Thought: I’m glad Charlie finally tells the truth about Ashton…

So Charlie Sheen, finally openly admits on TMZ that Ashton Kutcher is a no talent hack!!! Has Charlie gone insane again, or is he telling the truth? Me thinks he’s telling the truth!

I respect most acting talent, but I HATE, Ashton Kutcher. He’s a terrible and boring actor with no talent whatsoever, plus he’s overrated as fuck. I’m sick of seeing Ashton everywhere.

I agree with Charlie, that the show “Two and a Half Men” will fail without him. The show belongs to Charlie, he was the one who helped draw ratings for that show to begin with. I like “Two and a Half Men”, it’s actually one of the better sitcoms. I wouldn’t watch the new seasons with Ashton.

Sometimes I would watch the old re-runs on TV with Charlie on the show. Most sitcoms suck. I only like very few like “Seinfeld”, “Home Improvement” and “Two and a Half Men”.

I’m a Charlie Sheen fan, always has been. WINNING!


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