Donald Trump isn’t the asshole in the election, Jeb Bush is…

It’s funny how liberals and some people in the “right-wing” community are declaring that Donald Trump is the biggest asshole in the election. No, not at all. The way I see it, Donald Trump is doing positive things for America and wants what’s best for all of us. That’s all he cares about.

The real asshole in the election is Jeb Bush. You know it, I know it. Jeb is weak on responding to terrorism and he’s too nice about illegal immigration by calling it an “Act of Love” but the media establishment has a huge hardon for Jeb Bush.

The GOP Debate the other night should further prove that Jeb is the biggest asshole in the election. Why do you think his polls are so bad?  Nobody wants another Bush in the White House and this piece of garbage Jeb can’t get the hint. Jeb is one freaky mofo and I can’t stand his speaking voice. Jeb’s deep speaking voice.

Jeb thinks that bringing in Muslims into the USA would help defeat ISIS which you know that is a big load of bullshit. Jeb’s immigration plan is pretty weak at best.

I can’t stand Jeb. If he gets elected then he would indeed be a lot worse than his brother, George W. No more Bush’s please. No more Clinton’s either! Don’t worry about Donald Trump, he’s not the problem. You should focus on taking down Jeb. He’s the true nightmare for America!


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