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Adam Sandler slams Roger Waters for supporting Iranian terrorists…

It should be no surprise to you that funny man, Adam Sandler is pro-Israel ’cause Adam is a very jewish guy.

I love Pink Floyd and all but I do hate Roger Waters though. That guy is such a douche and a big time, left-wing idiot. Waters always had a huge hard on for Iran. I’ve read plenty of interviews with Waters in the past when all he does is act like that Iran are the good guys and Israel are the bad guys.

Waters is an asshole and always has been. Waters is just one of those idiots who is anti-America.



A bunch of Netflix original movies coming your way: Adam Sandler, Pee Wee, Crouching Tiger sequel, etc.

I’m looking forward to the “Crouching Tiger” sequel and the new Pee Wee film. Maybe I’ll check out the new Adam Sandler flicks too.


I love the Pee Wee character. Been a big fan of Paul Reubens for many years and still am so I can’t wait for “Big Holiday”.


Adam Sandler to star in 4 Netflix exclusive films…

I used to be a big fan of Adam Sandler. I used to watch him on SNL in the earlier days and used to watch all of his earlier comedy films like “Happy Gilmore”, “Billy Madison”, “Big Daddy”, “Airheads”, “Bulletproof”, “The Waterboy”, “Punch Drunk Love”, “Anger Management”, etc.

I haven’t been liking him too much anymore ’cause he haven’t been choosing good movies lately. The latest movie I’ve seen of his was “Funny People” and haven’t seen anything else after that.

Netflix have officially teamed up with Sandler to make 4 movies exclusively for Netflix streaming. The titles and plots of those 4 movies are unknown at this time but I would imagine they will be mostly comedies. Sometimes Adam Sandler would do a different genre like he would try to do a drama once in a blue moon. When these movies arrive on Netflix, I’ll check ’em out.

In the beginning of Netflix, I had already predicted that they were gonna start making their own TV shows and films and I was right. Netflix is making history here so good for them.



Report: Adam Sandler is set to star in “Candyland” movie, while Hasbro is in negotiations with Universal to switch film to Sony instead…

I used to be a big Adam Sandler fan, but I lost interest in the guy because his movie choices as of late has been really weird. I stopped watching Adam Sandler movies after “Punch Drunk Love” in 2002. “Punch Drunk Love” was a great movie, it was his best performance, but everything else he did after that film, what happened to him? I loved all of Adam’s comedies in the 90’s. I loved, “Billy Madison”, “Happy Gilmore”, “The Waterboy”, “Big Daddy” was good, and so was, “Anger Management”. Most of his new movie roles have been garbage lately and I have no interest in seeing, “Jack and Jill”.

He’s still a good guy and funny as hell, but I wish he would get back to choosing good movies again and him agreeing to do, “Candyland”, is even more questionable.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

I used to play the “Candyland”, board game a lot when I was a kid. I won’t judge the movie when not seeing the trailer yet though.


Report: Charlie Sheen gets a new comedy show titled, “Anger Management”, inspired from the Adam Sandler/Jack Nicholson movie…

Charlie Sheen is set to re-team with Joe Roth once again with a new TV sitcom titled, “Anger Management” which was inspired by the film that starred Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. Joe Roth and Sheen, already worked together for three films, “Major League”, “Young Guns” and “Three Musketeers”.

Deadline, reports.

I’m looking forward to seeing how long this job will last. Hope he won’t start any shit.


Report: Nicole Kidman joins Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in “Just Go With It”…

In Adam Sandler comedies, it is no secret that pretty much all of his films have cameos with other celebrities. Nicole Kidman, never had a cameo in a Adam Sandler flick, and now she will finally get one. Nicole is set to star in “Just Go With It”, for a small role. Not too small but maybe a 15-20 minute scene. Her character is being kept underwraps but her role is supposed to be very comedic, similar to the likes of Tom Cruises’s character, Les Grossman in “Tropic Thunder”. The film will also star Jennifer Aniston which she is part of the lead.

More on it here:


Hope this won’t be another flop for Nicole. She’s one of my favorite actresses too. I wish she would do another serious drama which is what she is best at. She’s been doing terrible films as of late.


Cool Video: Neil Diamond covers Adam Sandler’s “The Chanukah Song”…

Pop music legend, Neil Diamond, does something different for the Holidays. He came out with a shocker by covering Adam Sandler’s hit Christmas song, “The Chanukah Song”, the song that made Adam well known as a comedy musician.

Hear Neil sing Adam’s “The Chanukah Song” below, and I’ll post Adam’s version of the song.

Sorry Neil, he did an entertaining job at it, but Adam sings it way better. I’m sure Adam is thrilled that a huge legend covered his song though.


Film Review: Funny People

Starring: Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Eric Bana, Jason Schwartzman, Leslie Mann, and many more…

Directed by: Judd Apatow

So on a day off of work, I just came back from the mall to check out, the new Adam Sandler movie, “Funny People”. I have been interested in seeing this flick for quite a while and here is my review:

Plot/synopsis: Adam Sandler plays a comedian/actor named George Simmons, he is a famous man that is living life to the fullest until he learns from his doctor that he is very sick, and has very little time to live. He learned that he has a blood disorder that is incurable.

Ira Wright (Seth Rogen) is an amateur stand up comic who dreams of becoming a famous stand up. George Simmons and Ira Wright first meet up when they perform stand up at the same club. George hires Ira has his comic writer and opening act at all of his stand up shows. Ira tries to help George bring his comedy career up to a positive note so he can go out in his death in a good way. George then tries to reunite with one of his old girlfriends so he can try to be happy before he dies.

Many people online were saying this movie wasn’t that great, some are saying it wasn’t that funny that they thought it would be. I would disagree. I thought this film was absolutely fantastic all the way through! This movie was immensely enjoyable throughout! I wasn’t bored one bit and was entertained.

The acting of the entire cast was superb, impressive acting skills by all of them, Adam, Seth, Jonah, Jason, Leslie, etc. Adam’s acting was the best of the entire cast though.

This is Adam Sandler’s most realistic comedy film ever. Maybe that’s why certain people didn’t enjoy this film ’cause they were expecting it to be a LOL fest like all other typical Adam Sandler flicks. They were expecting this film to be like, “The Waterboy” or “Happy Gilmore” or something but this new movie, “Funny People” is a completely different Adam Sandler movie.

Most of Adam’s acting skills seem the same, but sometimes he brings the good acting chops. I thought Adam’s acting was pretty amazing in this flick, he pulled it off. Wow. Oscar nomination potential for Best Actor for Adam in “Funny People”? I think it’s a possibility! “Funny People” is not Best Picture worthy for an Oscar, but Adam certainly does deserve for Best Actor in it.

Of course, like many other Adam Sandler movies, there are a string of cameos by other celebrities. Celeb cameos in the film such as James Taylor, Myspace founder Tom Anderson (no kidding, he’s in this movie), Eminem, Ray Romano, Henry Rollins, Norm MacDonald, Sarah Silverman, etc.

“Funny People” was a mix of drama and comedy. I thought it was pretty funny all the way through. A very serious comedy that is very real and insightful.

Try to remember that before Adam Sandler was famous, he started out as an improv stand up comic, that is probably why he agreed to do this movie since it may have reminded him of his past.

I think this is indeed one of the best films of 2009 other than JJ’s “Star Trek”. Definitely check it out!!!

Score for “Funny People” = **** (4 stars as in “Excellent”)


Report: Adam Sandler to star in thriller…

Look like Adam Sandler is getting tired of doing comedies all the time that he wants to try different genres. In Adam Sandler’s next announced film, he decides to take a break from comedies again to do a thriller titled, “Shortcut”. Adam Sandler plays a man who goes on a “shortcut” with his brother and then they discover why the shortcut is barely used in their town.

Andrew Seeley, Shannon Woodward, and Dave Franco will also star alongside Adam Sandler. The script is co-written by Adam Sandler’s real life brother, Scott Sandler who is also the owner of the Scary Madison film company.

Production is scheduled to film next month, so this will indeed be Adam Sandler’s next movie after “You Don’t Mess with The Zohan” which is in theaters now.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


It must be boring doing comedies all the time, so I can’t blame Adam Sandler for trying different things. Adam had tried other movies besides comedy in the past, movies like “Punch Drunk Love”, “Spanglish”, and “Reign Over Me”, they aren’t comedy films.

“Shortcut” sounds interesting, hope it’ll be good.



Thought: Top Ten Favorite Adam Sandler films…

In light of Adam Sandler’s new movie “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan” comes out tomorrow, I plan to see it if I can, because I am a huge Adam Sandler fan, always had been and wanted to post my favorites of his career.

Here they are:

  1. Punch Drunk Love – In this film, Sandler decides to take a break from comedy and do a dark film for once. I think this is his best film and shows his true acting talent. A serious side of Adam Sandler. You don’t see the funny man in him in this one, plus this movie has a unique story to tell.
  2. Happy Gilmore – The classic fight scene with Bob Barker is what did it. The price is wrong, BITCH!
  3. Anger Management – Sandler once again pulls off good acting skills in this flick. It’s one of his better new comedies in a long time. Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler playing in the same flick together is just pure gold!
  4. Billy Madison – A crazy film about a man who still acts like a kid and experiences elementary school all over again. A cool movie with funny laughs.
  5. The Waterboy – Another one of his funniest comedies ever made. Especially Kathy Bates character in this flick.
  6. 50 First Dates – I don’t care for romantic comedies too much but this one is actually a real good one. I think this is Adam and Drew’s best collaboration.
  7. The Longest Yard – This movie was a remake from the original starring Burt Reynolds but I really liked this one, it was great seeing Burt Reynolds and Adam play together. There’s some hilarious scenes in this one too.
  8. Little Nicky – It’s been said that this is one of Adam’s worst movies but I like this one and would say this one’s a guilty pleasure. You’ll have to admit there are hilarious scenes in this flick, especially the cameos of Rodney Dangerfield and Ozzy.
  9. Airheads – He didn’t play the leading role in this flick, just a supporting star, but still he played a good character in this. I’ve always liked this film.
  10. Bulletproof – An action/comedy movie starring Adam and Damon Wayans. I’ve seen this film too many times.