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Aerosmith performed a gig in Israel today, over 50,000 people showed up… Israel needed some entertainment…

There’s a lot of rock bands over the years who had mixed feelings about performing in Israel. As you know, many rock and metal bands are pretty liberal people as well so a lot of famous bands have boycotted playing in Israel since they have so much hatred for that country and sides more with Iran.

I don’t think you’ll ever see Roger Waters performing a concert in Israel at all ’cause he’s an Israel hater and he’s much of a supporter for Iran.

I’m sure other rock music legends have performed in Israel in the past but Aerosmith is more than willing to give Israel some entertainment which is what those people need. Israel is obviously under the threat of Iran so I thank Aerosmith for supporting Israel and putting smiles on their faces since that country is going through some hard times.

It’s a shame that some are against Israel. A lot of bands who turns against Israel and sides with Iran instead should feel ashamed of themselves.

Thanks Aerosmith, makes me a fan of that band even more!


Adam Sandler slams Roger Waters for supporting Iranian terrorists…

It should be no surprise to you that funny man, Adam Sandler is pro-Israel ’cause Adam is a very jewish guy.

I love Pink Floyd and all but I do hate Roger Waters though. That guy is such a douche and a big time, left-wing idiot. Waters always had a huge hard on for Iran. I’ve read plenty of interviews with Waters in the past when all he does is act like that Iran are the good guys and Israel are the bad guys.

Waters is an asshole and always has been. Waters is just one of those idiots who is anti-America.



So celebrities like Jenna Jameson can’t have right-wing opinions? When they do they’re judged as crazy & dumb???

Whenever famous Hollywood celebrities start going public with their conservative views, they are always immediately judged as “crazy” and “dumb” by libtards. Jenna keeps pushing her “right wing” views out there more and more and she’s upsetting all of her liberal fans and she’s getting praised by her conservative fans.

That’s the problem with this country that I don’t like what’s going on… this “right vs. left” war. It’s becoming a problem. It’s getting worse too. If you have right-wing views politically be ready for a liberal backlash. This is why a lot of conservatives out there kept it quiet with their views to avoid a backlash. Don’t stay quiet. Don’t be afraid to express yourself.

This happens with a lot of conservative Hollywood celebrities like Ted Nugent, James Woods, Jon Voight and many others. They’ve been called crazy and dumb too. I’m pretty sure liberals bashed the hell out of Bruce Willis when he went  on a talk show dressing like Donald Trump.

So let me get this straight? People in this fucking country can’t have “right-wing” opinions? When you’re a “conservative”, you’re immediately judged as a bad person?

I may not call myself “conservative” anymore but I guess I will always be “conservative” ’cause I still do have far-right views admittedly. So I guess I’m still “conservative”.

Why can’t we respect each others opinions and love each other? Nope. We have to play this game called “political correctness”.

Jenna sent out her support for Israel and Marco Rubio, so what? She has a right to an opinion too. We all have a right to have ’em. So fuck you and get over yourselves please.



Jenna Jameson is turning out to be a right-wing conservative and she’s probably driving her liberal fans crazy…

For a long while now, former porn star, Jenna Jameson has kept politics out of her career and she just started going public with her political views. So far, everything she’s doing seems pretty “right-wing” so she must be a conservative.

In the tweet above, seems like she endorsed Marco Rubio as president and in the tweet below here, she just trashed Obama.

So did she just come out of the closet as a “right-wing” conservative? That’s what it’s looking like to me and it makes her even cooler!


Jenna Jameson is pro Israel!!! Yeah! GO GIRL!

For those wondering about Jenna Jameson’s support for Israel, she converted to Judaism earlier this year. Turns out she’s a big supporter of Jewish people which is cool. Jenna the former porn star.


It’s good to see we have another Israel supporting celebrity ’cause there are very few of those these days.


Was Ann Coulter just marginalized by the media? I’d say yes…

It’s interesting how Ann Coulter got both parties: liberal and conservative upset. If there is anybody that can drive both parties insane, it’s Ann Coulter and that’s part of why I admire this woman.

I think she was just marginalized by the media as a way to make her look bad ’cause of her hardcore conservative beliefs. She’s always been an easy target for media.

She’s proving right here that both sides are really starting to suck. Conservatives getting upset and outraged over this?

Read this article where it clears it all up:


So yeah, you can betcha, I stand with Ann. She did nothing wrong at all. That’s the problem in this day and age. Too many “easily offended” people and I’m offended at people getting offended.

The media will do anything to destroy this woman.


Ann Coulter driving both conservatives & liberals crazy over one tweet… WOW!!!

There was nothing anti-semitic about her tweet at all. If you can comprehend what she’s trying to say there… she’s calling out the GOP candidates for using Israel as a way to get more votes, more donors, attract more support aka “pandering”. Which is something that politicians usually do.

Since they talk about Israel so much, you have to wonder what’s in their mind, how many jewish people there are in the United States? They think they know so much about Israel, just how much Jewish people are here if they think they’re so smart?

She was referring to the GOP candidates who mentioned Israel in their response of what their presidency would be like if they were elected.

The last question of last night’s debate was, “What is their vision of America if they were elected president of United States?”. A few of them brought up Israel instead of the US. Since Israel is a Jewish country and Israel had nothing to do with that question. It was about the United States but they had to bring Israel into it when Israel had nothing to do with the question. So since Israel was brought up, you have to wonder, how many Jews do they think there are in the United States was her point that she was trying to bring up.

Yeah, she may have used the F word but she didn’t use it in full and she censored it. She used the F word, so what? It’s not like you haven’t heard the F word before. You heard that word all the time in movies, TV shows, music and you hear people say that word 50 times a day your life so who cares? Even I say the F word a lot. BIG FUCKING DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m glad I don’t call myself a conservative anymore. See? They’re becoming just as intolerant. Ann did nothing wrong here. Move along people.


Video: Allen West calls out Obama and his admin. over Iran deal in this EPIC speech…

I agree with the title of this video that this is one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard. WOW! Allen West is on fire! Another guy who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

When will people wake up and realize that Barack Obama is the enemy? Many of us already know that he is but the delusional left continues to live in a fantasy world and continues to support Barack Obama and continue to defend him. It really blows my mind.

How is it a good thing that when 5 of our military gets murdered by a Muslim fanatic and then the media continues to protect Islam? How is it a good thing when 5 of our military men get murdered then Obama takes off to a fundraiser and Broadway play in NYC — then it took Obama 5 days for the half staff flag at the White House?

No matter what Barack Obama does even if it’s something bad to America, the delusional left will ignore it and continue to support him anyway. Can you see why I despise liberalism? Liberals are nothing to me.

Notice how a lot of people are calling out Obama lately? CJ Pearson, Tomi Lahren and now Allen West? It’s because people are getting fed up with Obama. We’ve had it with him but nope. The libtard left can’t accept any kind of Obama truth. They’ll think we’re crazy and unintelligent. I’ll have a rant on this later.


Iran hates our guts but Obama and liberals tries to pretend they don’t…

Obama lies about Iran hating us and pretends that they have nothing against us but liberals actually believe him.

Take a look for yourself:


Also, I’ve just read the transcript of Obama’s Iran deal announcement and I can see why Americans are upset and scared. The deal is if Iran doesn’t comply, then their sanctions will come back that destroyed their economy and that’s the best punishment the US can give them? Really?

Like most people, I don’t think Iran is gonna comply and they’re gonna go ahead and do it anyway. Make the nuclear bombs. The Obama admin. will do nothing to stop ’em even if they claimed they will. This is what Barack Obama wants, y’all. He actually wants Iran to make the Nuclear bombs ’cause this is Obama’s opportunity to destroy America. Iran doesn’t want to just destroy a certain state in the U.S. Iran wants to wipe the USA off the globe. How many nuclear bombs will it take to destroy the USA as a whole? I would think it would take several bombs to take us out. It can even take 1 or 2 to take us out depending how large they make the bomb.

You can’t trust Iran at all due to their “Death to America” chants and them burning the American flags. You can’t trust Obama either. They really wanna kill us all. When will this country wake up and realize that Obama is the enemy and he has been all along? Nope, delusional liberals have to side with him on everything instead. It’s no wonder we’re losing at every fucking turn.

“Death To America” never forget that. It’s not a kind statement that’s for sure. Obama’s deal is just a cover up that he wants them to make the bombs. He’s protecting Iran, not being enemies with them.

This is why we need Donald Trump in the oval office. If the Donald was elected in the oval office right now, I tell ‘ya… Trump would have been a lot tougher on Iran and Trump would have negotiated better too.

This could also lead to World War III and I think we’ll get a third world war. Almost every country in the world hate us ’cause of Obama and we’re on our way to WWIII anyways.

Wake the hell up, America. Like I said in a post before… our beautiful homeland could soon be nothing but rubble, fire, smoke and dead bodies all over. Obama’s gonna get us all killed.


Iranians celebrate Nuclear deal by burning US and Israeli flags, also chanting “Death to America”…

Look like a Nuclear deal is about ready to happen this week. Obama and Iran are happy. America loses to Obama once again. Iranians celebrate by burning the US & Israeli flags, also doing their chants “Death to America”.




And liberals think Iran are the good guys? They’re gonna wipe Israel off the map and then they’re gonna do it to us. Obama was desperate to get the Nuclear deal confirmed ’cause he’s desperate in destroying America. Iran can drop a nuke on us anytime they want to now. We could all be dead and the USA will be no more.

America could soon end up in an Apocalypse kind of like what you see in the movies like Mad Max or the Terminator or something. America could be nothing but rubble, smoke and fire. Dead bodies all over the place. You really want that to happen? That’s what you’re all asking for the more you support Obama’s deal with Iran.

We get all over Obama on this ’cause we’re scared for our lives here but nope, we’re a bunch of crazy right-wing nutjobs. Liberals live in this delusional fantasy world that Obama does wonderful things for America.