“Two and a Half Men” ending soon is just proof that the show couldn’t survive without Charlie Sheen…

So the long-running sitcom is ending soon which is no surprise. It’s just proof that the show couldn’t survive without it’s leading star Charlie Sheen. I knew the show would fail without him no matter who replaced him. I know that Charlie and the show’s creator Chuck Lorre have been feuding for the past few years and they still hate each other too!

I never watched the show all that much but I have seen it before when Charlie was on. Not a bad sitcom at all and it’s actually pretty funny!

Charlie maybe a crazy dude but I respect him. He’s honest and he’s a pretty strong guy. He may have had a pretty tough life but he’s looking real happy and looking a lot better these days!!! So he’s definitely WINNIIINNNnnnnggg. Who needs “Two and a Half Men”. Charlie seems to be doing well working on other projects on his own like “Anger Management”. He appeared in the film “Machete Kills” so he’s starting to come back to the movies, I believe.

I wish Charlie nothing but the best. I grew up watching his films over the years. We all grew up watching his movies and sitcoms. He’s a talented and funny guy. Always liked him.

“Two and a Half Men” doesn’t need to go on any longer, it had a good run.


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