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CBS deletes “Death To America” tweet, just further proof that they protect Obama…

I understand that liberals in America support Obama doing business with Iran but here’s a little news for ya, Iran really DO chant, “Death To America”, see video below for proof of that.

The mainstream media tries to make it look like that Iran are the good guys but the “Death To America” chant in the video below should prove that they are not.

Iran really wants to destroy us all. Like I said before the last thing you wanna do is trust either the White House or Iran on the deal.

Iran’s “Death to America” chant should be good enough to see of what Obama wants to do to America is to destroy us all. The sad part of all this is that liberals support him and worship him like he’s a King and they can’t get the hint that Obama hates liberals too. He wants to destroy us all and that includes liberals.

This should be good enough to wake America up but nope. Liberal media will continue to protect Obama and liberals will continue to worship him like he’s a King. The left is certainly living on another planet and they are in their own delusional world.

They continue to protect Obama ’cause they don’t want their first “black president” to turn out to be a failure and they want him to be the good guy through the 8 years of his presidency. Pretty disgusting and messed up.