The new “Supergirl” trailer looks pretty cheesy, looks like a chick flick!!!

I’m predictably disappointed in the new “Supergirl” trailer. It looks like a chick-flick you would see on HBO or something of that sort, ya know? It looks like “Mean Girls”, “Sex and the City”, “Bring It On”, etc.

The trailer is getting mostly positive feedback but most of the feedback is coming from women, though. Maybe that’s the kind of audience this show wants to attract. The show’s goal wants to attract a mostly female audience.

Funny thing is everybody is calling Supergirl by the name of Cara but if they get their superhero facts straight, her name is Kara Zor-El.

The trailer didn’t really impress me at all. That “Oh My God, You’re a Lesbian” quote was a big turn off. This show aiming for a liberal audience as well? Keep in mind this is CBS, a liberal network.


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