Libtards that go around attacking people who trash Obama and having “right-wing” views… it’s a huge problem…

Stupid libtards are still going around the internet attacking those who trash Barack Obama and even attacking those with hardcore “right-wing” views. I’ve been getting attacked by libtards for the past several years under the Obama presidency. Trust me, I get attacked by libtards pretty much everywhere I go on the internet. It doesn’t matter if I post on a facebook forum or a blog that’s aimed at the conservative community. If you post on a conservative community site then chances are, you’re gonna get attacked by a libtard. That’s what libtards do. They lurk “conservative” related sites and they attack conservative people for attacking Obama & they attack people for having “right-wing” views. Even if your site was aimed toward the conservative community only, you’re still gonna get libtards trying their best to defend Barack Obama and will try their best to defend liberal politics. I get libtards attacking me everywhere whether it will be my personal facebook page, my blog right here at wordpress, my youtube channel and even twitter. You can’t get a break with these people at all.

Libtards attack my blog here everyday but I just ignore ’em. I try not to reply to libtards when they attack me. I just put up my opinion and thought out there and that’s it. I ignore their attacks and ignore their bullshit. It’s interesting how this is. Going around the internet attacking those who trash Obama and having “right-wing” views. When I see all of this, I look it at libtards being upset at the truth. That’s pretty much what it is really. It isn’t because we’re wrong about certain things. It’s not because we’re crazy. I just honestly believe that liberals attack conservatives ’cause the truth is bothering them. Period. End of story.

This is getting old and tiresome, though. Conservatives just want to get together to talk about what’s going on in America but liberals just want to come around and disrupt things. It’s horrible and it’s getting much worse too. For example, if you want to post on Wayne Root’s facebook page which he is a conservative, that page is full of liberals attacking him too. It’s the same with Ted Nugent’s and Sarah Palin’s facebook pages. Liberals attack them all.

My belief is that if you’re one of those who still believe there is nothing wrong with Obama and believe he doesn’t deserve to get blamed on for some things then you’re probably a dumb Bernie fan. I’m mostly right on that too. Those who attack anti-Obama people are mostly Bernie fans. If you’re a Bernie fan then it means you’re brain dead and uneducated.

The funny thing is these are the same people who are hating on Donald Trump and then they try to lecture us on not to support Mr. Trump when they support a loser like Bernie Sanders. That’s why you can’t listen to them and can’t take their advice seriously. Bernie fans really are insane and crazy… when you try to debate with them they’ll respond back with some pretty silly and ridiculous things. They are really bad at hating on Trump and defending Bernie Sanders. They attack those who trash Obama, they attack Trump supporters but they don’t like it when their precious Bernie get attacked so what gives? When you trash Bernie, they start to go raging mad and start to defend him… acting like Bernie is the better candidate. Bernie fans think they are smarter than you but they really are not at all. It’s pointless debating with Bernie fans ’cause all they do is act like Bernie is the better candidate. It’s like… is that the best they can come up with? That’s why they’re not intelligent debaters. Libtards really are huge egomaniacs for sure.

To me, all the Bernie worship is really scary stuff. It’s pretty creepy that they worship an old guy who looks like that just got released from a nursing home. I’m real tired of seeing all the Bernie worship… that’s why in my facebook page, I started deleting and unfollowing people so I can clean house of Bernie supporters. I’m sick of seeing the Bernie worship all over my wall in facebook everyday so I decided to clean house. They attack me for supporting Trump so if they won’t stop attacking me for supporting Trump, I’ll keep attacking their Bernie Sanders. Picking on Bernie Sanders fans is a lot of fun. It’s fun to get ’em going. They’re just hypocritical losers, that’s all they are. Why are they hypocrites? The answer is simple really… they accuse us of supporting bad people when they do the same, that’s how it makes them hypocrites. So who to they to give us advice on who to support when they voted Barack Obama twice and now they’re doing the same to Bernie? Fuck ’em. Big middle finger to all them losers. I don’t mind liberals supporting liberal politicians only, I just want them to be smart about it but they’re clearly not.

Liberals are nothing but bullies and they continue to be even to this day.


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