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Donald Trump is getting a lot of endorsements from famous people, how many are Marco and Ted are getting?

Those so-called “conservatives” are all over Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. They think either one of them would be the best guy for prez but look at Marco’s and Ted’s polls. Marco and Ted are doing horrible in the polls. Marco and Ted aren’t getting too many endorsements either. Marco and Ted do get endorsements but not too many. Donald Trump however is getting too many endorsements from other politicians, celebrities, actors, sports stars, etc. Both Marco and Ted are in a desperate attempt to destroy Trump… they continue at it on their twitter pages. It’s just pathetic. Marco and Ted are just desperate to get all the Trump haters to vote for them, that’s all they’re doing really.

That’s the thing with the other GOP candidates. They live in this delusional fantasy world that attacking Trump is what America wants to hear when it isn’t. What America wants to hear are stuff that are best for the country and that’s what Trump does. It’s why we all support Trump ’cause he focuses on the country. The other GOP candidates are doing bad in the polls ’cause all they do is attack Trump instead of concentrating on America. Don’t you get it? The other candidates think they’re gonna get more votes by attacking Trump but their polls keep getting lower the more they do. America doesn’t want to see candidates attacking each other. We want to see candidates saying stuff that is best for the country, that’s what we all want to hear.

America is so hung up on trying to bring down Donald Trump when they should be focusing on bringing down Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton instead. What kind of GOP establishment are we going to have when they go after Trump instead of Obama? That’s just more proof that the GOP are too friendly with Obama and always has been. When the GOP goes after a candidate in their own party… man that is messed up. I find it funny that all of these conservatives that go after Mr. Trump are still calling themselves conservatives.

Especially Ted Cruz whose new slogan is “Conservatives are uniting, This is our Time”. LOL! Really???


Ted Cruz just divided the conservative party, he’s not uniting us at all. It’s Trump supporters vs. Cruz supporters. Anybody that attacks Trump is not a real conservative, I’m sorry, y’all. I’ll always stand by it. If you attack Trump and call yourself a conservative, you’re a fraud. A closeted liberal is what you really are.

Conservatism wins when Trump wins the election in Nov.

Like I said before… when they go after Mr. Trump, he decides to retaliate, he gets them to drop out. That’s what happened to Jeb, Carly and Rand Paul. Give it time… Marco and Ted will drop out too ’cause they can’t handle the pressure from Trump.


Marco Rubio calls out the corruption of Obama presidency, conservatives still wanna bash him? Really???

Marco Rubio is the only GOP candidate who has the balls to say that Obama is purposely trying to destroy America and Obama knows exactly what he’s doing. All of it. Rubio is the only candidate so far who has the balls to call out the corruption of Obama… yet all those conservatives still want to bash Rubio. Really?

Ya know, I’ve always said it on these blogs. I’ll give respect to anyone who is real about the Obama presidency. Even conservatives seems to be getting mad at those who are real about Obama. These people aren’t real conservatives as they claim they are.

Rubio trying to say that Obama is the enemy of America but no one will listen to him. Ask yourself this, are those “conservatives” really against Obama? No. It appears not. Keep going Marco, keep exposing those fake conservatives. If Marco keeps saying that Obama is purposefully destroying America then maybe I’ll start supporting him instead of Trump… not sure yet, though but I do like Rubio. Rubio is pissing a lot of people off by saying Obama is purposefully destroying America… not just liberals, he’s pissing off conservatives too.

If Rubio keeps being real about the Obama presidency, then Rubio could end up being the star in this election so I hope he keeps it going and doesn’t mess it up.

I’m glad I’m not alone on this. Thanks Wayne Root!


For once I disagree with Donald Trump on something!!!

Yes, I did watch the New Hampshire GOP debate last night on TV. It was actually a pretty good one. Who did I think did the best job? Well, of course Trump killed it like always. I also liked Rubio and Ben Carson. So therefor: Trump, Rubio and Carson were the stars last night. I thought those three did the best job last night but all the others were losers.

While Mr. Trump did the best job; however, there is one thing that I disagree with him on. Remember, the part where Trump and Rubio were arguing about whether or not they believe that Barack Obama knows what he’s doing in destroying America? Well, Rubio says that Obama knows what he’s doing and says that Obama is intentionally trying to destroy America but Trump says Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. I’ve always said on these blogs that Obama is pretty smart and he definitely knows what he’s doing in destroying America. All Rubio was trying to say is that Obama is trying to redefine America but not in a good way but Trump and the other candidates ripped him for it. So yeah, I think I’m siding with Rubio on this one. Obama is purposefully destroying America which is what Rubio is saying but Trump wants to act like Obama is dumb and destroying America by accident. For some reason Trump seems to be afraid to admit that Obama is purposefully trying to destroy America which Rubio had the balls to say it. I liked Rubio last night. I loved how Rubio called out the evil corruption of Obama and Hillary which Trump was admittedly pretty weak on. Rubio was the only one last night who called out the evils of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and those so-called “conservatives” still wanna bash Rubio? Just more reasons why the conservative party sucks so bad right now!

While I have grown into liking Marco Rubio more and more, I still don’t like his immigration plan as I think Rubio’s immigration views sucks so bad but other than that… most of Rubio’s policies and ideas are pretty cool.

The best Trump moments last night was when he called out how fake the audience were. The audience were cheerleaders for Jeb Bush but I think they were planted there by Jeb. Trump called out the fake audience by saying things like, “I don’t need their money, the reason they’re angry is ’cause I don’t need their money”. It went something like that. I also loved how Trump said he was going to bring back “waterboarding” and even worse things then that. I also loved how Trump responded to the “Black Lives Matter” question and he replied that we need to respect our police.

As for Dr. Ben Carson, I loved how he destroyed Ted Cruz over the “dropping out of the race” lie. Dr. Carson destroyed Ted last night but was friendly and kind about it. Dr. Carson silenced Ted by not attacking him so Dr. Carson was a man with class. Also, Dr. Carson continues to call out the corrupt media who continues to make him look bad and that was awesome too.

All the other GOP guys were losers like usual. I can’t stand John Kasich, Christie and Jeb.

Trump was the real winner here like always. Wanna know why so many people respect Trump? Simply because he’s real. He doesn’t use prepared & scripted answers. Trump isn’t afraid to speak his mind while all the other GOP candidates reads off of teleprompters when answering debate questions. Trump doesn’t use a teleprompter at all, he doesn’t read off of anything which is why Trump continues to surge in the election. Everybody knows he’s the real deal.

It was surprisingly a good debate last night and the ABC moderators were surprisingly respectful to Trump and the other guys.


Congrats to the GOP candidates for fighting back at CNBC tonight! That was amazing!

Yeah, I did watch GOP Debate No. 3 earlier tonight and it was horrible. The CNBC moderators treated the candidates like shit. I thought presidential debates were supposed to be that the moderators ask the candidates a question and they answer them? Well the moderators did ask the questions but all they did was ask insulting questions. Instead of letting the candidates talk, the moderators have to join in on the debate with them. Yep, the moderators joined in on the discussions when they shouldn’t have. That’s not what a presidential debate is supposed to be like. You’re supposed to let the candidates debate and argue with each other but instead the moderators was debating with them. Seriously??? But what can you expect from a libtard media outlet like CNBC?

So who were the stars tonight at the debate? ALL OF THEM. Yes, even Jeb. The moderators disrespected the candidates, they fought back at the moderators. They fought back hard. Ted Cruz called them out. Donald Trump called them out. Marco Rubio called them out. Ben Carson did too. CNBC messed with the wrong people for sure.

I loved how Ted Cruz destroyed the moderators. When the debate first started, the moderators of course, insulted Trump by calling him a comic book villain in the first question and Trump wasn’t afraid to say, “that wasn’t a very nice thing to say”. Then Ted Cruz spoke out and destroyed the moderators. See the video below where Ted calls out the moderators.

I also love it when Ben Carson called out the politically correct crowd over gay marriage. You know how when liberals call you a “homophobe” for being against gay marriage? Well Ben Carson brought that up and destroyed the PC crowd which was golden.

This GOP Debate No 3 was supposed to be about economics and jobs. Well the moderators hardly ever focused on that. They started asking the candidates other questions that didn’t have anything to do with economics… it was pathetic. When the candidates tried to speak, the moderators would interrupt them a lot. I’m like really? Just let them fucking talk and answer the questions!

I know you guys don’t like the GOP candidates too much but I think you would have to agree that they were treated pretty unfairly tonight. You should give them kudos for fighting back as well. I was impressed with everyone tonight, all the GOP guys were stars tonight. Congrats for all of them for having the balls to defend themselves! That’s how corrupt the media is, everyone!

Jeb and Marco did the most talking while Trump and Rand Paul did less. CNBC was doing all they can to destroy Trump but like always, they’re just helping him get even more popular as I’m sure his polls are going up even more after tonight.

Tonight’s debate was entertaining as hell to watch though.


So celebrities like Jenna Jameson can’t have right-wing opinions? When they do they’re judged as crazy & dumb???

Whenever famous Hollywood celebrities start going public with their conservative views, they are always immediately judged as “crazy” and “dumb” by libtards. Jenna keeps pushing her “right wing” views out there more and more and she’s upsetting all of her liberal fans and she’s getting praised by her conservative fans.

That’s the problem with this country that I don’t like what’s going on… this “right vs. left” war. It’s becoming a problem. It’s getting worse too. If you have right-wing views politically be ready for a liberal backlash. This is why a lot of conservatives out there kept it quiet with their views to avoid a backlash. Don’t stay quiet. Don’t be afraid to express yourself.

This happens with a lot of conservative Hollywood celebrities like Ted Nugent, James Woods, Jon Voight and many others. They’ve been called crazy and dumb too. I’m pretty sure liberals bashed the hell out of Bruce Willis when he went  on a talk show dressing like Donald Trump.

So let me get this straight? People in this fucking country can’t have “right-wing” opinions? When you’re a “conservative”, you’re immediately judged as a bad person?

I may not call myself “conservative” anymore but I guess I will always be “conservative” ’cause I still do have far-right views admittedly. So I guess I’m still “conservative”.

Why can’t we respect each others opinions and love each other? Nope. We have to play this game called “political correctness”.

Jenna sent out her support for Israel and Marco Rubio, so what? She has a right to an opinion too. We all have a right to have ’em. So fuck you and get over yourselves please.



Jenna Jameson is turning out to be a right-wing conservative and she’s probably driving her liberal fans crazy…

For a long while now, former porn star, Jenna Jameson has kept politics out of her career and she just started going public with her political views. So far, everything she’s doing seems pretty “right-wing” so she must be a conservative.

In the tweet above, seems like she endorsed Marco Rubio as president and in the tweet below here, she just trashed Obama.

So did she just come out of the closet as a “right-wing” conservative? That’s what it’s looking like to me and it makes her even cooler!


Media obsessed with trying to bring down Marco Rubio but refuses to bring down Barack Obama…

I don’t know about you but I really despise the New York Times. NY Times now investigating Marco Rubio’s background and history when the funny thing about that is they refuse to investigate Barack Obama’s background & history.

Why is that do you suppose?


This is the liberal bias that I’m talking about, y’all. Liberal bias is all over the mainstream media.

There’s nothing bad about Rubio’s past… I mean who cares if he got ticketed for traffic violations and who cares if his financial budgets are not good.

Barack Obama’s past is so shady and mysterious, yet, you don’t see anything about Barack’s questionable past in the media anywhere. Barack Obama associated himself with communist people such as Frank Marshall Davis, Rev. Jeremiah Wright and he associated himself with terrorists and the Pentagon bomber, Bill Ayers. Barack Obama is also a closeted homosexual and crackhead but you don’t see that anywhere in the news. The media refuses to investigate Obama’s fake birth certificate as well, yet they go out of their way to challenge Ted Cruz’s “eligibility”.

Which is more serious Rubio’s traffic violations, financial problems or Barack Obama’s mysterious past with communists/terrorists, him being a closet homosexual and crackhead?

I think the only reason NY Times is trying to bring down Rubio is so he can lose the upcoming election. They’re just trying to find all the bad things about his past the best he can and this is all they can find.

This is all the media does, they try to bring down conservative politicians. That’s how one-sided the media really is and it’s pissing me the hell off, really. The media shouldn’t be “left vs. right” reporting when they need to be realistic on both sides. Honest journalism is dead for sure.


Marco Rubio being ticketed for traffic violations is considered big news… seriously NY Times???

I’m not a big fan of Marco Rubio but this article is absurd.


So what if Marco Rubio is a bad driver and got ticketed many times? I’m sure a lot of people got ticketed for traffic violations and I’m sure you had too, don’t lie about it. So this is considered big news?

Yeah, I’m sure left-wing media was trying to find something criminal about Marco Rubio so he can lose votes for the upcoming elections and this was the best they could find.

Left-wing media will do anything destroy conservative candidates so they can lose the election, that’s what this is all about.

In the meantime, Obama is a big time cokehead and he still is. Yet, there’s no liberal outrage and Obama’s cocaine addiction is not all over the news.




Marco Rubio is more presidential than Hillary… here is the proof…

I may not be a big fan of Marco Rubio but at least he seems like a friendly and down to Earth guy, I’ll give them that. TMZ stopped Marco on his way out and Marco was cool enough to stop for a few to chat with them.

When TMZ tried to stop Hillary to chat with her, she just smiled, kept on walking and ignored them.

Just more proof that Hillary is unfit to be president. She’s nothing but a bitch and a cunt. I hardly ever call women those names but Hillary is deserving of it. I mean what kind of presidential candidate would just keep on walking and ignore people? Sure, Hillary might be in a hurry which looks like but she should have stopped over to say “hi” which would only take a minute or two just so she can look “presidential”.

She can do all kinds of “un-presidential” things all she wants to, liberals will still love her no matter what she does.


Marco Rubio next Republican to announce Presidential run today…

I might give his speech a listen today to see what his vision for America is gonna be like. I was never a big fan of Marco Rubio ’cause I don’t like his border security ideas.

Still though, I wonder why there has been more Republicans announcing a president run than Democrats? So far Hillary is the only Democrat who announced a run. Probably because we’re all getting sick of Democrats ruining the country and they are scared of Republicans.

I do hope we get a Republican president, though. We definitely need one!