The real reason why the media is trying to take down Donald Trump… it’s all Obama trying to take him down…

There’s no question about it that Barack Obama and his admin. is in total control of the entire mainstream media. That is the only reason why the media refuses to be honest about the Obama presidency and it’s why there is so much liberal bias everywhere.

There’s also no question about it that most of Americans want Donald Trump as president and all the polls proves that. The media will never be realistic that we want Donald Trump as president. Instead, they’re so obsessed at taking down Trump. Trying to get him out of the election.


They know that there is no reason to take down Trump ’cause of 1st Amendment rights but I believe the media is only trying to take him out ’cause they are just doing what they’re told by the Obama admin.

You know that Obama has been having a long feud with Trump before the election this year. They’ve been feuding for a long time… over this birther thing.

All the media attacks against Donald Trump… is this all Barack retaliating? There’s no secret that Barack hates Donald Trump and this is just Barack’s way of trying to get him out of the election. Barack’s goal is to destroy America and he knows Trump wants to make America better again. That’s what’s scaring Obama. Obama doesn’t want to make America better. Obama wants to destroy America and Donald Trump is gonna ruin Obama’s goal.

While it is sad that the mainstream media is treating Trump unfairly, it’s actually pretty good ’cause all they’re doing is helping Trump win.

All the Trump haters are blind and misinformed… remember, they’re the same people who voted Obama twice and probably supports a lunatic like Bernie Sanders.

We’re no longer the silent majority thanks to Donald Trump. Libtards know how many hates Obama now which is about time and they don’t like it either. It’s driving them mad which is fun to see. That’s why people hate Donald Trump ’cause they can’t take the truth that so many people actually knows what’s really going on in America.


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