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“Supergirl” is trash but liberals will love it ’cause it glorifies “feminism”…

Yeah, I did end up watching the “Supergirl” premiere last night and it was horrible. Wish I could get my hour back that I wasted last night but oh well. 1st of all, the writing of the show was pretty sloppy at best. Secondly, the show glorifies “feminism”. What “feminism” is it’s something where women thinks they want to be treated as equals as “men”… they want women to be treated like real people. That’s what feminism is so all the liberals and “feminists” out there will love this show for sure. The word “feminism” has been getting out there in the media like crazy and “Supergirl” is about to ram “feminism” down our throats even more. I don’t believe in feminism as I don’t believe in this women should be treated as “equals” garbage ’cause they already have the same rights as men… I don’t know what they’re going off about. So yeah, I guess you can call me “anti-feminist”. The first episode where Kara demands that her boss call Supergirl, “Superwoman” instead was bad enough. What’s next, will Kara demand that she get paid equally as men? I wouldn’t be surprised if that gets brought up in the show. This “feminism” crap is getting out of hand which is no surprise since CBS is a pretty liberal network anyways. It’s pretty sickening that they’ve turned Supergirl into a “feminist” superhero when I’m almost pretty sure she wasn’t like that in the comics at all.

Don’t get me wrong, the Supergirl premiere had a few good moments. For example, I thought the scene where she saves the plane was the only good scene… plus the Superman cameo was pretty cool as well.

Other than that the show is pretty much trash. I predict this show is gonna get cancelled pretty quickly. The acting was really bad.


Hollywood using TV for female-centric superheroes as a test for big screen movies???

Soon, DCs “Supergirl” is coming to NBC and now Hollywood has another female-centric superhero TV show coming to the small screen exclusively for Netflix. This one is called, “Jessica Jones” and it’s already looking interesting even if it’s a tiny teaser. I’m sure Marvel will release the full trailer soon.

I know Hollywood isn’t friendly with female-centric superhero movies but are they using TV shows first as a test for future big screen movies? I’d say yes. If “Supergirl” and “Jessica Jones” are both big hits then I can see Hollywood making a lot more female-centric superhero movies for the big screen. It’s just a test to see how well the TV shows go, ya know?

There are female-centric superhero movies coming to the big screen like DC’s “Wonder Woman” and Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” are both in the works.

I think women deserve a chance in the superhero genre. I think they can become successful… they just need a good script, good casting and good filming. Women taking the lead in superhero films can work if done right.


The new “Supergirl” trailer looks pretty cheesy, looks like a chick flick!!!

I’m predictably disappointed in the new “Supergirl” trailer. It looks like a chick-flick you would see on HBO or something of that sort, ya know? It looks like “Mean Girls”, “Sex and the City”, “Bring It On”, etc.

The trailer is getting mostly positive feedback but most of the feedback is coming from women, though. Maybe that’s the kind of audience this show wants to attract. The show’s goal wants to attract a mostly female audience.

Funny thing is everybody is calling Supergirl by the name of Cara but if they get their superhero facts straight, her name is Kara Zor-El.

The trailer didn’t really impress me at all. That “Oh My God, You’re a Lesbian” quote was a big turn off. This show aiming for a liberal audience as well? Keep in mind this is CBS, a liberal network.


Supergirl is on her way to CBS…

I wish them good luck and hope they make this show very successful. I’ll check it out when it makes its way to TV, why not? If they want this show to work, they need good characters and good writing.

Supergirl deserves another chance and she deserves to be huge. If she does get successful in the future, I can see Warner Bros./DC making a “Supergirl/Superman” movie.

I like the Supergirl character.


Finally, “Supergirl” is getting another chance in Hollywood but to the small screen for now…

I remember seeing the 1984 “Supergirl” film starring Helen Slater who played Supergirl (as pictured above). I thought the “Supergirl” film with Helen Slater was great but sadly that franchise only lasted for one film ’cause it was a box office failure. Still a great film, though. I thought Helen Slater was an awesome Supergirl.

Finally this character is getting another chance. Not on the big screen but the small screen. An actress hasn’t been hired for the new Supergirl yet.

I really like the Supergirl character and hopes she makes her way back on the big screen sometime in the future. Maybe she will if this TV series is a hit???

I remember NBC and DC teamed up together to make a new “Wonder Woman” TV series but they killed that project. Hopefully “Supergirl” TV show will be a success.