Wanna watch some good horror? Check out the “[Rec]” movies…

I never realized that the 2008 horror film, “Quarantine” was a remake of a Spanish film called [Rec]. The “Rec” movies are zombie films and really good ones too. As some of you know, I’m a huge fan of horror films. I love them. I’ve watched horror films for many years ever since I was a kid and I still enjoy watching them. These Spanish zombie films called “Rec” are awesome stuff and so far there’s 4 of them. I just watched all four of them this week. I love them all but I thought the first two were the best, though. There’s supposed to be a fifth “Rec” movie coming ’cause the fourth left open for another one. I think the girl who plays Angela is pretty hot. While these are great films, my only complaint is that there are way too much shaky camera but other than that, they’re good films. If you’re looking for good horror, I’d recommend these. I know the “Rec” movies have been pretty popular in America for quite a while but I’m just getting into them. I think the first “Rec” movie is way better than the “Quarantine” remake.


Speaking of horror films, I really want to see that new horror film, “The Witch” ’cause it actually looks scary. Hopefully I see that one in a few weeks. I wanna see that one. “The Witch” looks good.



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