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New “Star Trek” series will be more graphic… interesting…

Bryan Fuller who is the producer of the new “Star Trek” series says the show will be more graphic.


What does that mean? Will the show have more gritty violence and blood? Will there be more profanity? Fuller said not a lot but who knows maybe there will be a little profanity. Will they experiment with more nudity and sex scenes?

They’re not on broadcast networks (regular TV) anymore so they can do what they want. Sounds like they’re want the new “Star Trek” show to be aimed at the adult audience which will be interesting.

It’ll be interesting to see who the new Captain is gonna be and we’ll find out soon. I won’t be able to watch the new “Star Trek” show ’cause I’m not subscribing to CBS All Access. I subscribe to three things like Netflix, WWE Network and Apple Music so that’s good enough for me. Maybe Netflix will get the new “Star Trek” after it streams on CBS All Access, who knows? All the Star Trek shows are on Netflix anyways.

I’m a big Star Trek fan still.


“Star Trek” will return to the small screen on Jan. 2017, yes you heard that right… a whole new Star Trek show!

Over the years there have been 5 different Star Trek shows for the small screen: the original series, “Star Trek: the Next Generation”, “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”, “Star Trek: Voyager” and “Star Trek: Enterprise”. After “Star Trek: Enterprise” ended in 2005 there hasn’t been a new Star Trek TV show ever since. During the years that there has been no new Star Trek show, CBS/Paramount concentrated on the new JJ Abrams film series reboot. Now there’s finally gonna be a new TV show after all these years.

The new Star Trek show will premiere on Jan. in 2017 and will be exclusive for the new “CBS: All Access” standalone streaming service which will cost $5.99 a month.


Will the new TV show be based on the reboot film series? I don’t think so ’cause the article just said the new show will have all new characters so it won’t be a reboot of anything. There’s probably gonna be a new Captain and new everything. The plot and characters are unknown at this time ’cause the article doesn’t say but I’m sure we’ll learn more soon. I’m sure we’ll get a trailer very soon.

I won’t watch it on the new CBS streaming service but I’m sure the first season will land on Netflix streaming. All the Star Trek TV shows are available for Netflix streaming so I’m sure this new one will land on there as well.

I’m a big Star Trek fan, always has been. I saw all the TV shows and all the movies… except the only TV show I never saw was “Star Trek: Enterprise”. I won’t bother watching that one ’cause it didn’t get the best reviews.

I’m glad a new series is finally coming, though.


“Supergirl” is trash but liberals will love it ’cause it glorifies “feminism”…

Yeah, I did end up watching the “Supergirl” premiere last night and it was horrible. Wish I could get my hour back that I wasted last night but oh well. 1st of all, the writing of the show was pretty sloppy at best. Secondly, the show glorifies “feminism”. What “feminism” is it’s something where women thinks they want to be treated as equals as “men”… they want women to be treated like real people. That’s what feminism is so all the liberals and “feminists” out there will love this show for sure. The word “feminism” has been getting out there in the media like crazy and “Supergirl” is about to ram “feminism” down our throats even more. I don’t believe in feminism as I don’t believe in this women should be treated as “equals” garbage ’cause they already have the same rights as men… I don’t know what they’re going off about. So yeah, I guess you can call me “anti-feminist”. The first episode where Kara demands that her boss call Supergirl, “Superwoman” instead was bad enough. What’s next, will Kara demand that she get paid equally as men? I wouldn’t be surprised if that gets brought up in the show. This “feminism” crap is getting out of hand which is no surprise since CBS is a pretty liberal network anyways. It’s pretty sickening that they’ve turned Supergirl into a “feminist” superhero when I’m almost pretty sure she wasn’t like that in the comics at all.

Don’t get me wrong, the Supergirl premiere had a few good moments. For example, I thought the scene where she saves the plane was the only good scene… plus the Superman cameo was pretty cool as well.

Other than that the show is pretty much trash. I predict this show is gonna get cancelled pretty quickly. The acting was really bad.


Obama’s interview on 60 minutes was good after all… Why? It’s because Obama got destroyed that’s why!!!

Oh my! Finally, an honest interview with Obama and the interview asking Obama really tough questions. Steve Kroft wasn’t afraid to get tough on Obama which Steve had a lot of balls to do. Which is shocking coming from CBS. Gotta love how Barack calls Russia corrupt, hypocrite.

That’s all Barack does in interviews is that when people like Bill O’ Reilly or Steve Kroft starts asking Barack the tough questions, Barack will start whining like a baby and becoming all defensive. This is who you elected twice? Seriously?

This is why we need somebody like Donald Trump or Dr. Ben Carson in the White House ’cause those guys are brave enough to answer the tough questions.

Obama is a freakin’ coward and always has been. All you Obama defenders out there just fucking suck, seriously.


The new “Supergirl” trailer looks pretty cheesy, looks like a chick flick!!!

I’m predictably disappointed in the new “Supergirl” trailer. It looks like a chick-flick you would see on HBO or something of that sort, ya know? It looks like “Mean Girls”, “Sex and the City”, “Bring It On”, etc.

The trailer is getting mostly positive feedback but most of the feedback is coming from women, though. Maybe that’s the kind of audience this show wants to attract. The show’s goal wants to attract a mostly female audience.

Funny thing is everybody is calling Supergirl by the name of Cara but if they get their superhero facts straight, her name is Kara Zor-El.

The trailer didn’t really impress me at all. That “Oh My God, You’re a Lesbian” quote was a big turn off. This show aiming for a liberal audience as well? Keep in mind this is CBS, a liberal network.


CBS deletes “Death To America” tweet, just further proof that they protect Obama…

I understand that liberals in America support Obama doing business with Iran but here’s a little news for ya, Iran really DO chant, “Death To America”, see video below for proof of that.

The mainstream media tries to make it look like that Iran are the good guys but the “Death To America” chant in the video below should prove that they are not.

Iran really wants to destroy us all. Like I said before the last thing you wanna do is trust either the White House or Iran on the deal.

Iran’s “Death to America” chant should be good enough to see of what Obama wants to do to America is to destroy us all. The sad part of all this is that liberals support him and worship him like he’s a King and they can’t get the hint that Obama hates liberals too. He wants to destroy us all and that includes liberals.

This should be good enough to wake America up but nope. Liberal media will continue to protect Obama and liberals will continue to worship him like he’s a King. The left is certainly living on another planet and they are in their own delusional world.

They continue to protect Obama ’cause they don’t want their first “black president” to turn out to be a failure and they want him to be the good guy through the 8 years of his presidency. Pretty disgusting and messed up.




BREAKING NEWS: “Twin Peaks” confirmed to return for 9 episodes…

I’m glad more Twin Peaks is coming. We really need an explanation of Dale and the Black Lodge so they’ll probably give us that for the next season. We still need to know more about Laura Palmer too. I’m pretty sure Kyle Maclachlan will reprise his role as Dale and I’m pretty sure Ray Wise will come back as Leland Palmer (Laura’s father). They have to come back ’cause they were a part of this whole Black Lodge thing.

For the new season, I’m also sure we’ll see some some familiar faces. All the characters from the previous seasons will return. I’m sure characters like Audrey, Donna, James, Ben Horne, Lucy, Bobby, etc.  will all return. The only character who won’t return is obviously Josie Packard (unless there’s gonna be new flashback scenes for her???).

I’m glad that the show is going to Showtime instead of CBS (remember CBS owns Showtime). On Showtime, that means more freedom in creative writing. There could be more nudity and swearing. Watch the prequel film, “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” there was a lot of nudity and swearing in that film.

It’s gonna be interesting to see what Twin Peaks is gonna be like years later. Knowing how David Lynch writes, I’m sure he’ll make the 9 episodes a bit weird and crazy like the previous seasons were.

I don’t have Showtime so I won’t be able to watch it but I’m sure those 9 new episodes will be made available for streaming on Netflix soon after.

Glad Mr. Lynch is giving us more, thanks dude! He definitely knows what the fans want and this is probably what he’s doing this for.