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Now that Charlie Sheen officially admitted to HIV, gotta wonder how many women he spreaded the virus to?

I didn’t watch the Charlie Sheen interview on TV but I watched some of it online. As I watch Charlie speak, I’m noticing a lot of mumbling and stuttering. That’s probably because he’s real nervous. He does look real nervous and a little scared throughout the interview. Well, yeah, admitting to having HIV to the whole world would be a pretty hard thing to do. Whether you like Charlie or hate him, you can’t deny that what he did here was very ballsy. Now that’s what I call being heroic and being courageous. If you think coming out as homosexual or transgender is difficult, admitting to having HIV would be even more difficult I would think. I think there’s a pretty good reason that Charlie is doing this is ’cause maybe he wants to save other peoples lives, ya know? It’s just his way of keeping the AIDS awareness campaign going. I think that’s what he’s doing. I think he wants to help others with HIV/AIDS and he wants to help other sex addicts.


Ya gotta wonder how many women he spreaded the virus to ’cause I’m pretty sure a lot of ’em caught it. Charlie doesn’t even know how he contracted the HIV virus. It’s either he got it from a woman who had it (probably from one of his hookers) or got it from an intravenous drug. I think he probably got it from a woman who had it.

A lot of people are shamefully shitting on this guy but come on, he’s a human being like the rest of us. He makes mistakes like the rest of us. He’s no different than us so give him a break. I only wish Charlie well and am praying for him ’cause he’s a talented guy. I used to watch “Two and a Half Men” and used to watch all of his older movies especially films like “Platoon”, “Wall Street”, “Major League”, “Hot Shots”, “Men at Work”, etc.

The celebrity lifestyle isn’t glamorous and beautiful as everyone mistakenly think it is ’cause most celebrities are just normal human beings like the rest of us.


Charlie Sheen is HIV positive… well what a surprise? (sarcasm)…

Charlie Sheen is an obvious “player”. He is in what they call “The Game” as well. He too likes to be in multiple relationships with different women. Charlie likes to sleep with the hot ones. Mostly with the 9’s and the 10’s. He mostly likes to sleep with the models and hookers obviously.


Being that kind of guy may sound a lot of fun but here is a bit of a wake up call to all the guys who are into that kind of thing. If you’re into that kind of thing, make sure you’re protected at all times. There’s a myth going on out there that you can only get HIV/AIDS through the gay lifestyle… not true. You can get that from women as well obviously.

Sucks for Charlie but I think he had it coming. He was probably one of those men who never believed in wearing protection during sex. Nothing wrong with having multiple sex partners but do it responsibly and carefully. It’s a risky game for sure.


HA!!! Even Charlie Sheen knows Obama is an anti-American Kenyan born…

LOL!!! Barry Satera Kenya! LOVE IT!!!!

Charlie does have a point though. Obama should be spending his time doing more important things for the country instead of wasting time and tax paying money appearing on TV shows. I think Obama clearly wants to be “celebrity” instead of “president”. Obama appears on these late night talk shows such as Letterman, Kimmel and many others. Obama also appears on sports shows to predict the NCAA games.

Even more evidence that Obama is anti-America.

Obama is clearly enjoying the fame and loving the attention of it. He’s gotta do what he’s gotta do to keep himself in the mainstream like he did with that “Two Ferns” video with Zach promoting Obamacare. And then Michelle goes on Ellen doing all of these dances and exercises trying to look cool.

We really need a real president who wouldn’t waste their time enjoying their “fame” and focusing most of the time doing things for the country.

Back to Charlie Sheen, he has every right to call out Obama just as much as we all do but sure enough, libtards have to call him a bunch of names by calling him racist or a bigot. Each time someone attacks Obama and tells the truth, yep… liberal backlash.

My belief is that if you’re getting liberals upset and getting them offended, then you’re saying the right things. They hate the truth just like Obama and the Democrats.

Even Charlie knows that Obama’s birth certificate is fake and now I respect Charlie even more.


Charlie Sheen wins the ice bucket challenge…

Charlie Sheen just did the best ice bucket of them all, in my opinion. When most celebrities and famous people do their ice buckets, they usually challenge their friends, family members and colleagues.

Charlie decides to do something a little different and challenge his enemies.

I think Charlie’s clear message here is that instead of dumping ice water over your head,  just donate money. That’s why he dumped money on his head instead of ice water.

Charlie rules!!! \m/


“Two and a Half Men” ending soon is just proof that the show couldn’t survive without Charlie Sheen…

So the long-running sitcom is ending soon which is no surprise. It’s just proof that the show couldn’t survive without it’s leading star Charlie Sheen. I knew the show would fail without him no matter who replaced him. I know that Charlie and the show’s creator Chuck Lorre have been feuding for the past few years and they still hate each other too!

I never watched the show all that much but I have seen it before when Charlie was on. Not a bad sitcom at all and it’s actually pretty funny!

Charlie maybe a crazy dude but I respect him. He’s honest and he’s a pretty strong guy. He may have had a pretty tough life but he’s looking real happy and looking a lot better these days!!! So he’s definitely WINNIIINNNnnnnggg. Who needs “Two and a Half Men”. Charlie seems to be doing well working on other projects on his own like “Anger Management”. He appeared in the film “Machete Kills” so he’s starting to come back to the movies, I believe.

I wish Charlie nothing but the best. I grew up watching his films over the years. We all grew up watching his movies and sitcoms. He’s a talented and funny guy. Always liked him.

“Two and a Half Men” doesn’t need to go on any longer, it had a good run.


Thought: I’m glad Charlie finally tells the truth about Ashton…

So Charlie Sheen, finally openly admits on TMZ that Ashton Kutcher is a no talent hack!!! Has Charlie gone insane again, or is he telling the truth? Me thinks he’s telling the truth!

I respect most acting talent, but I HATE, Ashton Kutcher. He’s a terrible and boring actor with no talent whatsoever, plus he’s overrated as fuck. I’m sick of seeing Ashton everywhere.

I agree with Charlie, that the show “Two and a Half Men” will fail without him. The show belongs to Charlie, he was the one who helped draw ratings for that show to begin with. I like “Two and a Half Men”, it’s actually one of the better sitcoms. I wouldn’t watch the new seasons with Ashton.

Sometimes I would watch the old re-runs on TV with Charlie on the show. Most sitcoms suck. I only like very few like “Seinfeld”, “Home Improvement” and “Two and a Half Men”.

I’m a Charlie Sheen fan, always has been. WINNING!


Cool Photos: Charlie Sheen finally reunites with family publicly…

We haven’t seen Charlie Sheen, with father, Martin and brother Emilio much in the press, it has finally happened. Emilio’s new directorial film, “The Way”, which he and his father, Martin both star in had a premiere of the film at a film festival in Los Angeles. Charlie was there to support his family for the film.

See the photos, here.

I really would like to see Charlie and Emilio do another movie together. Maybe they will? Never say never. I really liked, “Men at Work” and, “Rated X”.


Charlie Sheen – Roast review…

I watched, “The Roast of Charlie Sheen” on Comedy Central last night instead of Monday Night RAW. I must say that I was pretty disappointed with the show. The roasters were funny yes, they told jokes in a no holds barred type of way, they even went as far as making gay jokes and brought domestic violence into it. They even made fun of William Shatner’s plastic surgery and how he’s about ready to die and all that. It seemed like it was the Mike Tyson show ’cause the spotlight was on him most of the time.

It’s not their fault though ’cause Iron Mike is a boxing legend and he’s easy to make fun of. The roastees even went as far as making fun of Mike Tyson’s criminal past with the drugs and his history of domestic violence as well.

The roastees did pick on Charlie Sheen of course, but a little bit. Like I said, they spent most of their time making fun of the other roasters instead of Charlie. Who did I think did the best job roasting Charlie? I thought Kate Walsh did the best job. She actually pissed Charlie off a little bit.

It really is hard to piss off Charlie because he’s a pretty strong guy. I guess that’s the reason why Comedy Central wanted to do a Roast show on Charlie ’cause they wanted to find  a way to piss him off which isn’t going to be easy. Charlie just laughed and clapped throughout most of it like I predicted. He did make an angry face once when Kate Walsh was up there.

Other than that, the show was entertaining. I just wished they focused on Charlie more than the other roasters.

I’m a Charlie Sheen fan, always respected the guy. Like him or not, he is a legendary icon, no matter what you think of him. He had a pretty huge career in the movie business back in the day. I loved all of his older flicks. Will he ever come back to the movies? Well Charlie once said, he has plans in making a “Major League III”, but so far, no news about that project, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Charlie is looking so good and healthy lately. He is looking much happier too, I hope he stays this way. I didn’t really like the lunatic Charlie. Glad he’s trying to get his act together and admitting his wrong doings. It was an okay show last night, just wished it was better.


Report: William Shatner set to roast Charlie Sheen on Comedy Central’s “The Roast”…

William Shatner once got roasted on Comedy Central’s “The Roast”, now he gets to roast somebody else. The Shat is set to roast Charlie Sheen, which will air on Comedy Central, Sept. 19th, @ 10:00 p.m. Other roastees for Charlie Sheen will be Mike Tyson, Jon Lovitz, Slash, Kate Walsh, and more.

Read more on it, here.

I’m gonna be sure to watch this. Who will roast Charlie the hardest? I think, The Shat, has what it takes to piss Charlie off. It’s going to be hard to piss Charlie off ’cause I’m sure he’ll be laughing throughout the whole show, but if there will be somebody that will piss him off, Will Shatner will do that job. I’m sure “Iron” Mike will do a good job too.

Looking forward to seeing this.



Report: Charlie Sheen gets a new comedy show titled, “Anger Management”, inspired from the Adam Sandler/Jack Nicholson movie…

Charlie Sheen is set to re-team with Joe Roth once again with a new TV sitcom titled, “Anger Management” which was inspired by the film that starred Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. Joe Roth and Sheen, already worked together for three films, “Major League”, “Young Guns” and “Three Musketeers”.

Deadline, reports.

I’m looking forward to seeing how long this job will last. Hope he won’t start any shit.