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Video: Dr. Of Common Sense nails it again, “Truth is being banned, not you”…

I hear ya, ET Williams. I’m in the same boat as you. I get attacked by the PC crowd daily.

I agree with the Doctor here that if you bash conservatives and their ideas, it’s okay but when you bash liberals and their ideas, it”s not okay. Why is that? It’s just dumb, ya know? I know it ’cause when I bash Ted Cruz and his supporters, liberals seem to be okay with that but when you bash Bernie Sanders and his supporters, they go raging mad.

I keep getting called “racist” all the time… each time I speak about Obama’s presidency, the Black Lives Matter stuff, illegal immigrants and Muslims. Things like that,  ya know?

On my personal facebook page, I had to take certain stuff down ’cause I was offending too many people with my thoughts on gay marriage, Muslims and things like that. I don’t talk about the Black Lives Matter stuff on my FB at all ’cause I’m worried that too many libtards will get all over me for it, that’s why I talk about that stuff on my blog instead.

I agree with the Doctor here, you’re not being censored the “truth” is. Whenever you want to tell the truth about anything that has something to do with liberalism, you’ll get censored and you get into a lot of trouble for it but it’s okay when you talk bad about “conservatism”.

It’s okay for people to bash Donald Trump but you can’t do that with Barack, Michelle, Bernie, Hillary, etc.

I can’t stand this crap. How it’s going these days. We should be able to speak the truth on both sides of the spectrum. Why the double standard in everything?

I agree that “political correctness” is destroying America. I’ve been saying that for a long time.

We should be allowed to speak our minds on anything we please. Censorship is getting worse for sure. Listen to the Doctor here and pay attention to what he’s saying.


How to spot libtards on the internet… they’re easy to spot…

I can always easily tell whether or not someone is a liberal on the internet. It’s not rocket science really. I can spot a liberal as soon as they drop a comment on the internet.

How to spot a liberal or a “libtard” (which is a better name for them):

  • They’re always hating on the GOP & conservatives. Always saying positive things about liberal political figures such as Barack Obama, Hillary, Bernie Sanders, etc.
  • They’re always defending gay marriage and things like gender equality and crap like that.
  • Always agreeing with Obama’s policies and agreeing with everything he says.
  • They get all their info from the mass media like NBC, CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, NY Times, NPR, etc. *rolls eyes*
  • Always giving anti-Obama people all kinds of crap and giving them all kinds of hell.
  • Liberals three favorite words that they like to throw around all the time: racist, bigot and homophobe.
  • When someone defends Muslims and calls Islam peaceful…
  • When someone doesn’t believe that Obama and Hillary are corrupted and evil people, they continue to support them anyways.
  • When you try to post an opinion that you have every right to have and someone responds & disagrees with you, they’ll fight and argue with you. Call you names and crap like that. It’s called “intolerance”. They can be cool with you but when they disagree with you, watch out… liberals can be total assholes and douchebags about it. I know from experience

There ya have it, enjoy.


I love how people accuse me of not being smart when it comes to politics, if you say that, you’re an obvious libtard!!!

Sometimes I get that from people. People declaring that I’m not smart with my politics. People saying that I’m dumb and misinformed. That’s what they say to all conservatives in general. So because we have different opinions, different views, we don’t agree with the media and Obama… we get labeled as uneducated by the libtard left?

No… let me correct you. A lot of us on the “right” are very smart. More smarter than most people. If you’re saying we’re uneducated and dumb, chances are you’re probably a dumb liberal. I get accused of not being smart all the time but those accusations are mostly coming from the left. Very rarely I hear those accusations from the “right”. Sometimes I do get those accusations from the “right” but not that bad. Honestly, I get a lot of positive feedback by mostly “right-wing” people. They love the stuff that I do. I’ve gotten other conservatives who has told me that I know what I’m talking about most of the time. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve gotten mostly right-wingers liking my posts on this blog. I’ve gotten conservatives liking some of my posts on my own facebook page.

What’s being smart is waking up about what’s really going on in America. What’s being smart is realizing what Barack Obama is really doing to our country. The smart people are the ones who get themselves informed and has greatly researched material that is not in the media. That’s what being smart & intelligent to me is. All the misinformed and naive people believe everything they read in the media and they believe everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth. That’s what being uneducated is. What’s being uneducated is you falling for all this political correctness crap.

The smart people are the ones who have already woken up about America & Obama years ago while the libtard left are still worshipping Obama like he’s their king. If you’re still blind and ignorant about Obama, that’s what being uneducated is.

Anyone that says I’m uneducated, thanks. I’ll take it as a compliment ’cause it shows me that you are the ones with no brains, not I. If you still see that there is nothing wrong with Obama and still can’t see what he’s doing to America then you’re the one who is dumb.

So get off your high horse, stop acting like you’re better than everyone and shut the fuck up.


Libtards have no right to tell conservatives not to be offended over things…

Libtards are out there saying things like, “Don’t be offended over a coffee cup. It’s just a coffee cup”. Um, yeah… coming from people who got offended easily over the Confederate Flag, that’s pretty funny. A flag is just a flag. Liberals get so offended over the littlest things where there is no reason for them at all to be offended over things like the Confederate Flag, McDonald’s toys and Barbie Dolls. Things like that. So I ask again what gives the right for liberals to tell conservatives not to be offended over certain things? Aren’t they the ones getting offended over everything?

On top of that, who cares about Starbucks anyways. I’m not a coffee drinker. Never have been but I can understand why some would get upset when they want to get rid of “Merry Christmas” on coffee cups. They just want chain businesses to get into the Christmas spirit and a red cup isn’t enough. That’s all they’re saying really.

I’m just saying that liberals are being hypocrites like they usually are. They have no right to tell conservatives not to be offended at things when they are the most easily offended people on the planet.


A lot of liberals are misinformed with their politics ’cause of dishonest media… period…

There are too many liberals and so-called, “independents” who still believe that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton aren’t bad people. Wanna know why that is? It’s because it’s all the bias in the media. Dishonest media. Journalists not doing their jobs well. Even the journalists and CEO’s of media outlets can be misinformed with their politics as well. It’s why people still believe that Barack Obama is a great president when we all know for a fact that he isn’t. All the media does is try to make Barack and Hillary look good. The media will protect those two from any kind of negative criticism they get from people. Each time Barack and Hillary get in trouble, the media will be quick to defend those two at every turn. The media ignores all the bad stuff reported about them from the non-mainstream news sites and all the media would do is write positive stuff about Barack and Hillary. The media tries to make them look like heroes. They try to make them look like they’re doing good and “positive” things for America when the reality is they’ve done nothing but “negative” things to America but the media has successfully brainwashed people into thinking they are doing “positive” things.

Instead of writing about Barack’s responsibility for things like Benghazi, Operation F&F, the Ft. Hood shootings, the IRS Scandals… instead the media would write things about Obamacare, Climate Change, his fun times on vacation, his spotify playlist, his golf trips, the clock kid going to the White House, etc. The media would report that stuff about Barack… things that actually doesn’t matter for America. It’s just pathetic.

When it comes to Hillary though, all this worship toward her is pretty disgusting to me. They would protect her from Benghazi every step of the way. She has no accomplishments and has the crappiest record and the media would make lies about her accomplishments. They would make her look like a gay rights and civil rights champion. Just like with Barack, she too says a lot of negative and hateful thing about America, yet the liberal community ignores that stuff and they worship her still.

They wanna get all over Ben Carson and Donald Trump but they don’t treat real criminals like Barack and Hillary the same way. The media continues to give Barack and Hillary a free pass. It’s just disgusting to me, ya know? I’ve had it.

The media is corrupt and broken. I know you guys out there watch or read the news and I’m sure you’re hating me for exposing the truth about the media on how corrupt it is. Maybe soon you’ll realize that I’m right that the media isn’t to be trusted. I try to tell people that they shouldn’t be reading garbage like the Washington Post or the NY Times and they shouldn’t be watching garbage like NBC or CNN but what do they do? They shrug it off and laugh at my face. Act like I’m full of it and then they try to defend those news outlets. Trying to make me believe that they are “credible sources” when they aren’t. All they do is feed ya one-sided reporting. They brainwash your minds.

Think of it this way… you know how in a sci-fi movie or a TV show where they have these scientists try to change a personality of an android by re-programming their brains? Well, the same thing is going on here. The news try to change the way you think by trying to reprogram your brains aka brainwashing. That’s what they’re doing. They get paid to brainwash people because they know most of you are dumb and naive. They know most of you trust everything too easily. So they try to get you to believe their one-sided opinions and beliefs.

News journalism is supposed to be reporting the actual facts but they don’t do that. They just do one-sided journalism aka “their own side of the story”.

Someday you’ll realize that I was right about “the news” that’s it’s all one-sided garbage. I don’t buy into any of it and neither should you. I know you’re better than that. All news is garbage, including FOX News. I don’t like FOX News either and many have accused me of watching that station so much since I hate Barack Obama.

If the media did honest journalism then I tell ya, Barack Obama and Hillary wouldn’t be standing today. They would have been thrown in prison a long time ago. It’s the media who is keeping them in power. Wake up, America. Stop being so delusional and naive.

Uggggghh, I so hope Donald Trump gets elected ’cause once he does, he’s gonna say this to all the news journalists… “You’re fired”.


It’s real sad that the media continues to destroy “conservatives” but gives “liberals” a free pass in everything…

There’s a pretty good reason why dumb liberals shrug off any kind of criticism that is aimed toward liberal political figures such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It’s because the media protects them every step of the way. Which is pretty sickening. I know the media is capable of doing honest reporting on both sides of the spectrum… they just don’t want to. They’re intentionally trying to make “conservatives” look like bad guys and liberals look like good guys. That’s how one-sided the media is nowadays.

I know you guys are probably sick of me repeatedly trashing the media but I don’t care. I have a voice and I’m not afraid to get it heard.

There is a reason why some people think there is still nothing wrong with Barack and Hillary. It’s all because of the dishonest and corrupt media. What’s sad about it all is that a lot of people really look at the media as “credible source”. Liberal media wanna destroy Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Rubio, etc. Yet they keep giving Barack and Hillary a free pass in everything. There’s no doubt that Democrat politicians are just as bad as Republicans. I think you know it and it’s sad that many won’t admit it. It’s sad that many go by what the media says.

If you take what the media says is true then you are not very intelligent and you are a very naive person. You don’t think outside of the box and you don’t express your own opinion. Anything that the media says liberals will agree with it. They won’t listen to real people like me they would rather listen to their so-called “credible sources” like NBC, CNN or the Washington Post.

For example if the liberal media says that our police in America are murderers, then liberals will agree.

If they say that Hillary walked out unscathed during the Benghazi testimony, liberals will agree.

I think you get my point now. Anything that the media says, liberals will follow ’cause they naively believe that their “one-sided” opinion is “credible source”.

We definitely have to do something about our news media ’cause it’s all shit right now and they’re getting worse for sure. You know how the media makes it looks like that liberals are the good guys and conservatives are bad? Well pretty soon it’s gonna be the other way around once Donald Trump gets elected in office. I think it’s pretty obvious that “liberalism” is the enemy of America and it will get proven.

“Conservatives” aren’t bad people ’cause we are real patriots and believe in our homeland. We will destroy liberalism once and for all. That’s why we need Trump in the White House. When Trump gets elected be ready for a big change in media reporting ’cause I believe it’s gonna happen. What we need is to get rid of “political correctness” in the media and that’s one thing Trump will put an end to quickly.

We should be able to call Muslims terrorists and Illegal Immigrants criminals without getting in trouble for it. It’s time to stop giving “liberals” a free pass in everything for once. They need to receive some “flak” for some of the things they say as well. Liberals talk a lot of nasty and hateful things about our police and they think it’s okay to call cops “murderers” and liberals don’t get into any trouble for it. Now it’s gonna get worse thanks to Tarantino and his big mouth. The media is disgusting. I don’t like the direction it’s heading to at all. In fact, I find it very scary.


The media is pretty left-wing these days ’cause they think that’s what the people wanna see which isn’t true…

Why is most every media outlet these days is pretty left-wing? The answer is pretty simple really. It’s because they naively believe that’s what the American people wanna see. Most of the big media outlets: NBC, CNN, CBS, The Washington Post, NY Times, NPR and all those giants are pretty left-wing in the news ’cause all their CEO’s are very liberal people. I’m pretty sure some journalists has got some conservative views in politics but they are not allowed to write that stuff ’cause they are being told what to do by their bosses. There’s so much liberal bias everywhere these days ’cause these media outlets want you to look at the world how they want you to see it, ya know? Even the CEO’s of these media outlets can be out of touch of reality. They believe that’s how we think when the reality is, most of us don’t think like that at all. Ya know, think liberal. Think far-left. Most of us don’t. Most of us believe that today’s journalism in the news is pretty corrupt and broken.

If anybody does think far-left… chances are, they’ve been brainwashed by the media for sure. These are the type of people who will believe anything the news tells them which to me is pretty saddening. This is why the mainstream media continues to be “far-left” news is ’cause some people eat up what they report and they actually believe in it which is why most of us call them “libtards”. Once again, they only believe what the MSM tells them. If more people would stop paying attention to the news like I do then maybe the MSM would stop being “left-wing”.

Our MSM is pretty corrupt. It’s gotta be pretty easy to see. That includes garbage like the Washington Post and NPR and I’ll have no problem knocking people for following them religiously. All they do is “one-sided” reported. All the news is pretty “one-sided” and I don’t like it at all.

Even the local news is pretty one-sided. I was at the mall yesterday and saw a copy of the Metroland where the front cover knocks the Keystone Pipeline so yep, I think I’m gonna boycott the Metroland for sure ’cause even they are very liberal. Metroland a local free newspaper from Albany.

I’m tired of liberal news everywhere. Hey news journalists… this is NOT what the American people wants to see. We want to see “real” journalism. Be realistic on both sides of the spectrum. Stop trying to make it look like that liberal political views are good for America and conservative views are bad for America. Where’s the honesty on both sides? That’s what we all want to see! If you be realistic on both sides and not just on the “right-wing” side then maybe more people will take the media seriously but for now, most of us believe that today’s MSM is all a freakin’ joke. If you take the media seriously and believe everything they say is real well, you are a freakin’ joke too. Today’s news has honestly turned into the tabloids but worse.


Have you noticed? Not many care for liberal opinion anymore… we want honesty… not political correctness…

I have been noticing that the liberal community has been losing more and more respect as time goes along. Not many care for liberal opinion anymore is why. Liberalism is getting weaker for sure thanks to Donald Trump and Ben Carson. We would have no problem with liberals if they can be more tolerant of others. Ya know, respecting others opinions and beliefs in politics even if you don’t agree. It’s a fact that liberals can be cool with you but when you express an opinion that liberals don’t agree with or don’t like, they can be assholes about it for sure. I have proven that fact many times. Liberals are only cool with you if you agree with them on certain things which is sad and pathetic if you ask me. That’s why it’s called, “political correctness”. Liberals think they are the only source of credible information… everything in their world is true. Anything different than their view is bullshit. They won’t believe any opinion that is different than the liberal media, ya know? It is a proven fact that liberals will only follow what the media says.

For example, liberals will only believe that gay marriage is a right only because NBC or the Washington Post says it is. They won’t listen to any other opinion that is different than that. Liberals will agree that Islam is a peaceful religion only because NBC or the Washington Post says so. They believe that Obama is saving the economy and the USA only because NBC or the Washington Post says so. They will only believe that Trayvon Martin was just a good kid just getting a snack only because liberal media says so.

They won’t believe any opinion outside of liberal media like for instance… they won’t believe anything FOX News says and they won’t believe anything Breitbart News or they won’t believe anything that Alex Jones’s Info Wars says ’cause they are not mainstream media outlets. They won’t believe any right wing commentary or opinion.

This is how “one-sided” liberals are nowadays and it’s why it’s pointless debating politics with them. They will never side with “right-wingers” on anything at all.

Most Americans are fed up with liberalism and it’s about time too. More people are finally waking up for a change.

I get accused by liberals that my politics are always “negative”, a bit too “extreme” and “harsh”. No. Not at all. I don’t see how. My politics online are actually very positive as a matter of fact. If you think I’m being too extreme and aggressive chances are you’re probably a misinformed libtard. Other conservatives have no problem with what I do at all as most of them enjoy what I do. I get a lot of great feedback by other conservatives. I’m only trying to protect and defend America like what most are doing. I have a voice and I’m not afraid to let my opinion get heard, I don’t care whether it offends people or not.

All of this “political correctness”… all this “right vs. left” shit needs to stop. I’m tired of liberals having exact opposites of opinion than us which is getting old and tiresome.

I hate having to ignore liberals completely but it’s the best thing to do nowadays. Liberals are a piece of work ’cause they’ll never agree with you on anything. They will only reply to you if you post something they disagree with. When they do that, chances are you probably were right and they didn’t like hearing the truth.


Seriously, there are still too many misinformed people and don’t know anything about politics… real sad too!

The problem America is having is that we have too many misinformed and uneducated people when it comes to American politics. Many still believe there is nothing wrong with Obama and H. Clinton. The political opinions of liberals are always pretty one-sided. They’ll never be realistic on anything in their own party. Liberals have to side with everything the mainstream media says, I’m noticing. That’s the problem. If you believe there is nothing wrong with Barack and Hillary then chances are, you’ve been brainwashed by the media. That’s what the mainstream media does is protect them and try to make them look like innocent people. Liberals won’t listen to any kind of Obama & H. Clinton criticism of any kind. They have to follow the party line every time which is pretty disgusting. One-sided political opinions by the left.

Many would accuse me of having one-sided “right-wing” opinions but it’s not true. If you’ve been paying close attention on my blog over the years, I’ve always been realistic about Republicans or the GOP. I’m not a fan of Paul Ryan as choice for next House Speaker ’cause he worked with the Obama admin. on TPP trade and Illegal Immigration.

Too many people out there these days know nothing about their politics. Nothing. That includes most of my blog readers here.

We could live in a better country if more people would get educated and become smart with their politics. Enough with the “right vs. left” crap ’cause it doesn’t work. To me, it doesn’t matter anymore. I’m realistic on both sides. Always have been. I’m not a “one-sided” person at all like most liberals are these days.

Hey liberals, it’s completely okay to like some Republican candidates if you like their policies and issues. It’s okay for them to like some Conservative things too. There’s no reason for them to stay “far-left” at all. You don’t have to side with everything on the left, y’all. That’s where Jim Webb comes in… even though he’s a Democrat politician, he still has some right-wing views and talks like a Republican sometimes. We need more people like Jim Webb.

I wish liberals would look at reality instead of following their party all the time. That’s one thing I don’t like about this country. They don’t look at reality at all. It’s all one-sided opinions from them. Hillary and Barack would have been in prison a long time ago if liberals would STOP having one-sided opinions all the damn time.

Hopefully Donald Trump will be successful at beating Hillary in the upcoming elections. There’s no way in hell Bernie Sanders is gonna win the nomination on the Democrat side. Hillary is gonna win, who else? That’s why Joe is not running. The media will continue to protect Hillary over Benghazi ’cause they know that’s gonna help her get more liberal voters.

I was never the praying type but I hope and pray that Trump beats Hillary and I think he will. I’m confident Trump is gonna be the next one and not Hillary.


How to get people going in political discussions: it’s simple really… just tell the truth and be honest as much as possible…

One of the things I’m good at online is getting people going in political discussions. Whether people agree with me or disagree with me, I know how to get a huge argument or a debate going with a bunch of people. How do you do that? Well, it’s really quite simple really… just tell the truth. That’s pretty much it. Just be honest as much as possible. People will either love you for it or hate you for it, take your pick.

For the people who will love you for it, they’ll admire you for having the balls to speak the truth and they’ll admire you for getting yourself well-informed. I know this ’cause in facebook pages and groups in mostly conservative forums, I usually get hundreds to thousands of “likes” on my comment and people giving me kudos, I can go back and post screenshots if you don’t believe me. I get a lot of positive feedback on my comments in facebook in the conservative forums.

For the people who will hate you for it, they would usually rail at you for being “realistic” and they hate it. I look at this as if they’re hating you then you are probably saying the right things. Chances are it’s mostly dumb liberals doing most of the hating. If people are getting offended and doing all the “hating”, chances are they are probably a liberal. Other conservatives have no problem with the things I say at all ’cause they understand the truth better than anybody.

Nobody looks at the truth anymore. It seems that in this day and age… “left wing” opinion is “correct” and “right wing” opinion is bullshit… that’s how the liberal world goes, ya know? It’s called political correctness and it needs to stop. Needs to stop now.

I get people going in politics ’cause I write about stuff that people wanna hear… the truth and that’s what I’m all about and have always been about the truth from day 1. I don’t look at the mainstream media for the truth. I like to get myself informed which a lot of people don’t do these days especially dumb liberals.

Other than that, I know how to get a good debate going on the internet. In my eyes, I don’t think I ever said anything offensive or controversial ’cause all I’m doing is joining in discussions and expressing opinions like most. If people are getting offended, it’s mostly liberals and their one-sided opinions. Liberals get offended at everything these days ’cause the mainstream media tells them to. Again, political correctness, that’s all it is really.

You should be able to express honesty and opinions however you damn well please but the way this country is going lately, it’s getting a lot harder to express opinions due to political correctness.

I enjoy getting liberals going ’cause it’s fun and I have no regrets.

Don’t be afraid to be honest and express yourself however you want to. If you want a large response toward your political topics, just be realistic as possible ’cause trust me, people will either love you or hate you for it. I’m good either way ’cause I don’t do this to make friends. I’m about reality and always will be.