…

Once again even if Jeb Bush is republican, I don’t like him either. If we elect Jeb, then he could be MUCH worse than the two George’s. This is a guy who supports illegal immigration and he tried his best to urge us to support illegal immigration by calling it an “act of love”. That could be a small part of why a lot of us right-wingers don’t like him too much. Also, electing Jeb would be like re-electing the two George’s again and we don’t want that. I don’t want another Bush as president either.

I want Sen. Rand Paul as our president ’cause he would be the good one. I wish Sen. Paul would announce his presidency. He has teased it before but never made anything official yet. My second choice as president in 2016 is Dr. Ben Carson. Third choice would be Sarah Palin. So hopefully any of these three would announce their presidential run in 2016 soon. I want Rand Paul more than the other two, I’ve been following Rand Paul ever since his filibuster on the drones from last year.

So please no Jeb Bush and no Hillary Clinton. I’m tired of the Bushs and Clintons too.