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BREAKING NEWS: Kyle Maclachlan set to reprise his role as Dale Cooper in “Twin Peaks” return for Showtime…

Great news!!! I was hoping Kyle would return ’cause we need an explanation of that ending of Season 2. Now we need Ray Wise to return as Leland Palmer ’cause he was a pretty important part of that story.


I love the show. Wish I could watch it but I don’t have Showtime anymore, though. I’m sure it will make its way to Netflix streaming in the future.


BREAKING NEWS: “Twin Peaks” confirmed to return for 9 episodes…

I’m glad more Twin Peaks is coming. We really need an explanation of Dale and the Black Lodge so they’ll probably give us that for the next season. We still need to know more about Laura Palmer too. I’m pretty sure Kyle Maclachlan will reprise his role as Dale and I’m pretty sure Ray Wise will come back as Leland Palmer (Laura’s father). They have to come back ’cause they were a part of this whole Black Lodge thing.

For the new season, I’m also sure we’ll see some some familiar faces. All the characters from the previous seasons will return. I’m sure characters like Audrey, Donna, James, Ben Horne, Lucy, Bobby, etc.  will all return. The only character who won’t return is obviously Josie Packard (unless there’s gonna be new flashback scenes for her???).

I’m glad that the show is going to Showtime instead of CBS (remember CBS owns Showtime). On Showtime, that means more freedom in creative writing. There could be more nudity and swearing. Watch the prequel film, “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” there was a lot of nudity and swearing in that film.

It’s gonna be interesting to see what Twin Peaks is gonna be like years later. Knowing how David Lynch writes, I’m sure he’ll make the 9 episodes a bit weird and crazy like the previous seasons were.

I don’t have Showtime so I won’t be able to watch it but I’m sure those 9 new episodes will be made available for streaming on Netflix soon after.

Glad Mr. Lynch is giving us more, thanks dude! He definitely knows what the fans want and this is probably what he’s doing this for.


Look like there’s gonna be more “Twin Peaks” after all, David Lynch teasing us about it…

I knew there is gonna be some kind of continuation. They need to explain Dale and the Black Lodge. I hope they bring Kyle back as Dale and they probably will. There are still a lot of unanswered questions about Laura Palmer as well.

Will there be a new season? Mini series? Big screen movie? We’ll wait and see.

Rumors of a Twin Peaks continuation have been going on for years now but David Lynch denied that every time. He claimed there are no plans of a continuation but never say never. I think he’s being secretive about it and not trying to give away surprises. A sequel of some sorts is probably gonna happen.

I’m glad Lynch is gonna bring us more Twin Peaks which didn’t surprise me since they released that BluRay boxset.


Why I think David Lynch should continue “Twin Peaks”…

I am a huge fan of David Lynch’s work. Seen most of his movies over the years but I’ve never seen “Twin Peaks” before so I finally decided to get around watching the two seasons of “Twin Peaks” on Netflix. The show is about trying to solve the mysterious murder of Laura Palmer. It’s a whodunit murder mystery pretty much. The show has a little bit of a variety. The show has mystery, suspense, horror, comedy, romance, drama, etc. Something for everybody. Keep in mind that the show can get kind of weird and insane. Pretty much all of David Lynch’s movies and TV shows are pretty weird. Why? Because I think the guy himself is pretty weird. That’s why I love David Lynch! I have seen most of his movies like “The Elephant Man”, “Eraserhead”, “Mulholland Drive”, “Lost Highway”, etc. I’m a huge fan of his work.

While the show was really good. It kept you guessing and the stories can be unpredictable… I still think the “Twin Peaks” story should continue. I don’t want to reveal spoilers of the ending but we really need an explanation for the Black Lodge and what happened to Dale Cooper (the main character played by Kyle Maclachlan). After I watched the final episode of Season 2, it certainly got me scratching my head and I’m like, “WTF?”. I hope David Lynch don’t leave us hanging like that.

We deserve a continuation of some sort. Maybe a season 3 or another big screen movie. I still need to see the prequel film, “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” which I will soon.

It was a really good show, though. I loved it. The writing was great and so was the characters. I hope David will give us a continuation. There are a lot of rumors of a Season 3 or a sequel but David Lynch shot down the rumors earlier this year but still though… never say never. Maybe he will give us a continuation of the story if he comes up with a good idea.

I’m glad I finally got around to watching this. Great show. You should check it out yourself if you’re subscribed to Netflix.