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Actors & Actresses who have changed their birth names for film/TV

After Ashton Kutcher revealing his real name publicly, I thought it would be fun to go around looking for other actors & actresses in Hollywood who has done the same thing. Change their birth names for film and TV work.

Here we go, I’ll name ten of them:

  • Sylvester Stallone – Yes, believe it or not. Sylvester is not his real first name. His real first name was Michael. The name Sylvester is part of his middle name too. Sly’s real birth name is Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone.
  • Nicolas Cage – Cage was born under Nicolas Kim Coppola. I guess he had to change his last name to help avoid confusion with his film maker uncle, Francis Ford Coppola.
  • Marilyn Monroe – Everyone should know that her real name was Norma Jean Mortenson.
  • Michael Caine – Caine was born Maurice Micklewhite.
  • Michael Keaton – Keaton was born Michael John Douglas, yes, this is the guy who is most famous for Batman and Beetlejuice.
  • Charlie Sheen – Charlie was born as Carlos Estevez. He stars in “Machete Kills” under that birthname.
  • Bruce Willis – The same with Ashton, Bruce was actually his middle name. Real birth name, Walter Bruce Willis.
  • Whoopi Goldberg – She was born Caryn Elaine Johnson.
  • Natalie Portman – She was born Natalie Hershlag.
  • Dolph Lundgren – The Rocky IV and Expendables star was born Hans Lundgren.

I didn’t list Arnold Schwarzenegger ’cause that is his real birth name. I’m sure you can find many more if you do google.


Cool Video: Ashton Kutcher’s moving Teen Choice Awards speech inspires me too…

Like a lot of people, I too was moved and inspired by Ashton Kutcher’s “Teen Choice Awards” acceptance speech that went viral this week. I used to never be a fan of Ashton Kutcher. I never cared for him as an actor and a person but I think I’ll have a change of heart with him. I was never a fan before but I am now. Love his honesty in this speech. How he revealed his real name and gave advice to the youngsters on how build their lives and being smart. Ashton’s advice should apply to everyone of all ages, not just young kids.

Some of you may ask, why would Ashton change his name when becoming an actor? Well, that’s the way Hollywood works. In order to help become a recognizable star, you gotta change your name if your birth name is not recognizable enough. There’s a lot of movie stars and TV stars who have changed their names. Some actors use their real names but not all of them.

Even though this speech was aimed for young people, like I said, people of all ages should listen too. Even me. My life could be better and I’m working on it.

Ashton just got my respect and I’ll probably check out his Steve Jobs movie. Honestly, I think this speech is just a homage and a tribute kind of thing for Steve, still really cool, though. Ashton seems like a cool guy in real life.

How come President Obama doesn’t give speeches like this?



Thought: I’m glad Charlie finally tells the truth about Ashton…

So Charlie Sheen, finally openly admits on TMZ that Ashton Kutcher is a no talent hack!!! Has Charlie gone insane again, or is he telling the truth? Me thinks he’s telling the truth!

I respect most acting talent, but I HATE, Ashton Kutcher. He’s a terrible and boring actor with no talent whatsoever, plus he’s overrated as fuck. I’m sick of seeing Ashton everywhere.

I agree with Charlie, that the show “Two and a Half Men” will fail without him. The show belongs to Charlie, he was the one who helped draw ratings for that show to begin with. I like “Two and a Half Men”, it’s actually one of the better sitcoms. I wouldn’t watch the new seasons with Ashton.

Sometimes I would watch the old re-runs on TV with Charlie on the show. Most sitcoms suck. I only like very few like “Seinfeld”, “Home Improvement” and “Two and a Half Men”.

I’m a Charlie Sheen fan, always has been. WINNING!


Why Ashton Kutcher was hired to take over Charlie Sheen’s role in “Two and a Half Men”…

I never really watched the show “Two and a Half Men”, but I can understand why CBS hired him right away. Why? Because after all this mess with Charlie, I’m sure CBS lost a lot of fans and stopped watching the show. Ashton Kutcher gets a lot of publicity, he’s extremely popular. He’s very like-able by a lot of people out there. CBS hired him simply because to help the show’s popularity grow and keep the ratings up.

Even if I’m not a fan of Ashton Kutcher’s acting, it’s a smart move by CBS. Charlie and Ashton never worked together in the past, but Ashton did work with the Sheen family before. Ashton had a role in the Emilio Estevez directed movie, “Bobby” that also starred Martin Sheen. So Ashton is pretty close to the Sheen family.

So that’s a sign that Ashton and Charlie could possibly already know each other. I’m pretty sure Charlie still wants to play on the show, but maybe he’ll even agree that Ashton is a good pick. We’ll wait to hear Charlie’s thoughts on this soon.