The mysterious death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens… how did he really die??? ***WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS***

One thing I hope that Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee will look into is take a look at these photos. These aren’t fake photos. They were taken from Libyan news TV or websites when they reported the Benghazi attack locally in their area. They need to confirm whether or not that man in these photos is really him and I think it probably is really him. You can tell by his hair and his face a little bit.

The left wants to make a bunch of bullshit speculation that he died of smoke inhalation and these Muslims were helping him and taking him to a nearby hospital. If that was true, then why would they be using their mobile phones taking videos or photos of the whole thing? That second photo, his face looks like a bloody mess… doesn’t look like they’re helping him at all to me. Look like he is being carried around the city: beating him and doing all kinds of nasty things to him.

On the last photo, they need to prove whether or not that body belongs to Chris Stevens. Does that last photo look like those Muslim freaks are helping him? Look like they stripped him and tied him up pretty good.

There’s a chain e-mail by Dee Dee Myers going around in which she claims that Ambassadors Stevens was dragged across the streets of Benghazi: raped, sodomized, etc. These photos kind of match that description.

The Select Committee really needs to look into this and I’m sure they’ll get around to it. I’m sure they’ll look at these photos, the Dee Dee Myers e-mail and I’m sure they’re gonna want Chris ‘s autopsy reports and photos of his dead body. They’ll look into all this stuff.

I’m sure there’s a ton of photos of what’s seen above… Trey Gowdy needs to get his hands on all of this stuff.

The American people can make all kinds of speculations about his death all they want to but it’s all about facts and the truth. America deserves to know how Chris Stevens really died.

Barack and Hillary may have done this to him, guys. Even if it turned out that they didn’t want him dead, they still didn’t do anything to save him so they’re still gonna get in trouble either way.

Never Forget Benghazi.





One thought on “The mysterious death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens… how did he really die??? ***WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS***”

  1. To those who still think they’re helping him, you are only speculating still. The rape, torture and parading him around town is also speculation. They both are speculation. There have been no official cause of death of Ambassador Stevens yet.

    We’ll wait until the real truth comes out of Trey’s Benghazi investigation. Maybe both speculations would turn out wrong? We’ll have to wait and see.

    I have noticed; however, that in the second picture… you can see a strange metal object next to somebody holding a mobile phone. It looks to be a barrel of an Ak-47 of some sort. Look closely and you’ll see it.


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