Charlie Sheen…the most talked about celebrity on the internet???

Charlie have been everywhere this week. On TV, on radio interviews, he’s even the most talked about on the internet. Even in facebook, everyone is talking about him. Every status I see people make a joke about Charlie Sheen in facebook. Charlie is trending in the news, indeed.

I see people calling him crazy, insane, or a trainwreck. Really? Are people serious? I find Charlie innocent, and harmless. He maybe a little crazy yes, but not in a bad way. People shouldn’t compare Charlie to Mel Gibson or Lindsay Lohan because it’s wrong. He’s not in their league.

The thing with alcohol and partying, there are different kinds of drunks. With being drunk, there are happy drunks, angry drunks and emotional drunks. I see Charlie as a happy drunk. Charlie is no longer a drunk anymore as he is a clean guy, no drugs either.

This gave me inspiration for another videoblog which I will make this weekend. Yes, you guess it, I will defend, Charlie. Hopefully get people to understand on what he’s doing. His feud with Chuck Lorre and CBS, all of it. Why is he feuding with Lorre and CBS? Well, figure it out. He’s trying to let the public know that the television industry aren’t the greatest people to be working with. I agree. TV is a tough business ’cause you’ll be working with a bunch of greedy rich people who think they are big shots.

I will make the videoblog this weekend.


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