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It’s hilarious how libtards are calling Tom Cotton and 46 other Senators traitors, what about Bowe Bergdhal???

I’m always gonna stand by it that Tom Cotton and the 46 other Senators served with honor in defending Israel and the United States. Predictably, I’m getting all kinds of attacks from libtards in my latest youtube video about this topic. I just delete the comments from liberals ’cause like I said many times before, I’m done fighting with liberals. I’m just gonna ignore them all completely.

If you wanna know who the real traitor is here, what about Bowe Bergdhal? The one who Obama traded with 5 terrorists to get released?

There are plenty of more American traitors… you should look up these names:

-Benedict Arnold

-Jane Fonda

-Nidel Malek Hassan (the Ft. Hood shooter)

-Aaron Burr

-Tokyo Rose

-Robert Hansen

-John Walker Jr.

-Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

-Ezra Pound (yes the famous poet, supported Adolph Hitler)

I’m sure there’s a lot more American traitors out there. You can absolutely throw in Obama himself in the “traitors” list, he fits in there perfectly but the mainstream media will never admit he is one.

The left are just bunch of uneducated losers. They’re just gonna “hate, hate, hate”. They just hate everything the GOP does. Nothing new. They are only calling the GOP traitors ’cause they criticized their precious Obama. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Cotton had every right to do what he did… what happened to the 1st Amendment? Seems that the 1st Amendment only applies to the left these days. Fuck each and every one of them.