Iran hates our guts but Obama and liberals tries to pretend they don’t…

Obama lies about Iran hating us and pretends that they have nothing against us but liberals actually believe him.

Take a look for yourself:

Also, I’ve just read the transcript of Obama’s Iran deal announcement and I can see why Americans are upset and scared. The deal is if Iran doesn’t comply, then their sanctions will come back that destroyed their economy and that’s the best punishment the US can give them? Really?

Like most people, I don’t think Iran is gonna comply and they’re gonna go ahead and do it anyway. Make the nuclear bombs. The Obama admin. will do nothing to stop ’em even if they claimed they will. This is what Barack Obama wants, y’all. He actually wants Iran to make the Nuclear bombs ’cause this is Obama’s opportunity to destroy America. Iran doesn’t want to just destroy a certain state in the U.S. Iran wants to wipe the USA off the globe. How many nuclear bombs will it take to destroy the USA as a whole? I would think it would take several bombs to take us out. It can even take 1 or 2 to take us out depending how large they make the bomb.

You can’t trust Iran at all due to their “Death to America” chants and them burning the American flags. You can’t trust Obama either. They really wanna kill us all. When will this country wake up and realize that Obama is the enemy and he has been all along? Nope, delusional liberals have to side with him on everything instead. It’s no wonder we’re losing at every fucking turn.

“Death To America” never forget that. It’s not a kind statement that’s for sure. Obama’s deal is just a cover up that he wants them to make the bombs. He’s protecting Iran, not being enemies with them.

This is why we need Donald Trump in the oval office. If the Donald was elected in the oval office right now, I tell ‘ya… Trump would have been a lot tougher on Iran and Trump would have negotiated better too.

This could also lead to World War III and I think we’ll get a third world war. Almost every country in the world hate us ’cause of Obama and we’re on our way to WWIII anyways.

Wake the hell up, America. Like I said in a post before… our beautiful homeland could soon be nothing but rubble, fire, smoke and dead bodies all over. Obama’s gonna get us all killed.


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