Why I’ve been listening to a lot of blues music, I’m thinking about changing my genre to blues… not sure…

A lot lately, I’ve been listening to so much blues. I just love blues music, man. It’s such great music. For the past year or so I’ve been listening to a lot of blues… everything from BB King to Joe Bonamassa to T Bone Walker to Buddy Guy to John Lee Hooker to Hendrix to SRV and the list can go on and on and on. For a long time now, I’ve been thinking about becoming a blues guitarist. Switch to blues music and really thinking about doing that. To be honest, my guitar playing has always been kind of bluesy in case you haven’t noticed. That’s what I get for listening to too much Zeppelin & Hendrix, I guess.

If I ever form a band someday, I’m thinking I’m gonna wanna play blues-rock. Kind of like the stuff that Joe Bonamassa and SRV did. I’ve studied blues guitar for a long time now and thinking I wanna get back into it. I enjoy blues jams. It’s really fun stuff to listen to and fun stuff to play as well.

I’m beginning to think I’m getting too old for loud rock n’ roll & hard rock and thinking that blues would be the right fit. I just love blues, man. I’ve listened to blues music pretty much throughout my whole life. I’ve been listening to more jazz music too and kind of wanna get into that as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love loud rock n’ roll and metal but lately I’ve been staying away from that stuff and listening to a lot of blues. It’s why I’ve been listening to the Allman Brothers a lot ’cause no matter what you think of the Allman Bros. they’re a blues band and always has been. A lot of people like to mistakenly look at the Allman Bros. as “Southern Rock” but they’re not at all. They’re a blues band, in my opinion and always were.

I also want to learn how to play slide guitar ’cause I have a glass slide that I bought last year so I can learn how to play blues on that. I also want to get into playing harmonica ’cause I have a harmonica too.

I’m just a huge fan of blues music and wanna get into playing that music myself. Yeah, I’ve been listening to so much blues music lately, not sure why. I just dig the music and it’s maybe because I’m getting older.


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