Remember the days when local bands/artists used to make “demos”, now everyone wants to make professional albums…

I remember the days when local and unsigned talent used to make demo tapes or demo CD’s. Just make a homemade CD with no cover. Bands and artists used to make demos so they can pass around to their family, friends and fans. They also used demos as a way to get gigs. Remember local music anywhere in the US would get gigs this way? That was back in the days when bands/artists were making demo tapes/CD’s that weren’t in the best sound quality. They used to make demos on 4 track tape recorders or even boomboxes just to get gigs. It’s not like this anymore.

Music have changed over the years indeed.

These days, nobody wants to hear music that’s in bad quality. They don’t want to hear music with background hissing, clipping or unwanted noise. Nowadays, everyone wants to hear good sound quality. If you make a demo that is not in good sound quality, your music doesn’t matter to people and they won’t care about you. They will look at you as some amateur who is not worthy of playing gigs or getting yourself heard.

In the past, I used to record music that is not in the best quality and I used to be okay with that. Now I’m trying all I can to get the best sound quality out of my music with a clean studio sound and I think finally achieved that goal. I can make a professional sounding demo or an album now. I’m good to go.

Those days of local bands/artists making demos that are not in the greatest quality and they just make music for the love of it are dead and gone. These days, everyone have to be a “perfectionist”. Everybody is jumping the “professional” album bandwagon in order to get respected. Every band and artist today unsigned are spending a lot of money in studio time and CD manufacturing/duplication.

Everybody wants to release an album now ’cause I blame that on the industry for the most part and all of this new home recording technology is to take part in the blame as well.

I really miss those days when you can just take a piece of shit Tascam 4 track recorder and just record songs on it. Those days are dead and gone. Everybody expects you to record a studio quality record now. Everybody wants you to join the “album” bandwagon by releasing a real album with a CD cover and all. I’m about to join that bandwagon soon but I won’t be releasing physical CD’s. I think all my upcoming album releases will be online only. I could sell my music on Bandcamp which is probably where I’ll go. I think I’ll avoid selling music on Itunes. I hear it’s pretty hard to get your music on Itunes and it’s easier on Bandcamp. Bandcamp looks like a perfect fit for me. You can still download an album on Bandcamp and get it in your Itunes library.

I still do plan on making my debut album at some point, though. Will re-record some old songs for it and write some new ones as well. I’m dying to make my first studio quality album and almost there. Just gotta get those studio speaker monitors here and then I’ll get right to work.


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