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Ben Carson calls Obama a “psychopath” and I’ve been calling him that for years!!!

Yet another reason to vote for Dr. Ben Carson! Whatever Ben Carson says, it’s gonna get the liberal mainstream news all fired up!!! That’s part of what I like about him. Ben Carson certainly isn’t afraid of Obama at all and that’s why I listed him as one of the “Top 10 People Who Aren’t Afraid of Obama” youtube video I made. I didn’t include Ben Carson in that list for nothing, folks!

I also loved it when Ben Carson said this: “But he knows he’s telling a lie!” Carson vented. “He’s trying to sell what he thinks is not true! He’s sitting there saying, ‘These Americans are so stupid I can tell them anything.’ “

That is so true! Obama does know that he’s lying on so many things. Obama thinks Americans are so dumb and naive. He can tell us so many lies and so much bullshit and nobody picks up on it. To liberals nothing Obama says is wrong. The sad part is that a lot of liberals actually believe everything Obama says.



This is the article that CNN and MSNBC are writing about, the GQ article of Ben Carson watching Obama’s latest SOTU address with Armstrong Williams at his home:


That’s the problem with conservatives when it comes to election time. Seeing that GQ is a die-hard liberal magazine, they’re just doing whatever it takes to make Dr. Ben Carson look bad. They caught him talking shit about their precious Obama so they publish that article hoping to damage Ben’s reputation and turn off voters. Their opportunity to destroy Ben but….

… it’s not gonna hurt him at all. It’s only gonna give people more reasons to vote for him. Conservatives LOVE it when people call out Obama and being realistic about our traitor in chief. Conservatives will support anybody who calls out Obama. That’s part of why Ben Carson has a lot of supporters.

Ted Cruz isn’t my choice for president but Rand Paul is my first choice and Ben Carson is my second choice.

I’m getting real tired of liberals thinking it’s wrong for people to bash their precious Obama just because he’s the president of the United States. So you can’t bash our US president? Pretty hilarious coming from a bunch of losers who all they did was bash George W. Why is it okay to bash Bush and not Obama? People are really messed up.


Sorry but I agree with Ben Carson…

I don’t buy into this “being born gay” crap at all. It’s all a big lie. It really is a choice, in my humble opinion.

I also think people are taking Ben Carson’s comments out of context. He isn’t saying that prisons turn people gay, he’s only giving that as an example of how becoming gay is a choice. He brings up some pretty valid points and talks truth. Of course, when you tell the truth about these things you get labeled as a homophobe or a bigot.

When babies are born, birth doesn’t automatically choose them to be gay or straight. Being gay or straight is a preference, meaning it’s a choice. So when a child grows up, they learn how to be straight, gay or bi. So when a person is gay, they learned how to be that way as they grow up. I’ve seen people who have decided to give up being gay and become straight instead so it’s a choice, absolutely.

Ben Carson didn’t have to apologize for this ’cause the point is valid. Some claim his comments destroyed his upcoming presidency but I disagree. It didn’t hurt him at all ’cause he is surging in the presidential polls ’cause of it: http://www.msnbc.com/up/watch/ben-carson-surges-ahead-in-polls-410016835972

I know this is a risky topic to talk about ’cause you could get your life destroyed even when you gave an opinion when you should have every right to it. Ben Carson just gave me another reason to vote for him in 2016 if he gets the nomination.


2016 Presidential Elections gets an early start, Dr. Ben Carson is first candidate…

Welp, here we go. Dr. Ben Carson will be the first announced 2016 presidential candidate. If you don’t know who Dr. Ben Carson is, he is an author and retired neurosurgeon. He is also anti-Obama. 🙂

If this guy gets elected in 2016, I can’t wait ’til the left starts attacking this guy and this will be our opportunity to call them racists. Payback!!!

I haven’t read any of his books but was meaning too soon. He seems like a good guy. He would have been a better first black president than fucking Obama.



Dr. Ben Carson confirms 2016 president run is pretty likely!!!

Dr. Ben Carson just announced that there is a strong possibility that he’s going to go for a President run in 2016. I think he would make a great president. He’s been my favorite conservative politician for a long time. I like his views and his thoughts on the way this country is going.

Since he is black, I can’t wait until the left start attacking his policies and right-wing views. That will be our opportunity to call liberals a bunch of racists, HA! This is will be our payback!

I haven’t read any of Ben Carson’s books yet but was meaning to start reading them soon. Ben Carson delivers the best speeches.

I wish he would have been our first black president instead of the madman we have now.



Ben Carson to Obama: “Come Clean with Secret Past”…

Right-wing conservative, Dr. Ben Carson, did a radio interview with a leftist host and it was an interesting debate to say the least. Even though Ben Carson says, that where Obama is really from is not his concern… he says that the only way to let all the birther stuff and Obama’s religion debates to die is that Obama should come clean with his secret past. Meaning, Obama should expose all of his past records and reveal everything.

More on the story here and read the whole article if you wish:


Obama will probably come clean about his birthplace but I have a feeling he’ll make a confession and reveal all after his presidency is over with which will be bad for America and we can’t have that. Why? If Obama is the first President to successfully getting away with hiding his birthplace, then other immigrants are gonna try to do the same.

Everybody knows Obama will never come clean.

I still believe Obama was born in Kenya. I don’t care what anyone thinks so you can try to debunk it anytime you want to. Ben Carson is also right that there have never been a shroud of secrecy from any of the past presidents. Past presidents have all been transparent.

If Congress doesn’t want an immigrant as President again, then they need to change the Constitution around some to make the laws tougher so immigrants won’t ever run again.

There’s so many things that Obama needs to come clean with not just his secret past. He needs to come clean with a lot of scandals and crimes like Benghazi, Operation F&F, Obamacare, NSA, IRS, etc. This man is so mysterious and full of secrecy… how come people are obsessed with defending this man and acting like he’s innocent? I just don’t understand people. Wow!!!!