Aerosmith performed a gig in Israel today, over 50,000 people showed up… Israel needed some entertainment…

There’s a lot of rock bands over the years who had mixed feelings about performing in Israel. As you know, many rock and metal bands are pretty liberal people as well so a lot of famous bands have boycotted playing in Israel since they have so much hatred for that country and sides more with Iran.

I don’t think you’ll ever see Roger Waters performing a concert in Israel at all ’cause he’s an Israel hater and he’s much of a supporter for Iran.

I’m sure other rock music legends have performed in Israel in the past but Aerosmith is more than willing to give Israel some entertainment which is what those people need. Israel is obviously under the threat of Iran so I thank Aerosmith for supporting Israel and putting smiles on their faces since that country is going through some hard times.

It’s a shame that some are against Israel. A lot of bands who turns against Israel and sides with Iran instead should feel ashamed of themselves.

Thanks Aerosmith, makes me a fan of that band even more!



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