“HBO Now” to officially put Netflix to an end??? I’m already feeling it…

The reason that there are no HBO shows streamable for Netflix is because HBO and Netflix have never been on good terms. Both companies have been feuding for a long while now. I think the only reason that HBO is releasing “HBO Now” is to compete with Netflix obviously. The subscription prices for “HBO Now” cost $14.99 a month which is a lot cheaper than Netflix. “Netflix” costs $18 per month. “HBO Now” will be Apple TV exclusive for now but the service will be made available for all devices soon.

Will I get HBO Now whenever it’s made available for the Ipad and the video game consoles? Not sure yet. The only reason I would get it for is “Game of Thrones” ’cause it’s my favorite show. I would also get it for “The Sopranos” ’cause you know they’re gonna stream all their old HBO shows on there like “Dream On”, “Sex and the City” and all that stuff.

I have a feeling that Netflix will quickly be a thing of the past and everyone will switch to “HBO Now”. “HBO Now” is already getting a lot of buzz.


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