About David Chase finally explaining “The Sopranos” ending…

I know Davis Chase the creator of “The Sopranos” finally explained the controversial ending of the series. I refuse to read what he says ’cause keep in mind that I haven’t seen the whole show yet. I just finished Season 2 earlier this week and will get back to watching the rest of the seasons soon. I gotta catch up with “Game of Thrones – Season 4” and then I’ll move on to “Sons of Anarchy – Season 6 &7”. Then I’ll go back to “The Sopranos” after those two shows. My 1 month free subscription to HBO NOW will probably be expired by the time I get back to it but I don’t mind paying for the $14.99 monthly subscription. I’m planning on keeping HBO NOW anyways.

I don’t wanna read anything about “The Sopranos” online so I can avoid spoilers and shit, ya know what I mean? The question is, why would David Chase explain the ending now? Probably because of the new HBO NOW service that just came out. He figured that a lot more people are gonna watch “The Sopranos” on it. I’m sure that was the first show that most people started watching on it. “The Sopranos” is probably already the most watched show on HBO while I’m sure “True Blood” and “Sex and the City” would be close behind it.

“The Sopranos” is the only relevant show on there, in my opinion.

Actually, I could forget about watching “The Sopranos” on the Ipad and just buy the whole series on Blu-Ray, get the whole box set:


Maybe I’ll order that boxset if I ever win the Bingo jackpot again this Spring/Summer. I probably will.

It is amazing show so far, though. Definitely the best show in the history of TV.


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