The capture of Benghazi suspect will get Trey Gowdy all excited now…

I’m pretty sure Trey Gowdy heard the news that Ahmed Abu Khatallah has been captured finally. I can see Trey reading the news about this and he’s raising eyebrows. I’m sure Trey will want to question Khatallah and bring him in for testifying. I’m sure Trey Gowdy will want to investigate the US capture of Khatallah. See what’s it all about. In reality though, I’m sure Trey Gowdy is pretty pissed at this. I’m sure he’s looking into it right away.

I don’t know much about this Ahmed Abu Khatallah but he gave interviews to TV and the press and wasn’t shy about it. Ahmed Khatalla may have been in charge of the Benghazi attack but he was probably taking orders from Hillary Clinton. It’s just my bet. Taking orders by Hillary who was taking orders from Barack Obama. Obama gave her instructions of what to do and she was probably in close contact with this Khatallah fellow. She was probably talking to him on the phone in the Situation Room and Khatallah was probably on a cell phone.

The Benghazi Republican select committee will definitely look into all this. I bet Obama negotiated with Khatallah to turn himself in and Khatallah agreed.

This is an obvious distraction of the American people. To get people’s minds off of Benghazi, the Bergdhal trade-in and the rest of Obama’s scandals.

Khatallah coulnd’t be hard to find so why get him now when they should have captured him the day after the attack? More proof that this is a cover up.

Trey Gowdy is probably getting frustrated and annoyed. He would want Khatallah to testify in front of him for sure but of course, he won’t though. Obama will probably have him testify in front of a different court/trial. Khatallah is probably being sent out just so he can try to prove Obama’s and Hillary’s innocence. I bet my money that’s what this is all about.

No matter what happens and no matter what the Obama administration tries to pull off, the Benghazi case is never gonna come to a close until Obama and Hillary is held accountable. They can catch as many suspects as they want but Benghazi is never going away until the “real” attackers are held responsible. Once again, the “real” attackers are Obama and Hillary. They are the ones who should be captured, though.

This is still not justice for the Benghazi 4. Not even close. Sorry, y’all.


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