See what happens when you go after Mr. Trump??? He gets them to drop out of the race and they lose…

The mainstream media was in bed with Jeb Bush and thought Jeb would win the GOP nominee but the mainstream media failed. The media lost this time and Trump has the media beat, big time. Each time a GOP candidate decides to go after Mr. Trump… they drop out of the race. This is why Mr. Trump is doing a good thing going after the other GOP candidates. Some people may think Mr. Trump should stop attacking the other GOP candidates and concentrate on Obama/Hillary but I disagree. Trump going after the GOP candidates is what he needs to do in order to win the nomination. That’s what you gotta do… go after your opponents and get them to drop out in order to win. Trump says he knows about “winning” more than anybody and I’m beginning to see that. He really does know about winning more than anyone and that’s why he’s winning the election so far. Trump is even doing better than Hillary. So the other GOP candidates want to attack Trump, Mr. Trump will retaliate and destroy them hard… now look what happens to them? They’re all dropping out… all those candidates that decides to get all over Trump: Rand Paul, Carly, Christie and now Jeb… all those candidates were Trump’s enemies but they failed at trying to beat Trump. Same is gonna happen to Ted Cruz, Rubio and Kasich. Trump and Carson will be the final two in the GOP race.

Now that Jeb is finally gone, good fuckin’ riddance that is… who will the media be in bed with next in the GOP field? Probably Rubio. They’re gonna make Rubio look like the GOP star. When the media tries to make a GOP candidate look like a star, they fail and the same is gonna happen to Rubio. Rubio will drop out ’cause of it.

Word of advice… do not mess with the Donald or he’ll “pwn” you every time. He’s doing a good thing attacking the other GOP candidates. Get them to step down, win the nomination and then Trump can keep his focus on Obama, Hillary and everything else that’s important for America!

GO MR. TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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