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Jessica Jones on Netflix really was a great show… check it out…

So last night, I just finished Season 1 of the Netflix Marvel series, “Jessica Jones” and I thought it was surprisingly great. Watched the whole season as I became addicted to the show. Yes, the show is binge worthy for sure. The show is definitely 10x’s way better than “Supergirl” on CBS which is garbage. If you wanna watch a GOOD female superhero TV show, watch “Jessica Jones” instead.

The writing for “Jessica Jones” was really good and so were the characters. Plus, I think Kristen Ritter who plays Jessica is pretty fucking hot too!

Anyway, the reason that the show kept me watch is cause of David Tenant’s character, Kilgrave who is the main villain. Kilgrave is one badass villain and kind of crazy too. I know David Tenant is a talented actor ’cause I watched him in the new Dr. Who series. He kills it in “Jessica Jones”. If you like “Marvel” this show is worth watching. This show is already very popular which is no surprise. So I’m already looking forward to Season 2. It’s a great show.


Hollywood using TV for female-centric superheroes as a test for big screen movies???

Soon, DCs “Supergirl” is coming to NBC and now Hollywood has another female-centric superhero TV show coming to the small screen exclusively for Netflix. This one is called, “Jessica Jones” and it’s already looking interesting even if it’s a tiny teaser. I’m sure Marvel will release the full trailer soon.

I know Hollywood isn’t friendly with female-centric superhero movies but are they using TV shows first as a test for future big screen movies? I’d say yes. If “Supergirl” and “Jessica Jones” are both big hits then I can see Hollywood making a lot more female-centric superhero movies for the big screen. It’s just a test to see how well the TV shows go, ya know?

There are female-centric superhero movies coming to the big screen like DC’s “Wonder Woman” and Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” are both in the works.

I think women deserve a chance in the superhero genre. I think they can become successful… they just need a good script, good casting and good filming. Women taking the lead in superhero films can work if done right.