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“Two and a Half Men” ending soon is just proof that the show couldn’t survive without Charlie Sheen…

So the long-running sitcom is ending soon which is no surprise. It’s just proof that the show couldn’t survive without it’s leading star Charlie Sheen. I knew the show would fail without him no matter who replaced him. I know that Charlie and the show’s creator Chuck Lorre have been feuding for the past few years and they still hate each other too!

I never watched the show all that much but I have seen it before when Charlie was on. Not a bad sitcom at all and it’s actually pretty funny!

Charlie maybe a crazy dude but I respect him. He’s honest and he’s a pretty strong guy. He may have had a pretty tough life but he’s looking real happy and looking a lot better these days!!! So he’s definitely WINNIIINNNnnnnggg. Who needs “Two and a Half Men”. Charlie seems to be doing well working on other projects on his own like “Anger Management”. He appeared in the film “Machete Kills” so he’s starting to come back to the movies, I believe.

I wish Charlie nothing but the best. I grew up watching his films over the years. We all grew up watching his movies and sitcoms. He’s a talented and funny guy. Always liked him.

“Two and a Half Men” doesn’t need to go on any longer, it had a good run.


Report: Chuck Lorre is quick to respond to Charlie Sheen’s $100 million dollar lawsuit…

Well, that was fast! Just when Charlie Sheen filed the big lawsuit today, Chuck Lorre’s lawyer responded immediately by sending a statement to the, Hollywood Reporter.

I agree with him, I’m still siding with Lorre. Charlie’s just an insane, psychopathic, maniac, reckless ranter. That’s it. Plus, Charlie is too money hungry. Money is all Charlie seems to care about. Think about it: the “Winning” t-shirts he plans to sell, the new Tigerblood drink, the lawsuit, the interns, he gets paid for twitter/facebook, etc. Charlie IS all about the money.

I know I said on twitter, that I’m on Team Sheen and support him as a fan, but I take that back, and change my mind. I just realized that Charlie is really whacked in the head. All those fans that support Charlie, actually thinks he’s a good guy, but really Charlie is an asshole.

As you can see in Chuck’s statement, he still supports Charlie. He was fired from “Two and a Half Men” because Chuck was scared for his health. Sheen thinks Lorre is attacking him when it’s not. It’s all about the safety of his health. That’s why he was let go. It wasn’t about Charlie’s rant on the Alex Jones radioshow. It seems that Charlie is mentally ill and the drugs seems to be causing it. Just more evidence that Charlie isn’t really clean and he’s not yet a 100% from the alcohol.

Just wait until this trial happens. The judge will agree that Charlie Sheen is mentally ill and Chuck Lorre will win the dismissal. Charlie will need to prove how Chuck is using his ego to fire him. Which will be hard to do.


BREAKING NEWS: It’s official! Charlie Sheen vs. Chuck Lorre is on!!!

I’ve posted all these photos above just to show you their “past” friendship between Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre. Yes, Charlie and Chuck used to be friends as you can see, but not anymore.  Charlie was the one who helped Chuck with the Hollywood walk of Fame and they spend a lot of time together while working for, “Two and a Half Men”.

Today, Charlie Sheen filed a $100,000,000 dollar lawsuit against Warner Bros./Chuck Lorre. The lawsuit is accusing Lorre of using his ego to terminate Sheen from his contract and many other things.

Read the full story here at, TMZ.

Ouch! Good luck with that one, Charlie! How many more bridges is Charlie going to burn? Does Charlie have to be this money hungry? I’ll be interested to see how this one is going to end so I’ll be keeping an eye on this news.

Who do I predict will be um, “winning”? I’m siding with Warner Bros./Chuck Lorre. I see a big counter suit coming.

Why do you need to be such a big drama queen, Charlie? If you think for one second that Charlie will win this thing, then you are just as delusional and whacky as him. I hope Charlie loses terribly. He won’t get a penny off this. Seriously.


Not a Cool Video: Charlie Sheen bashes Chuck Lorre in latest “Sheen’s Korner” episode…

In a short episode of the latest, “Sheen’s Korner”, Charlie bashes Chuck Lorre, the creator of “Two and a Half Men”. Charlie is looking pretty upset in this video.

See it, here.

I’ll admit that I’m kind of scared for Charlie. It is pretty scary of what he’s going through.


BREAKING NEWS: Charlie Sheen officially fired from “Two and a Half Men”…

Working for TV or the movies is just like any other job. If you publicly talk trash about your boss, using the full name, it’ll bound to get you fired. So Charlie had this coming. There’s Karma right there, for you, Charlie.

Look at the news on, TMZ. That site will be all over it today.

This news is not a shocker ’cause I’m sure we all saw this coming.Um, LOSIIIINiiiinnnnnggggg!


Charlie Sheen…the most talked about celebrity on the internet???

Charlie have been everywhere this week. On TV, on radio interviews, he’s even the most talked about on the internet. Even in facebook, everyone is talking about him. Every status I see people make a joke about Charlie Sheen in facebook. Charlie is trending in the news, indeed.

I see people calling him crazy, insane, or a trainwreck. Really? Are people serious? I find Charlie innocent, and harmless. He maybe a little crazy yes, but not in a bad way. People shouldn’t compare Charlie to Mel Gibson or Lindsay Lohan because it’s wrong. He’s not in their league.

The thing with alcohol and partying, there are different kinds of drunks. With being drunk, there are happy drunks, angry drunks and emotional drunks. I see Charlie as a happy drunk. Charlie is no longer a drunk anymore as he is a clean guy, no drugs either.

This gave me inspiration for another videoblog which I will make this weekend. Yes, you guess it, I will defend, Charlie. Hopefully get people to understand on what he’s doing. His feud with Chuck Lorre and CBS, all of it. Why is he feuding with Lorre and CBS? Well, figure it out. He’s trying to let the public know that the television industry aren’t the greatest people to be working with. I agree. TV is a tough business ’cause you’ll be working with a bunch of greedy rich people who think they are big shots.

I will make the videoblog this weekend.


Report: Charlie Sheen is writing memoir, confirms deal with publisher already…

The controversial actor, Charlie Sheen, has said that he’s writing a memoir based on the “Two and a Half Men” fallout with creator, Chuck Lorre. Sheen recently bad mouthed Lorre publicly on the radio with the TMZ, and the rest of the season have been canceled because of his rant. Well, Sheen doesn’t plan on ending this feud anytime soon ’cause he plans on keeping it going with this book he’s writing. The book will be about the behind the scenes, of the sitcom, “Two and a Half Men”, it will lead up to where he’s at now with, Lorre.

It’s not known if it will be an autobiography, but this is all we know so far. Will it be about Charlie’s life? Will it be about his childhood, movie career, drugs, women, etc.? Maybe, don’t know.

Many would think Sheen is crazy, but he isn’t Mel Gibson or Lindsay Lohan. I don’t see how you can compare Sheen to Gibson or Lohan. It’s Gibson and Lohan that are insane. Sheen is completely harmless and innocent, yes, I’ve said that. Sure, Sheen may have personal problems, but Sheen is just like everyone else. He’s not perfect, we’re not perfect. He may like to party and he loves his porn stars, but hey, that’s his business, not ours.

I hope Charlie will get clean with drugs and become a better person, so he can get his career back on track. I think the point with Charlie’s memoir is that he wants to clear things up, save his character and get things off his chest. People may see him as a crazy guy and this fall out with Lorre, people will blame it on Charlie of course, but that’s why Charlie wants to write the book. To expose the greed and egos of the television business, behind the scenes. That’s his plan.

I’ll be interested in reading his book, and will buy it when it comes out.

Read the report here, at Deadline.

Edit to add: Btw, why do people find it a surprise that Charlie Sheen had a porn star addiction? He did that movie, “Rated X” with his brother Emilio, which is about porn movies. That’s not enough evidence that he could be a porn addict?