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So celebrities like Jenna Jameson can’t have right-wing opinions? When they do they’re judged as crazy & dumb???

Whenever famous Hollywood celebrities start going public with their conservative views, they are always immediately judged as “crazy” and “dumb” by libtards. Jenna keeps pushing her “right wing” views out there more and more and she’s upsetting all of her liberal fans and she’s getting praised by her conservative fans.

That’s the problem with this country that I don’t like what’s going on… this “right vs. left” war. It’s becoming a problem. It’s getting worse too. If you have right-wing views politically be ready for a liberal backlash. This is why a lot of conservatives out there kept it quiet with their views to avoid a backlash. Don’t stay quiet. Don’t be afraid to express yourself.

This happens with a lot of conservative Hollywood celebrities like Ted Nugent, James Woods, Jon Voight and many others. They’ve been called crazy and dumb too. I’m pretty sure liberals bashed the hell out of Bruce Willis when he wentย ย on a talk show dressing like Donald Trump.

So let me get this straight? People in this fucking country can’t have “right-wing” opinions? When you’re a “conservative”, you’re immediately judged as a bad person?

I may not call myself “conservative” anymore but I guess I will always be “conservative” ’cause I still do have far-right views admittedly. So I guess I’m still “conservative”.

Why can’t we respect each others opinions and love each other? Nope. We have to play this game called “political correctness”.

Jenna sent out her support for Israel and Marco Rubio, so what? She has a right to an opinion too. We all have a right to have ’em. So fuck you and get over yourselves please.



Jenna Jameson is turning out to be a right-wing conservative and she’s probably driving her liberal fans crazy…

For a long while now, former porn star, Jenna Jameson has kept politics out of her career and she just started going public with her political views. So far, everything she’s doing seems pretty “right-wing” so she must be a conservative.

In the tweet above, seems like she endorsed Marco Rubio as president and in the tweet below here, she just trashed Obama.

So did she just come out of the closet as a “right-wing” conservative? That’s what it’s looking like to me and it makes her even cooler!


Jenna Jameson is pro Israel!!! Yeah! GO GIRL!

For those wondering about Jenna Jameson’s support for Israel, she converted to Judaism earlier this year. Turns out she’s a big supporter of Jewish people which is cool. Jenna the former porn star.


It’s good to see we have another Israel supporting celebrity ’cause there are very few of those these days.


Tito Ortiz vs. Jenna Jameson thoughts…

So now Tito Ortiz, the UFC fighter, is turning out to be a woman beater. Which is no surprise to me. The guy’s a prick, even the UFC fans know it. It was only a matter of time that he was going to hurt Jenna one day and he actually did it. She maybe addicted to Oxycontin or whatever drugs she was on, yes, but that’s still no excuse to hit a woman. No matter how much a woman pisses you off, I agree, that women can be annoying and can drive you mad, but never lay a hand on her. I hope Tito gets the punishment he deserves with the full extent of the law. Of course, I have this feeling the asshole is going to walk. No wonder Chuck Lidell hates this guy so much, now I see why. You know Chuck the Iceman will have a lot to say about this and looking forward to hearing his words.


UFC drama in twitter: It’s Jenna Jameson vs. Chuck Liddell…

A little feud heated up in twitter between UFC’s Chuck Liddell and former porn star, Jenna Jameson. How did this drama start out? Well Dana White made a post in his official twitter responding to an MMA article claiming Chuck Liddell got fat again. Dana posted a recent pic of Chuck showing off his six pack abs to prove that Chuck didn’t get fat.

Jenna, then tweeted this:

I think its funny that @DanaWhite defends Chuck Liddell like he’s his boyfriend… It’s kinda embarrassing


and of course, Chuck responded back, being all defensive.


A little paranoid are ya, Chuck? Jenna’s just joking around and having some fun it looks like. Have a sense of humor, tough guy! Maybe she’s still pissed at Chuck that he beat Tito a couple of times and wanted to poke fun at him for laughs?

This stuff is very funny and entertaining, keep it going!


Edit to add: Btw, I think this is also a publicity stunt to help hype up Chuck’s return to fighting in UFC. It looks like he is returning to fight after all. Chuck to fight Tito again for the third time?