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So libtards wanna talk about torture, hey???


It’s pretty sad that libtards in America are so worried about the Bush administration torturing terrorists who were responsible for over 10,000 American deaths yet they aren’t concerned about the torture of Ambassador Stevens. I could care less if terrorists were tortured ’cause they deserved it anyway. It’s very strange how libtards want the Bush administration to be held accountable for torturing terrorists yet they don’t want the Obama administration to be held accountable for torturing Ambassador Stevens and killing those 4 Americans.

The man being dragged around by those men hasn’t been confirmed as Ambassador Stevens yet but I think it’s him. It definitely looks like him. Hopefully, Trey Gowdy will confirm that’s him in the photos pretty soon. Anybody who believes that those men are helping him to a nearby hospital is delusional.

I take it that libtards support terrorism. They are beginning to show it more and more.

How is it a good thing that those 4 men were killed for no reason, no help came and nobody got any answers??? Yet libtards beg for answers on the Bush administration torture? More liberal hypocrisy there so nothing to see.


The two Benghazi books… brief review…

So I recently finished reading the two Benghazi books, Aaron Klein’s “The Real Benghazi Story” and Mitchell Zuckoff’s “13 Hours”…

Here’s a brief review of both of those books:

“The Real Benghazi Story” by Aaron Klein: To be honest, I didn’t really care for this one. This book claims to have the real story of everything that happened but in my opinion, I think it’s all just speculation and opinion. To me this book was trying to have shocking revelations and truths just to help sell it. This book focused on the politics of Benghazi and all the mysteries behind it and stuff. I wouldn’t really take this book seriously at all.

“13 Hours” by Mitchell Zuckoff: This was the better Benghazi book. This one didn’t focus on all of the political stuff. It told stories of what happened during the 13 hours the Compound and the Annex were being attacked. It told the stories of Tig, Tanto, Oz, and the 4 men who were killed. This book was more truthful and realistic than the Aaron Klein book. It just tells a powerful story of American heroes defending themselves and others. I can see this book being made into a big screen movie sometime in the future.

You see all 4 of those men who were killed during the Benghazi attacks were heroes who to tried to protect all of us… that’s one thing that both of these books brought up. Both books also brought up that Chris Stevens was missing most of the time and they didn’t know what happened to him.

Remember those videos in youtube where a bunch of men looked like they were helping Chris Stevens to a nearby hospital? Well, that was brought up in both of those books, those people who tried to help Chris Stevens were claimed to be “Good Samaritans” but there was never any proof or evidence yet on whether those people were good guys or bad guys.

Nobody knows how Chris Stevens really died as well when his body turned up later. A lot of people claimed he died of smoke inhalation but it doesn’t make any sense since he was missing most of the time so he couldn’t have. Chris Stevens wasn’t even in the building.

I’m sure Trey Gowdy is gonna find out what really happened to Chris Stevens real soon. If lucky enough, hopefully he finds out today in the first public hearing.

Chris Stevens was a hero ’cause he tried to get SA-7 missiles out of the hands of Libyan extremists.

The Benghazi 4 are heroes and it’s a real shame how this Benghazi attack turned into a political circus thanks to Hillary who blamed it on a video and people bought into her lies.

The focus on Benghazi is all on Hillary but what about Barack? Barack is responsible too ’cause he’s the Commander in Chief. He was Missing In Action during Benghazi so he counts as a top witness/suspect.

Looking forward to the first public Benghazi hearing a little later which I plan on watching some of it. I hope today’s hearing reveals some big things about Barack and Hillary. I hope we get something out of today’s hearing.


Benghazi scapegoat, Raymond Maxwell, exposes Hillary and Obama in a big way…

Now this dude is a real patriot!!! As the first public hearing of Benghazi approaches this Wed. somebody is coming forward with info that exposes Hillary and Obama in a big way. Raymond Maxwell who used to work for the State Department reveals that Hillary tried to order him to help her take out documents that would put some people in a bad light over the Benghazi attacks. Raymond wouldn’t go for it.

He used to be a pretty big Obama supporter but later regretted supporting him after Obama and Hillary were treating him like a scapegoat over the Benghazi attack. In other words, Obama and Hillary wanted Raymond to help protect them but he wouldn’t go for it.

Raymond was put on administrative leave after he posted a few poems online that may have pissed off Hillary. She claimed that putting him on leave wasn’t about him, it was more about herself.


I think Trey Gowdy is gonna wanna have a talk with this guy pretty soon! Raymond could help expose the cover-up.

Most people in the Obama administration are willing to risk their lives to protect them over Benghazi but not this guy! This guy has got my respect now!!!


Hillary Clinton was the one who sent Ambassador Stevens to Benghazi for his death??? I wouldn’t be surprised…

There are two Benghazi books coming out this coming Tuesday, Sept. 9th which I plan on buying both for the Ipad. One of the books by Aaron Klein who wrote “The Real Benghazi Story” already made some explosive revelations that Hillary was unwilling to provide security to help rescue Ambassador Stevens and the three other American men that were killed there. Plus the book claims that Hillary was the one who sent Ambassador Stevens to Benghazi for his death.

Sure enough, a writer from Media Matters wrote an article claiming to have debunked Aaron Klein’s book.


Both sides are telling their own version of the truth but we’ll wait to see what Trey Gowdy comes up with in his investigation. Of course, I’m siding with Aaron Klein here. Anybody who attempts to defend Hillary is pretty much lying and just trying to protect her.

Don’t be surprised if what Aaron Klein said turns out true in Trey Gowdy’s investigation.

Hillary’s “Hard Choices” book bombed so that means the two Benghazi books coming out Tuesday will be a hit.

I’ll be reading those two Benghazi books, “The Real Benghazi Story” and “13 Hours”. I’ll also be watching the Benghazi special on FOX later tonight too.

Looking forward to all those.


As I predicted, Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi investigation is still ongoing!!!!

Like I said before, Obama’s capture of Ahmed Abu Khatallah is not stopping Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi select committee. Trey just came up with a 3 million dollar budget to expose Obama in a huge way.

This is gonna be good and I can’t wait to see what Trey is gonna come up with. Don’t be surprised that the results will turn out the same that Benghazi was a gun-running operation like we were all saying. I’m predicting that’s what Trey is gonna find.



I don’t see how Obama couldn’t be involved with Benghazi, he’s the President, of course he was!!!

I just throw my head back and laugh maniacally at those who make claims that Obama wasn’t involved in the Benghazi attack at all that left 4 Americans dead: Ambassador Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith. If you truly believe that, then you are lying and delusional.

Ya know, all of these people from government lying to the press and lying to the American people… doing all of this stonewalling and refusing to answer questions and refusing to be honest just doesn’t happen all by itself. Talking points just doesn’t get pulled out of thin air, ya know what I mean? All of these government people like Susan Rice, Jay Carney, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, etc. coming out to protect the White House and President had to be approved and signed for by the highest official in government. That had to be none other than the President of the United States himself, Barack Obama. I’m sure these people want to tell the truth about Benghazi but they can’t. Behind the scenes, I’m sure they were handed some kind of contract to sign and they were paid a lot of money to keep ’em quiet. I’m sure these people that I listed knows everything about Obama’s involvement with Benghazi.

You’ve seen Ben Rhodes e-mail that he sent out to top government officials that exposes the Benghazi cover-up. Ben Rhodes ordering government officials to make the president look good and telling them to blame the attack on the video and ignore his politics. Obama had to give Ben Rhodes the order to send out that e-mail.

Not only did Obama orchestrate and planned the Benghazi attack, he is also carefully orchestrating and planning the cover-up. He covered his tracks on Benghazi pretty well.

Don’t listen to those who claims that there is no evidence of Obama not being involved with the Benghazi attack and claiming there’s no evidence of a cover-up. There are tons of evidence proving that stuff.

To those who make claims that Obama didn’t have any kind of involvement with Benghazi, of course he was. He’s the commander-in-chief. He’s in charge of all US embassies and consulates around the world. He’s the only one who is allowed to give a military stand-down order so the “stand-down” order couldn’t have came from anybody else. If you served for the military you would know that.

Obama missing in action during Benghazi. Obama doing a Rose Garden speech the day after the attack. Obama flying off to Las Vegas for a fundraising event. Ben Rhodes smoking gun e-mail that exposes government people protecting the president. Obama capturing the Benghazi ringleader, Ahmed Abu Khatallah at such an odd timing. That’s all the evidence you need to immediately see that Obama was definitely responsible.

You have to ask yourself these questions:

1) Why wasn’t Obama active during the Benghazi attack when he was supposed to be?

2) Why did he leave 4 Americans dead when he could have easily saved their lives?

Even if Obama didn’t plan this attack or didn’t order it, it’s still murder either way.  Obama allowed these men to get murdered. Gave permission to the attackers to kill them. That technically makes Obama a murderer if he didn’t have a care to save them.

Anybody who says Obama wasn’t involved in this is a freakin’ whack job. Anybody who thinks Obama didn’t know everything going on or wasn’t watching in real time is a whack job too. If you do some reading there were drones flying over the consulate as the attack was going on. They didn’t send the drones to drop bombs on them. Those are different kind of drones that had cameras on them so the White House were definitely watching everything going on.

Ahmed Abu Khatallah wasn’t the real mastermind behind Benghazi when the real mastermind behind it was Obama himself.

We deserve an explanation of why those 4 were left dead. If the White House won’t be real with us, then they gotta be hiding something. Hiding something really bad that the American people are not gonna like.

It really bothers me and disturbing that people can’t see that Obama was responsible. It doesn’t make any sense to me that Obama couldn’t have been involved.

It also amazes me that all of these government people are risking their own lives to help lie and protect this man which gotta be very dangerous for them and their families. I just wish someone in this administration would give themselves up and come forward with information. If they do that, they maybe risking their lives and their careers to tell truth but anything for America and those 4 men. I just wish somebody would come forward and be real for once. Somebody will. Give it time.

I know you guys are probably getting tired of my Benghazi talk but I made a promise to myself that I would be talking about it until it’s all over and done with. I’ll have no problem talking about it everyday.

Soon we will get the truth. For America and our home.



Why is Benghazi big news all of a sudden???

For the past 2 years or a little more, Benghazi have always been the least reported news in the media. Now that the so-called top suspect, Ahmed Abu Khatallah have been caught by the Obama administration it is all over the news. Liberal media is all over it. NBC news is all over it that includes NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. All the big news media outlets never reported the Benghazi story. When news media outlets like CBS try to blame the Benghazi attack on the White House they are usually forced to get fired or get forced to apologize. It seems that the media is not allowed to blame Benghazi on the Obama administration but now that the Obama administration has caught the suspect, Obama gets a lot of credit for it.

Why is Benghazi big news? Well, this is just my observation…

It’s because that as long as Obama is not being blamed for Benghazi that’s when the media will be all over it. Obama catching Khatallah makes the President looks good. That’s why the media is all over it. They won’t report anything bad aimed at the Obama administration ’cause this administration clearly has complete control over the media.

If Trey Gowdy caught the Benghazi attackers before Obama, then it wouldn’t have been huge news ’cause Trey is a Republican. It’s no surprise that Obama is gonna do something once the Benghazi select committee has been formed.

I wonder whenever there’s proof that Obama/Hillary have orchestrated the attack, there’s hard evidence about it will that be all over the news then? Will that be a breaking news story when Obama/Hillary finally gets exposed? I think no.

Obama is right where he wants to be right now. Doing what he wants, gets away with it and Congress does nothing. The media is helping to protect him.

As long as something makes Obama looks good, it’ll be a breaking news story just like with the Bin Laden stuff, ya know?

It’s very strange how Benghazi is a breaking news story all of a sudden. Very strange how people care now when they should have cared long ago. They won’t care as long as something makes Obama looks like a hero and that’s why liberal media is making me sick.


Think about it… Obama is just scared to death of Trey Gowdy… nothing more, nothing less…

Ever since Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi select committee have been put together by Speaker Boehner, it was too predictable that Obama is gonna be on the move. Obama is just trying to claim victorious on Benghazi before Trey does. Obama is just scared of Trey Gowdy getting the real truth out of Benghazi, so Obama gets on the move catching the suspects. Notice the Obama administration haven’t done anything to get those held accountable before the Republican/Democrat select committees were formed. Since the Benghazi investigation is moving forward in Congress, Obama just figured that in order to try and kill the investigations, he would try to catch those suspects. That’s why he did this, hoping that he would be successful at killing Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi investigation.

Now that Obama is on the move catching suspects… you can expect liberal media to make claims that the Benghazi case is now over and the 4 has their justices.

Like I said before… this isn’t over guys. Not by a long shot.

When you see Obama claiming to solve the “Benghazi” case before Trey Gowdy, the last thing you wanna do is trust this administration. Obama thinks the American people are dumb but we’re not. He’s not fooling anyone ’cause all he’s doing is pulling people’s strings, Obama is just a puppet indeed. He’s kind of like playing with a bunch of marionettes or something. That’s all he’s doing with the American people. Pulling our strings.

Despite Obama catching Benghazi suspects, Trey Gowdy’s select committee will be ongoing, I’m sure.

Obama quickly catching Ahmed Abu Khatallah all of a sudden is just further proof that Obama knows everything about the Benghazi attack.

I can’t wait for Trey Gowdy himself to make a statement on this. You can very well believe that Trey is not gonna be happy about this one.



The capture of Benghazi suspect will get Trey Gowdy all excited now…

I’m pretty sure Trey Gowdy heard the news that Ahmed Abu Khatallah has been captured finally. I can see Trey reading the news about this and he’s raising eyebrows. I’m sure Trey will want to question Khatallah and bring him in for testifying. I’m sure Trey Gowdy will want to investigate the US capture of Khatallah. See what’s it all about. In reality though, I’m sure Trey Gowdy is pretty pissed at this. I’m sure he’s looking into it right away.

I don’t know much about this Ahmed Abu Khatallah but he gave interviews to TV and the press and wasn’t shy about it. Ahmed Khatalla may have been in charge of the Benghazi attack but he was probably taking orders from Hillary Clinton. It’s just my bet. Taking orders by Hillary who was taking orders from Barack Obama. Obama gave her instructions of what to do and she was probably in close contact with this Khatallah fellow. She was probably talking to him on the phone in the Situation Room and Khatallah was probably on a cell phone.

The Benghazi Republican select committee will definitely look into all this. I bet Obama negotiated with Khatallah to turn himself in and Khatallah agreed.

This is an obvious distraction of the American people. To get people’s minds off of Benghazi, the Bergdhal trade-in and the rest of Obama’s scandals.

Khatallah coulnd’t be hard to find so why get him now when they should have captured him the day after the attack? More proof that this is a cover up.

Trey Gowdy is probably getting frustrated and annoyed. He would want Khatallah to testify in front of him for sure but of course, he won’t though. Obama will probably have him testify in front of a different court/trial. Khatallah is probably being sent out just so he can try to prove Obama’s and Hillary’s innocence. I bet my money that’s what this is all about.

No matter what happens and no matter what the Obama administration tries to pull off, the Benghazi case is never gonna come to a close until Obama and Hillary is held accountable. They can catch as many suspects as they want but Benghazi is never going away until the “real” attackers are held responsible. Once again, the “real” attackers are Obama and Hillary. They are the ones who should be captured, though.

This is still not justice for the Benghazi 4. Not even close. Sorry, y’all.


To those who have negative things to say about Benghazi or don’t even care…

It’s really amazing to me that so many people have to have so many negative things to say about Benghazi and there are those that don’t care. It’s mostly people on the left who will either say negative things about Benghazi or don’t even care.

Think about this, if you were serving for the US… whatever position you’re in… whether it will be an Ambassador or a Navy Seal and you’re working in an Embassy or a Consulate and suddenly you see a lot of Muslim fanatics coming to attack the building to kill some Americans. You hear the sound of gunfire, explosions… a lot of yelling and screaming. Fire all over the place and smoke. Lots of gunfire and mortars going off. All kinds of violence going on like gunfire and beatings. These are the kind of things that went on at the Benghazi consulate.

Like I said on my “Benghazi” video, this could have been a family member or a loved one of yours. Hell, this could have even been you if you were over there.

You guys just don’t realize how scary as fuck, the Benghazi attack really was. Those 4 men had to be really scared before they lost their lives. This was a very scary tragedy. Sure, many other embassies and consulates have been attacked over the years but you can’t compare them to Benghazi ’cause they weren’t as horrifying as Benghazi was.

I really do believe that the only reason people have to talk shit about Benghazi or don’t care is ’cause they don’t wanna see their heroes Obama and Hillary get in trouble for this. That’s the only reason that the left get all worked up every time Benghazi is brought up. They know that trouble is coming for Obama and Hillary — they’re not liking it.

When you talk shit about Benghazi and don’t care, you don’t have any heart or compassion at all whatsoever. Period. End of story.

When Obama and Hillary are found guilty of Benghazi, it wouldn’t surprise me that the left would still support them. They’re gonna start a free “Obama and Hillary” campaign and they’re gonna protest to drop the charges. Once Obama is held accountable, a new race war in the media will start, absolutely. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will come to the rescue as well.

If you wanna support your criminals and murderers so be it. When you want to protect and defend criminals and murderers, that makes the left guilty too. They are just as evil.

To those who have negative things to say about Benghazi or don’t even care, I would have liked to see you in that Consulate building while it is being destroyed. Lets see if you would care then, you fucking selfish pricks.