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Actually, HBO NOW app is kind of crap…

During the HBO NOW app 1 month free trial, I have been having streaming problems with it. When I was watching “The Sopranos – Season 2” on it on the Ipad, there was constant choppy video playback and sometimes crashing (aka kickin’ me out of the app for no reason). Then all of a sudden, I was able to stream Seasons 2, 3, 4 and most of 5 with no issues and no interruptions. Toward the end of Season 5, I started to have choppy playback and crashing issues again. It keeps happening to me everytime I start to stream something on HBO NOW.

I do some google research and see I’m not alone. A lot of other people have been having streaming issues on HBO NOW. HBO wants to blame your end but in reality, it’s actually HBO’S END. They’re the problem. There’s nothing wrong on my end ’cause I tested out the streaming on Netflix on my Ipad and the streaming is perfectly fine in Netflix. Streaming is fine on youtube as well so it’s definitely HBO all the way.

Yeah, I know HBO NOW is a brand new thing and there’s gonna be a lot of issues but I don’t wanna keep the service if it’s gonna keep having problems. So I just deleted the app and unsubscribed from HBO NOW. $14.99 pr. month is admittedly kind of pricey so I don’t really need to keep it. I was hoping to watch all of “The Sopranos” while the 1 month free trial was on.

That’s okay, though. No big deal. I watched most of “The Sopranos” on that HBO NOW thing. Watched Seasons 1 – 5 and was just starting Season 6 today but was having all kinds of streaming problems so yeah, I give up on HBO NOW.

Don’t worry, though. I have other ways to watch the rest of the Sopranos. I can always download the series from Itunes movies or I can just collect the rest of the DVD sets from online — either that or I could bite the bullet and buy the Sopranos Complete Blu Ray boxset in the future.

I can get the BluRay set for the show for $160. I could start saving up for that sometime in the future.


So yeah, fuck HBO NOW. I just thought I would try out for the free 1 month trial. It was fun while it lasted though.

If HBO doesn’t fix the streaming problems for HBO NOW, they’re gonna get a lot of angry customers. How can you release a streaming service when you can’t watch it? They will always try to find shady ways to make money. They don’t care about you.


About David Chase finally explaining “The Sopranos” ending…

I know Davis Chase the creator of “The Sopranos” finally explained the controversial ending of the series. I refuse to read what he says ’cause keep in mind that I haven’t seen the whole show yet. I just finished Season 2 earlier this week and will get back to watching the rest of the seasons soon. I gotta catch up with “Game of Thrones – Season 4” and then I’ll move on to “Sons of Anarchy – Season 6 &7”. Then I’ll go back to “The Sopranos” after those two shows. My 1 month free subscription to HBO NOW will probably be expired by the time I get back to it but I don’t mind paying for the $14.99 monthly subscription. I’m planning on keeping HBO NOW anyways.

I don’t wanna read anything about “The Sopranos” online so I can avoid spoilers and shit, ya know what I mean? The question is, why would David Chase explain the ending now? Probably because of the new HBO NOW service that just came out. He figured that a lot more people are gonna watch “The Sopranos” on it. I’m sure that was the first show that most people started watching on it. “The Sopranos” is probably already the most watched show on HBO while I’m sure “True Blood” and “Sex and the City” would be close behind it.

“The Sopranos” is the only relevant show on there, in my opinion.

Actually, I could forget about watching “The Sopranos” on the Ipad and just buy the whole series on Blu-Ray, get the whole box set:


Maybe I’ll order that boxset if I ever win the Bingo jackpot again this Spring/Summer. I probably will.

It is amazing show so far, though. Definitely the best show in the history of TV.


The Rolling Stones song, “Thru and Thru” from “The Sopranos”…

So I just finished watching “The Sopranos – Season 2” earlier today and toward the end of Season 2 finale, they were playing this really incredible song that blew my mind. I never heard the song before so I looked it up online and the song was written by the Rolling Stones. I’m like, really? The singer didn’t sound like Mick Jagger at all. Then I realized it was Keith Richards singing the lead vocals in the tune. Sometimes Keith Richards does sing the lead vocals on some Stones songs. It is a beautiful song even though I’m not much of a Stones fan. This song “Thru and Thru” came from the “Voodoo Lounge” album. I’m actually thinking about getting that album for this song.

Before anyone accuses me of watching TV all day… I don’t. I usually watch TV at night but for “The Sopranos” I have been watching during the day though. I was just getting back in from a long walk to the gym to do my workout and walk back home so I’m not a lazy person at all if that’s what you’re thinking.

“The Sopranos” is such an epic show. I think it’s my favorite show in the history of TV. Really… I thank HBO for giving us the opportunity to watch their shows without having to pay for cable. What HBO did was pretty amazing despite their subscription price being a bit pricey. I’ll have no problem paying 14.99 a month, it’s no big deal to me.

Back to this song, I think it’s an amazing tune and might get the Voodoo Lounge album. “The Sopranos” do have the best soundtrack in TV history, in my opinion. Their song selections is good.


More on HBO Now…

Well, I’ve been watching “The Sopranos” a lot on that HBO NOW streaming service for the Ipad and it’s real nice! I’ve already watched Season 1 of “The Sopranos” and I’m just at the very end of Season 2 already. Yeah, admittedly I’ve been doing a lot of binge watching on this show ’cause I was hoping to watch it all before the 1 month free subscription expired . I would watch like 4 episodes a night but admittedly it’s gonna take me a while longer to watch the whole show so it’s looking like that if I want to watch the rest of it, I’ll have to pay the subscription soon and I will. I think I’ll keep this service for a little while longer ’cause the only reason I wanted this service to begin with is to watch “The Sopranos”. A show I always wanted to see.

Yeah, I’m really loving this show. Tony Soprano is a bad ass and I love Steven Van Zandt’s character. I never realized that Steven Van Zant (who is well known as the guitar player for Bruce Springsteen) is such a good actor! Van Zandt is a talented actor… I’m blown away by his talent! “The Sopranos” is an addicting as hell show. It’s not just a mob drama… I view it as a comedy as well ’cause there’s a lot of hilarious scenes in it. James Gandolfini was a genius of an actor though. I’ve always respected the hell out of that man even before he passed. I was bummed when I heard about his passing.

Anyway, I should get back to watching, “Game of Thrones – Season 4” a season I haven’t seen yet… that way I can start watching Season 5 on there too. I love “game of thrones” and that’s another reason I wanna subscribe to HBO Now and will. Admittedly $14.99 a month is kind of pricey but I don’t think I’m gonna keep HBO NOW forever. I’m only gonna get it to watch certain shows and I also wanna watch that upcoming Kurt Cobain documentary “Montage of Heck” which is gonna be on there next month so I’m definitely gonna pay for it for another month.

“The Sopranos” is a masterpiece of a TV show. It’s definitely one of the best shows on TV of all time. Why did I start watching it so late?

What I love is how HBO NOW lets you pay for the subscription from Itunes so that means you get to use those Itunes cards. I don’t do credit cards hardly at all so when I need to get stuff from Apple, I use those gift cards you see in the store. I guess that’s why Apple sells them gift cards in the store so people can buy things for their devices who don’t have a credit card.

I’ll admit that I bought a lot of stuff from Apple… albums from Itunes, books, apps, etc. The Ipad is an addicting tool.


HBO Now thoughts…

I just downloaded the “HBO Now” app and subscribed to the 1 month free trial and so far “HBO Now” looks pretty impressive! As I predicted, it looks pretty similar to Netflix. As I predicted, the service will have almost every HBO show on there.

There are a couple of things I wanna watch on there before the 1 month free trial is up.

I wanna watch “Going Clear” documentary about Scientology. I also wanna check out The Jinx and the Foo Fighters “Sonic Highways”.

This also could be my opportunity to watch all 6 Seasons of “The Sopranos” and I’m probably gonna.

And also that Kurt Cobain documentary “Montage of Heck” will be getting on HBO on May 4th so if the free trial is still going, I’ll definitely watch that too.

“HBO Now” is pretty cool. You don’t need cable TV to get HBO anymore.

Isn’t it funny how people keep complaining about Netflix raising the prices and nobody seems to have a problem with “HBO Now” pricing it at 14.99 a month?  14.99 isn’t really all that bad. It’s just like a magazine subscription!

So far, it’s a pretty cool service! I’ll think about subscribing it if I like it enough.


“HBO Now” to officially put Netflix to an end??? I’m already feeling it…

The reason that there are no HBO shows streamable for Netflix is because HBO and Netflix have never been on good terms. Both companies have been feuding for a long while now. I think the only reason that HBO is releasing “HBO Now” is to compete with Netflix obviously. The subscription prices for “HBO Now” cost $14.99 a month which is a lot cheaper than Netflix. “Netflix” costs $18 per month. “HBO Now” will be Apple TV exclusive for now but the service will be made available for all devices soon.

Will I get HBO Now whenever it’s made available for the Ipad and the video game consoles? Not sure yet. The only reason I would get it for is “Game of Thrones” ’cause it’s my favorite show. I would also get it for “The Sopranos” ’cause you know they’re gonna stream all their old HBO shows on there like “Dream On”, “Sex and the City” and all that stuff.

I have a feeling that Netflix will quickly be a thing of the past and everyone will switch to “HBO Now”. “HBO Now” is already getting a lot of buzz.