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Aerosmith performed a gig in Israel today, over 50,000 people showed up… Israel needed some entertainment…

There’s a lot of rock bands over the years who had mixed feelings about performing in Israel. As you know, many rock and metal bands are pretty liberal people as well so a lot of famous bands have boycotted playing in Israel since they have so much hatred for that country and sides more with Iran.

I don’t think you’ll ever see Roger Waters performing a concert in Israel at all ’cause he’s an Israel hater and he’s much of a supporter for Iran.

I’m sure other rock music legends have performed in Israel in the past but Aerosmith is more than willing to give Israel some entertainment which is what those people need. Israel is obviously under the threat of Iran so I thank Aerosmith for supporting Israel and putting smiles on their faces since that country is going through some hard times.

It’s a shame that some are against Israel. A lot of bands who turns against Israel and sides with Iran instead should feel ashamed of themselves.

Thanks Aerosmith, makes me a fan of that band even more!


Adam Sandler slams Roger Waters for supporting Iranian terrorists…

It should be no surprise to you that funny man, Adam Sandler is pro-Israel ’cause Adam is a very jewish guy.

I love Pink Floyd and all but I do hate Roger Waters though. That guy is such a douche and a big time, left-wing idiot. Waters always had a huge hard on for Iran. I’ve read plenty of interviews with Waters in the past when all he does is act like that Iran are the good guys and Israel are the bad guys.

Waters is an asshole and always has been. Waters is just one of those idiots who is anti-America.



Carly Fiorina in the White House? No thank you…

I know it sounds exciting that a woman may become president sometime in the future but that doesn’t mean she’ll be a good leader just because she’s a woman, ya know? You have to be able to trust her as well. Not only that Hillary isn’t fit for the White House, Carly isn’t fit either sorry to say. Not only that Carly is pro-Islam, it’s turning out that she’s pro-Iran as well. So that’s it for Carly, I’m done supporting her for good this time. Carly would be just as bad as Hillary. We can’t have a president that supports Islam and Carly is just that.


Once again, I really have nothing against women in the oval office but we want a woman that we can be able to trust, ya know?

It’s a real shame that Sarah Palin hasn’t decided to run yet ’cause she would be the first woman president that America would need, in my opinion. Instead, she’s planning on becoming a part of Donald Trump’s cabinet. Better than nothing, I guess.

Carly isn’t that attractive looking to be honest with you. Did she get plastic surgery by any chance? Carly’s face looks like she may have been under the knife at some point. Bad plastic surgery.


See? The Obama admin. lied about Iran being our friends…

What part of “Death To America” don’t you understand? Where’s the liberal outrage? Liberals should be outraged that one of the Ayatollah’s posted that on twitter.


Video: Allen West calls out Obama and his admin. over Iran deal in this EPIC speech…

I agree with the title of this video that this is one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard. WOW! Allen West is on fire! Another guy who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

When will people wake up and realize that Barack Obama is the enemy? Many of us already know that he is but the delusional left continues to live in a fantasy world and continues to support Barack Obama and continue to defend him. It really blows my mind.

How is it a good thing that when 5 of our military gets murdered by a Muslim fanatic and then the media continues to protect Islam? How is it a good thing when 5 of our military men get murdered then Obama takes off to a fundraiser and Broadway play in NYC — then it took Obama 5 days for the half staff flag at the White House?

No matter what Barack Obama does even if it’s something bad to America, the delusional left will ignore it and continue to support him anyway. Can you see why I despise liberalism? Liberals are nothing to me.

Notice how a lot of people are calling out Obama lately? CJ Pearson, Tomi Lahren and now Allen West? It’s because people are getting fed up with Obama. We’ve had it with him but nope. The libtard left can’t accept any kind of Obama truth. They’ll think we’re crazy and unintelligent. I’ll have a rant on this later.


Finally some real protesting against Obama… thousands protest in NYC against Iran deal…

Kind of funny… just a few days ago I was talking about how we should get protesting against Obama by marching and holding signs in the air. I guess that’s happening now in NYC. Thousands of patriots put on a peaceful protest against Obama on his Iran deal which is amazing.



I predicted this could happen soon and I was right. Hopefully we get this in D.C. They should really be protesting Obama to step-down but this is a start!


Major Garrett pisses off Obama about the 4 Americans locked up in Iran…

At yesterday’s press conference, Major Garrett had the balls to ask Obama about the 4 Americans locked up in Iran. Of course, this struck a nerve with Obama and pissed him off. Of course, Obama claims he’s doing all he can to get them released and he predictably tries to make it sound difficult to do.

I’m sure this will get liberals all excited and they will side with Obama like they usually do but fuck ’em.

Remember what Obama said last year about leaving “no men and women in uniform behind”?

He kept Sgt. Tahmooresi locked up in Mexico for a pretty long time and then finally released him ’cause he couldn’t take the pressure from the GOP. He’ll do the same with the 4 in Iran. He’ll keep them locked up until he gets too many complaints.

As a little flashback, I’ll remind you when he says he doesn’t leave the military behind. It seems that Obama is only willing to give his support to soldiers who are deserters and traitors.

Amir Hekmati is a Marine who is one of the 4 locked up in Iran. The other three prisoners aren’t soldiers but they are still Americans and they shouldn’t be left behind as well.


I’m tired of liberals siding with Obama on EVERYTHING. It’s getting old, seriously. I’ll have a rant about that soon and I think it’s worthy of a video rant.