Sorry but I agree with Ben Carson…

I don’t buy into this “being born gay” crap at all. It’s all a big lie. It really is a choice, in my humble opinion.

I also think people are taking Ben Carson’s comments out of context. He isn’t saying that prisons turn people gay, he’s only giving that as an example of how becoming gay is a choice. He brings up some pretty valid points and talks truth. Of course, when you tell the truth about these things you get labeled as a homophobe or a bigot.

When babies are born, birth doesn’t automatically choose them to be gay or straight. Being gay or straight is a preference, meaning it’s a choice. So when a child grows up, they learn how to be straight, gay or bi. So when a person is gay, they learned how to be that way as they grow up. I’ve seen people who have decided to give up being gay and become straight instead so it’s a choice, absolutely.

Ben Carson didn’t have to apologize for this ’cause the point is valid. Some claim his comments destroyed his upcoming presidency but I disagree. It didn’t hurt him at all ’cause he is surging in the presidential polls ’cause of it:

I know this is a risky topic to talk about ’cause you could get your life destroyed even when you gave an opinion when you should have every right to it. Ben Carson just gave me another reason to vote for him in 2016 if he gets the nomination.


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