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Dr. Ben Carson, “I’m open to being Donald Trump’s Vice-president”… see? I toldjaso!

The buzz going around that Dr. Ben Carson might be on the Republican ticket with Mr. Trump. Could Carson actually become Trump’s running mate? Carson just hinted here that it might actually happen.

Yeah, something is definitely going on between these two for sure ’cause Carson and Trump has been way too friendly with each other for a long while now.

Don’t be surprised if Trump actually chooses Carson and I hope he does. Carson is probably not gonna win the nomination anyways. Even though Trump and Carson are running against each other, they still seem to be pretty good friends.


Why Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson would be the best team up for the White House…

Who will Donald Trump pick as vice president running mate when Trump is victorious for the nomination? My prediction is that I think Trump is gonna pick Dr. Ben Carson as his running mate. Why? Well, Trump and Ben Carson has a few things in common with each other.

1) Trump and Dr. Carson aren’t career politicians. These are the kind of leaders we need to run the country.

2) They both are against the media and both are against “political correctness”.

In case you haven’t noticed, Trump and Dr. Carson has been pretty friendly with each other throughout this election and there is something going on with these two. Trump always had Dr. Carson’s back and always defended Dr. Carson when he was in trouble.

So if Dr. Carson loses the nomination, I think Trump will choose him as his running mate. I’ve been paying attention to Ben Carson for years so I always knew there was something special about that guy. Trump and Carson may have feuded a little bit over the “attempted murder” controversy but I think they’re over it now.

I think Trump & Carson would be a great team up.


For once I disagree with Donald Trump on something!!!

Yes, I did watch the New Hampshire GOP debate last night on TV. It was actually a pretty good one. Who did I think did the best job? Well, of course Trump killed it like always. I also liked Rubio and Ben Carson. So therefor: Trump, Rubio and Carson were the stars last night. I thought those three did the best job last night but all the others were losers.

While Mr. Trump did the best job; however, there is one thing that I disagree with him on. Remember, the part where Trump and Rubio were arguing about whether or not they believe that Barack Obama knows what he’s doing in destroying America? Well, Rubio says that Obama knows what he’s doing and says that Obama is intentionally trying to destroy America but Trump says Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. I’ve always said on these blogs that Obama is pretty smart and he definitely knows what he’s doing in destroying America. All Rubio was trying to say is that Obama is trying to redefine America but not in a good way but Trump and the other candidates ripped him for it. So yeah, I think I’m siding with Rubio on this one. Obama is purposefully destroying America which is what Rubio is saying but Trump wants to act like Obama is dumb and destroying America by accident. For some reason Trump seems to be afraid to admit that Obama is purposefully trying to destroy America which Rubio had the balls to say it. I liked Rubio last night. I loved how Rubio called out the evil corruption of Obama and Hillary which Trump was admittedly pretty weak on. Rubio was the only one last night who called out the evils of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and those so-called “conservatives” still wanna bash Rubio? Just more reasons why the conservative party sucks so bad right now!

While I have grown into liking Marco Rubio more and more, I still don’t like his immigration plan as I think Rubio’s immigration views sucks so bad but other than that… most of Rubio’s policies and ideas are pretty cool.

The best Trump moments last night was when he called out how fake the audience were. The audience were cheerleaders for Jeb Bush but I think they were planted there by Jeb. Trump called out the fake audience by saying things like, “I don’t need their money, the reason they’re angry is ’cause I don’t need their money”. It went something like that. I also loved how Trump said he was going to bring back “waterboarding” and even worse things then that. I also loved how Trump responded to the “Black Lives Matter” question and he replied that we need to respect our police.

As for Dr. Ben Carson, I loved how he destroyed Ted Cruz over the “dropping out of the race” lie. Dr. Carson destroyed Ted last night but was friendly and kind about it. Dr. Carson silenced Ted by not attacking him so Dr. Carson was a man with class. Also, Dr. Carson continues to call out the corrupt media who continues to make him look bad and that was awesome too.

All the other GOP guys were losers like usual. I can’t stand John Kasich, Christie and Jeb.

Trump was the real winner here like always. Wanna know why so many people respect Trump? Simply because he’s real. He doesn’t use prepared & scripted answers. Trump isn’t afraid to speak his mind while all the other GOP candidates reads off of teleprompters when answering debate questions. Trump doesn’t use a teleprompter at all, he doesn’t read off of anything which is why Trump continues to surge in the election. Everybody knows he’s the real deal.

It was surprisingly a good debate last night and the ABC moderators were surprisingly respectful to Trump and the other guys.


Ted Cruz won’t last long in this election so there’s nothing to worry about anyways, y’all!!!

Ted may have won one state by cheating but that’s all he’s gonna get. He’s only gonna win one state and he won’t win anymore due to making lies about Trump & Carson. Ted will be out of this election soon enough. So to all of those delusional Cruz supporters thinking that Cruz is gonna win the nomination, think again. Not gonna happen. Trump is gonna destroy Ted over his birthplace thing so that’s gonna be the end of Ted right there. Ted will get forced to drop out soon.

I’m noticing a lot of liberals are liking Marco Rubio and they think Rubio is gonna be the star of the GOP side. I disagree. I’m predicting now that Trump is gonna win most “primaries” and “caucus’s”. Trump would have won Iowa if Ted didn’t cheat, though. I think Trump is gonna win most states, just something to be aware of, y’all. I think Trump is gonna be victorious all the way to the nomination.

My question is, why do liberals love Rubio so much? Is it because he’s too friendly with illegal immigrants? That’s a big part of it for sure. I think another reason is that Rubio’s policies and ideas are very similar to Obama’s, pretty much. I’m not a fan of Rubio at all. His immigration plan is total crap. I don’t think Rubio is gonna make it either.

The election is probably gonna end up being Trump vs. Hillary. I can’t wait ’til Trump is victorious and then I can sit here and watch people accuse Trump of “voter fraud”. They’re gonna accuse him of cheating, absolutely. *sigh*


Ted Cruz is not to be trusted but his army of supporters will worship him anyways…

Well Ted Cruz decides to make Ben Carson look bad by making lies that Carson is dropping out of the race after his loss in Iowa. Now Ted is apologizing and playing “innocent victim”.



I think Ted is quick to apologize ’cause he simply doesn’t want to look like a “racist” since Carson is black. Ted attacks Ben Carson and nobody defends Carson. Is it because Carson is part of the GOP is why nobody called Ted a “racist”? Lib media never defended Carson either.

Ted better be careful or else Ben Carson will start surging and Dr. Carson will start winning “primaries” and “caucus’s” instead of him. I think Ted just helped Dr. Carson a little bit when not realizing it. Ben Carson may not be doing well in the election but it’s all up to him if he wants to drop out or not.

Those delusional and insane Ted Cruz supporters in which they call themselves, the “Cruz Crew” will always side with Ted no matter what happens. I’m siding with Ben Carson on this one. Ted is a liar like the rest of ’em.


Last night’s GOP Debate No. 4 was surprisingly really really good! FInally we got good moderators this time!

Last night’s GOP Debate No. 4 was very impressive, surprisingly. We finally got moderators that did a great job. Seriously they were good. They were respectful to the GOP candidates. The moderators asked the questions and they answer them. The moderators didn’t join in on the debates this time. Best of all, the moderators weren’t picky on who got to talk more and who got to talk less. The moderators gave each candidate the chance to speak their minds. The moderators were very professional and respectful. They did a great job. Probably because the moderators seem like they were pretty conservative which is the kind of moderators they needed in order to have a fair debate.

There were a lot of good discussions last night however, John Kasich keeps opening his big mouth and interrupting everybody… that dude is annoying as hell. Can you imagine that guy president? I can’t. I’m sure John Kasich got more liberal support, though ’cause that guy really isn’t a Republican with the way he talks. He slammed Trump’s view on immigration.

Carly Fiorina keeps interrupting people as well and she keeps saying that she’s the only one in the GOP race who could beat Hillary.

One of my favorite parts of last night’s GOP Debate was that Rand Paul started getting all over Marco Rubio. Rand Paul started questioning Rubio on whether or not he’s a real conservative. They started arguing back and forth over military spending. http://dailycaller.com/2015/11/10/how-is-it-conservative-rubio-crushes-rand-for-questioning-his-military-spending-video/

Another one of my favorite parts from last night’s GOP debate was when Trump said each GOP candidates tax plan may not be as good but each tax plan is better than the tax plan we have now which was the best thing he said and I agree. Any tax plan is better than the corrupted tax plan we have now by the Obama admin.

Who were the stars of last night? Well, Trump and Carson did the best job, of course. I just love Dr. Carson’s response on getting “vetted”, read what he had to say here if you didn’t watch it last night: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/nov/10/ben-carson-i-have-no-problem-being-vetted-hillary-/

As you can see Dr. Carson continues to mock the double standard in the media. What Carson is trying to say when talking about Hillary’s Benghazi video lie, I think what he means is why can’t both sides of the spectrum call Hillary’s Benghazi video was a lie too but instead opinions are so one-sided. Dr. Carson is just calling out the one-sided opinions in the media, that’s all he’s saying, I think.

It was a great debate last night. I enjoyed it. That’s how a Republican debate should be and keep it that way please!


Dr. Ben Carson is trolling the media and I freakin’ love it!!!!

These news headlines aren’t real, these are just Ben Carson making fun of the media making lies about him. Funny stuff, I must say. Seriously guys, the media is such a joke. They really did become the tabloids but much worse.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s GOP Debate No. 4 as I will be watching, of course. Hopefully tonight will be a fair debate and hopefully the moderators will stay out of it and let them talk.

I’m sure Trump and Carson will kill it tonight like they usually do!


My thoughts on Ben Carson’s “pyramid” theory…

I don’t want to get into whether or not Ben Carson is right on his theory that pyramids were made for grains but he is entitled to his own opinions and thoughts… so let him have ’em. It’s a free country, people have the right to speak on what they believe but of course, in this day and age in America under Obama, it’s getting more and more difficult to “speak your mind”. Right-wing freedom of expression is being taken away from us for sure and I’ve been saying this for years.

How I’m looking at this is that I think is that this is just the media’s attempt on trying to destroy Ben Carson even more. The media would do anything to try to turn off more voters. So they go around looking for Ben’s older speeches and once they found something he said that they think is ridiculous, they’ll report it all over the media to make him look bad. They found something that he said 17 years ago which is pretty ludicrous and insane in my book.

Ya know… if Barack Obama or Hillary said that “pyramids” in Egypt were made for grains… lib media would have been okay with it and liberals would have agreed with them. That’s how fucking one-sided America is these days. It’s just sickening really.

Even if I believe that Ben Carson said something crazy or dumb, who cares? What Ben said wasn’t a big deal and libtard America is making a big deal about it. There are more important things in America that we need to worry about like getting our damn country back for starters. That’s more important but nope liberals are more worried about what Ben Carson says or does. All libtard media does is destroy conservatives. They get paid to make them look bad. It’s what they do.

The libtard media are cheerleaders for Hillary and they’re doing anything to get her to win… that’s why they’re desperately trying to destroy all the “conservatives”. They’re desperately trying to destroy them all: Trump, Carson, Cruz, Rubio, Huckabee, Christie, etc. Media wants Jeb Bush to be the GOP nominee so they’re doing all they can to destroy the other guys. It’s not working so keep trying. All they’re doing is making them more popular. That’s why guys like Trump, Carson, Cruz & Rubio keeps surging in the polls ’cause the media trying to destroy them is actually helping them. When media sticks up for people like Jeb Bush and Hillary, nobody really cares.


The media is pretty left-wing these days ’cause they think that’s what the people wanna see which isn’t true…

Why is most every media outlet these days is pretty left-wing? The answer is pretty simple really. It’s because they naively believe that’s what the American people wanna see. Most of the big media outlets: NBC, CNN, CBS, The Washington Post, NY Times, NPR and all those giants are pretty left-wing in the news ’cause all their CEO’s are very liberal people. I’m pretty sure some journalists has got some conservative views in politics but they are not allowed to write that stuff ’cause they are being told what to do by their bosses. There’s so much liberal bias everywhere these days ’cause these media outlets want you to look at the world how they want you to see it, ya know? Even the CEO’s of these media outlets can be out of touch of reality. They believe that’s how we think when the reality is, most of us don’t think like that at all. Ya know, think liberal. Think far-left. Most of us don’t. Most of us believe that today’s journalism in the news is pretty corrupt and broken.

If anybody does think far-left… chances are, they’ve been brainwashed by the media for sure. These are the type of people who will believe anything the news tells them which to me is pretty saddening. This is why the mainstream media continues to be “far-left” news is ’cause some people eat up what they report and they actually believe in it which is why most of us call them “libtards”. Once again, they only believe what the MSM tells them. If more people would stop paying attention to the news like I do then maybe the MSM would stop being “left-wing”.

Our MSM is pretty corrupt. It’s gotta be pretty easy to see. That includes garbage like the Washington Post and NPR and I’ll have no problem knocking people for following them religiously. All they do is “one-sided” reported. All the news is pretty “one-sided” and I don’t like it at all.

Even the local news is pretty one-sided. I was at the mall yesterday and saw a copy of the Metroland where the front cover knocks the Keystone Pipeline so yep, I think I’m gonna boycott the Metroland for sure ’cause even they are very liberal. Metroland a local free newspaper from Albany.

I’m tired of liberal news everywhere. Hey news journalists… this is NOT what the American people wants to see. We want to see “real” journalism. Be realistic on both sides of the spectrum. Stop trying to make it look like that liberal political views are good for America and conservative views are bad for America. Where’s the honesty on both sides? That’s what we all want to see! If you be realistic on both sides and not just on the “right-wing” side then maybe more people will take the media seriously but for now, most of us believe that today’s MSM is all a freakin’ joke. If you take the media seriously and believe everything they say is real well, you are a freakin’ joke too. Today’s news has honestly turned into the tabloids but worse.


I’m tired of libtard media making the GOP look like bad guys, this has gotta stop…

I think all the so-called journalists in libtard media need to hang themselves and get a real job. Seriously. All of this is pretty disgusting to me.

Politico are the ones doing all the fabricating and here is more proof of that.


Once again, it’s pretty strange how everybody wants to get all over Ben Carson’s past but nobody gives Barack Obama any flak on his secretive past. Obama kept most of his past life hidden so he could do anything to get elected president. You never see the media getting all over Barack Obama about his shady past. When you question Obama’s past, you’ll quickly get labeled as a “conspiracy theorist”. You never see the media question Obama’s obsession with Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky. You never see the media question Obama’s association with Pentagon bomber, Bill Ayers. You don’t see the media bringing up Obama’s sealed college records and you don’t see the media questioning Obama about going to college as a “foreign student”. Instead you see the media reporting stuff about Obama’s spotify playlist and how he’s inviting the clock kid to the White House.

Now you can understand why I hate the news? Anybody that pays attention to the mainstream media and takes them seriously is an uneducated loser. You know how the media likes to make Democrats look like good guys and Republicans look like bad guys? Well it’s really the other way around, it really is. Something’s gotta be done about our mainstream media. The liberal bias in the media has gotta stop.

The media is messing with the wrong guy like Carson. You want to mess with a guy like Carson, prepare for the pitbull to be unleashed ’cause this guy will fight back hard and he doesn’t give a shit. You think he’s gonna cave in to the liberals and step out of the race? Not a chance. This guy is tough and is a fighter. Just like Donald Trump, Ben Carson is also in it to win it. Ben Carson isn’t gonna give up no matter what happens. Trust me, he’s a tough dude. I’ve been following this guy for years myself.