Marco Rubio is more presidential than Hillary… here is the proof…

I may not be a big fan of Marco Rubio but at least he seems like a friendly and down to Earth guy, I’ll give them that. TMZ stopped Marco on his way out and Marco was cool enough to stop for a few to chat with them.

When TMZ tried to stop Hillary to chat with her, she just smiled, kept on walking and ignored them.

Just more proof that Hillary is unfit to be president. She’s nothing but a bitch and a cunt. I hardly ever call women those names but Hillary is deserving of it. I mean what kind of presidential candidate would just keep on walking and ignore people? Sure, Hillary might be in a hurry which looks like but she should have stopped over to say “hi” which would only take a minute or two just so she can look “presidential”.

She can do all kinds of “un-presidential” things all she wants to, liberals will still love her no matter what she does.


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