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Adam Sandler slams Roger Waters for supporting Iranian terrorists…

It should be no surprise to you that funny man, Adam Sandler is pro-Israel ’cause Adam is a very jewish guy.

I love Pink Floyd and all but I do hate Roger Waters though. That guy is such a douche and a big time, left-wing idiot. Waters always had a huge hard on for Iran. I’ve read plenty of interviews with Waters in the past when all he does is act like that Iran are the good guys and Israel are the bad guys.

Waters is an asshole and always has been. Waters is just one of those idiots who is anti-America.



Jenna Jameson is pro Israel!!! Yeah! GO GIRL!

For those wondering about Jenna Jameson’s support for Israel, she converted to Judaism earlier this year. Turns out she’s a big supporter of Jewish people which is cool. Jenna the former porn star.


It’s good to see we have another Israel supporting celebrity ’cause there are very few of those these days.


Iran hates our guts but Obama and liberals tries to pretend they don’t…

Obama lies about Iran hating us and pretends that they have nothing against us but liberals actually believe him.

Take a look for yourself:


Also, I’ve just read the transcript of Obama’s Iran deal announcement and I can see why Americans are upset and scared. The deal is if Iran doesn’t comply, then their sanctions will come back that destroyed their economy and that’s the best punishment the US can give them? Really?

Like most people, I don’t think Iran is gonna comply and they’re gonna go ahead and do it anyway. Make the nuclear bombs. The Obama admin. will do nothing to stop ’em even if they claimed they will. This is what Barack Obama wants, y’all. He actually wants Iran to make the Nuclear bombs ’cause this is Obama’s opportunity to destroy America. Iran doesn’t want to just destroy a certain state in the U.S. Iran wants to wipe the USA off the globe. How many nuclear bombs will it take to destroy the USA as a whole? I would think it would take several bombs to take us out. It can even take 1 or 2 to take us out depending how large they make the bomb.

You can’t trust Iran at all due to their “Death to America” chants and them burning the American flags. You can’t trust Obama either. They really wanna kill us all. When will this country wake up and realize that Obama is the enemy and he has been all along? Nope, delusional liberals have to side with him on everything instead. It’s no wonder we’re losing at every fucking turn.

“Death To America” never forget that. It’s not a kind statement that’s for sure. Obama’s deal is just a cover up that he wants them to make the bombs. He’s protecting Iran, not being enemies with them.

This is why we need Donald Trump in the oval office. If the Donald was elected in the oval office right now, I tell ‘ya… Trump would have been a lot tougher on Iran and Trump would have negotiated better too.

This could also lead to World War III and I think we’ll get a third world war. Almost every country in the world hate us ’cause of Obama and we’re on our way to WWIII anyways.

Wake the hell up, America. Like I said in a post before… our beautiful homeland could soon be nothing but rubble, fire, smoke and dead bodies all over. Obama’s gonna get us all killed.


Iranians celebrate Nuclear deal by burning US and Israeli flags, also chanting “Death to America”…

Look like a Nuclear deal is about ready to happen this week. Obama and Iran are happy. America loses to Obama once again. Iranians celebrate by burning the US & Israeli flags, also doing their chants “Death to America”.




And liberals think Iran are the good guys? They’re gonna wipe Israel off the map and then they’re gonna do it to us. Obama was desperate to get the Nuclear deal confirmed ’cause he’s desperate in destroying America. Iran can drop a nuke on us anytime they want to now. We could all be dead and the USA will be no more.

America could soon end up in an Apocalypse kind of like what you see in the movies like Mad Max or the Terminator or something. America could be nothing but rubble, smoke and fire. Dead bodies all over the place. You really want that to happen? That’s what you’re all asking for the more you support Obama’s deal with Iran.

We get all over Obama on this ’cause we’re scared for our lives here but nope, we’re a bunch of crazy right-wing nutjobs. Liberals live in this delusional fantasy world that Obama does wonderful things for America.


Instead of celebrating Netanyahu’s victory, Obama celebrates Iran… no surprise there…

I think Obummer just made it official that he’s on Iran’s side and not ours just by posting this video. Obummer’s support for Iran is nothing new but he made it official here. Iran is a pretty Islamic state which is where Valerie Jarrett is from. He also seems to know Arabic language almost too well.

Give it up, Obummer. Everyone knows you’re a gay Muslim. You try your best to hide what you are but you fail miserably at it.


One thing that Bibi’s re-election victory proves is how fraudulent our election is over here…

I’m sure Barack Obama and other Democrats did all they could to make Bibi lose. They were desperate into defeating him but they failed. They tried funding to anti-Netanyahu groups and I’m almost pretty sure they tried voter fraud. This proves that the Israeli government doesn’t go for voter fraud at all. Their elections are fair and square while all we do over here is cheat.

If our elections over here were fair and square then I’m pretty sure Barack Obama wouldn’t have gotten elected twice. Not only the Democrats have a hand in voter fraud, Republicans too. Our voting system is broken over here for sure on both parties. Cheating elections is a huge problem in the US government.

Bibi’s victory also shows that Barack Obama and liberalism can be defeated. Notice that liberalism is getting weaker and weaker. Republicans got the landslide win in Congress during the mid-term elections. Now conservatives win again over the Israeli election.

Even the people of Israel know that Barack is a pretty bad guy. Barack Obama really is a narcissistic, egomaniac and self centered piece of garbage. At least Israel knows that… I wish the United States would get out of their delusions and see that Barack is a bad guy.

I’m sure Barack woke up in a bad mood and I’m hearing things that Barack has a temper tantrum. Yeah, behind the scenes, I hear he has a bad temper. I can see Barack getting into shouting matches with people and throwing things in the White House… imagine that, HA!

If you want evidence how Barack doesn’t like Bibi Netanyahu is that Barack never congratulated him yet. No phone call. No post on his facebook page or twitter. No nothing. Even the White House facebook/twitter didn’t have anything about Bibi’s re-election.

At least Speaker John Boehner finally congratulated him publicly:

I don’t care what anybody says. Barack Obama is a piece of garbage and something needs to be done about him. Defend him all you want to.


It’s hilarious how libtards are calling Tom Cotton and 46 other Senators traitors, what about Bowe Bergdhal???

I’m always gonna stand by it that Tom Cotton and the 46 other Senators served with honor in defending Israel and the United States. Predictably, I’m getting all kinds of attacks from libtards in my latest youtube video about this topic. I just delete the comments from liberals ’cause like I said many times before, I’m done fighting with liberals. I’m just gonna ignore them all completely.

If you wanna know who the real traitor is here, what about Bowe Bergdhal? The one who Obama traded with 5 terrorists to get released?

There are plenty of more American traitors… you should look up these names:

-Benedict Arnold

-Jane Fonda

-Nidel Malek Hassan (the Ft. Hood shooter)

-Aaron Burr

-Tokyo Rose

-Robert Hansen

-John Walker Jr.

-Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

-Ezra Pound (yes the famous poet, supported Adolph Hitler)

I’m sure there’s a lot more American traitors out there. You can absolutely throw in Obama himself in the “traitors” list, he fits in there perfectly but the mainstream media will never admit he is one.

The left are just bunch of uneducated losers. They’re just gonna “hate, hate, hate”. They just hate everything the GOP does. Nothing new. They are only calling the GOP traitors ’cause they criticized their precious Obama. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Cotton had every right to do what he did… what happened to the 1st Amendment? Seems that the 1st Amendment only applies to the left these days. Fuck each and every one of them.


So the left attacks Rudy Giuliani for calling Obama a traitor, yet they call Tom Cotton the same thing for threatening Iran??? Yeah okay…

Keep up with your HYPOCRISY, you dumbass libtards. Liberals never cease to amaze me. Like I said in the previous post, libtards giving all their power to protect Obama no matter the situation. Each time Obama is called out, be on the lookout for a liberal backlash.

Senator Tom Cotton along with 47 Republican senators sent out this letter to Iran threatening them and Obama over the nuclear deal.

Now libtards are calling Tom Cotton a traitor. Coming from the same idiots who cried about Rudy calling Obama the same thing.

I think I’ve proving my point that the left are pretty hateful toward the right and liberals are pretty one-sided people.

Tom Cotton and those 47 Republicans are heroes. Real patriots who believe in the country and actually DID something about the Obama/Iran nuclear deal.

Liberals really are a bunch of losers. Makes you wonder why I want nothing to do with them and why I made the decision that they are not allowed to post on my site. Liberalism is a mental disorder.


While Ben Netanyahu just had his speech to Congress today, this is what Obama is doing now…

This is what Obummer decided to do instead of attending Netanyahu’s speech. Instead of playing golf, him and Moochelle have a live speech at the White House about having adolescent girls attend and stay in school.


Whatever keeps the libtards happy, I guess.