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A lot of liberals are misinformed with their politics ’cause of dishonest media… period…

There are too many liberals and so-called, “independents” who still believe that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton aren’t bad people. Wanna know why that is? It’s because it’s all the bias in the media. Dishonest media. Journalists not doing their jobs well. Even the journalists and CEO’s of media outlets can be misinformed with their politics as well. It’s why people still believe that Barack Obama is a great president when we all know for a fact that he isn’t. All the media does is try to make Barack and Hillary look good. The media will protect those two from any kind of negative criticism they get from people. Each time Barack and Hillary get in trouble, the media will be quick to defend those two at every turn. The media ignores all the bad stuff reported about them from the non-mainstream news sites and all the media would do is write positive stuff about Barack and Hillary. The media tries to make them look like heroes. They try to make them look like they’re doing good and “positive” things for America when the reality is they’ve done nothing but “negative” things to America but the media has successfully brainwashed people into thinking they are doing “positive” things.

Instead of writing about Barack’s responsibility for things like Benghazi, Operation F&F, the Ft. Hood shootings, the IRS Scandals… instead the media would write things about Obamacare, Climate Change, his fun times on vacation, his spotify playlist, his golf trips, the clock kid going to the White House, etc. The media would report that stuff about Barack… things that actually doesn’t matter for America. It’s just pathetic.

When it comes to Hillary though, all this worship toward her is pretty disgusting to me. They would protect her from Benghazi every step of the way. She has no accomplishments and has the crappiest record and the media would make lies about her accomplishments. They would make her look like a gay rights and civil rights champion. Just like with Barack, she too says a lot of negative and hateful thing about America, yet the liberal community ignores that stuff and they worship her still.

They wanna get all over Ben Carson and Donald Trump but they don’t treat real criminals like Barack and Hillary the same way. The media continues to give Barack and Hillary a free pass. It’s just disgusting to me, ya know? I’ve had it.

The media is corrupt and broken. I know you guys out there watch or read the news and I’m sure you’re hating me for exposing the truth about the media on how corrupt it is. Maybe soon you’ll realize that I’m right that the media isn’t to be trusted. I try to tell people that they shouldn’t be reading garbage like the Washington Post or the NY Times and they shouldn’t be watching garbage like NBC or CNN but what do they do? They shrug it off and laugh at my face. Act like I’m full of it and then they try to defend those news outlets. Trying to make me believe that they are “credible sources” when they aren’t. All they do is feed ya one-sided reporting. They brainwash your minds.

Think of it this way… you know how in a sci-fi movie or a TV show where they have these scientists try to change a personality of an android by re-programming their brains? Well, the same thing is going on here. The news try to change the way you think by trying to reprogram your brains aka brainwashing. That’s what they’re doing. They get paid to brainwash people because they know most of you are dumb and naive. They know most of you trust everything too easily. So they try to get you to believe their one-sided opinions and beliefs.

News journalism is supposed to be reporting the actual facts but they don’t do that. They just do one-sided journalism aka “their own side of the story”.

Someday you’ll realize that I was right about “the news” that’s it’s all one-sided garbage. I don’t buy into any of it and neither should you. I know you’re better than that. All news is garbage, including FOX News. I don’t like FOX News either and many have accused me of watching that station so much since I hate Barack Obama.

If the media did honest journalism then I tell ya, Barack Obama and Hillary wouldn’t be standing today. They would have been thrown in prison a long time ago. It’s the media who is keeping them in power. Wake up, America. Stop being so delusional and naive.

Uggggghh, I so hope Donald Trump gets elected ’cause once he does, he’s gonna say this to all the news journalists… “You’re fired”.


Congrats to the GOP candidates for fighting back at CNBC tonight! That was amazing!

Yeah, I did watch GOP Debate No. 3 earlier tonight and it was horrible. The CNBC moderators treated the candidates like shit. I thought presidential debates were supposed to be that the moderators ask the candidates a question and they answer them? Well the moderators did ask the questions but all they did was ask insulting questions. Instead of letting the candidates talk, the moderators have to join in on the debate with them. Yep, the moderators joined in on the discussions when they shouldn’t have. That’s not what a presidential debate is supposed to be like. You’re supposed to let the candidates debate and argue with each other but instead the moderators was debating with them. Seriously??? But what can you expect from a libtard media outlet like CNBC?

So who were the stars tonight at the debate? ALL OF THEM. Yes, even Jeb. The moderators disrespected the candidates, they fought back at the moderators. They fought back hard. Ted Cruz called them out. Donald Trump called them out. Marco Rubio called them out. Ben Carson did too. CNBC messed with the wrong people for sure.

I loved how Ted Cruz destroyed the moderators. When the debate first started, the moderators of course, insulted Trump by calling him a comic book villain in the first question and Trump wasn’t afraid to say, “that wasn’t a very nice thing to say”. Then Ted Cruz spoke out and destroyed the moderators. See the video below where Ted calls out the moderators.

I also love it when Ben Carson called out the politically correct crowd over gay marriage. You know how when liberals call you a “homophobe” for being against gay marriage? Well Ben Carson brought that up and destroyed the PC crowd which was golden.

This GOP Debate No 3 was supposed to be about economics and jobs. Well the moderators hardly ever focused on that. They started asking the candidates other questions that didn’t have anything to do with economics… it was pathetic. When the candidates tried to speak, the moderators would interrupt them a lot. I’m like really? Just let them fucking talk and answer the questions!

I know you guys don’t like the GOP candidates too much but I think you would have to agree that they were treated pretty unfairly tonight. You should give them kudos for fighting back as well. I was impressed with everyone tonight, all the GOP guys were stars tonight. Congrats for all of them for having the balls to defend themselves! That’s how corrupt the media is, everyone!

Jeb and Marco did the most talking while Trump and Rand Paul did less. CNBC was doing all they can to destroy Trump but like always, they’re just helping him get even more popular as I’m sure his polls are going up even more after tonight.

Tonight’s debate was entertaining as hell to watch though.