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Is Bernie Sanders flip flopping on Hillary Clinton? It seems so…

Bernie made claims in the past before that he would never attack Hillary Clinton and would never get all over her. For a while now, it seems that Bernie gave Hillary a lot of love & support but now it looks like he’s turning his back on her.


You see that’s what politicians do. They flip flop on a lot of things and would do anything to get elected. Don’t give me any of this “people change their minds on things” crap. Bernie said he would never get all over Hillary many times and this is what he’s doing right now.

He’s probably trying to steal Hillary’s voters. Trying to get them to get turned off by her and support him instead. That’s what politicians do in elections, try to steal each others voters… hoping to surge in the polls.

Bernie should be careful ’cause this could be career suicide for him. He’ll be done in the election if he keeps at it ’cause all he’s doing is helping Hillary. He should have stayed quiet on Hillary ’cause that was actually a smart move but now he didn’t keep his word. Do you libtards really trust Bernie? I’m sure he’s losing voters right now ’cause just said he’s all for Trey’s Benghazi investigation.


Obama’s 5th grade photo… serious question…

As usual Obama is full of mysteries and secrets about his past. The White House facebook posted a photo of Obama in 5th Grade at Punahou School in Hawaii in 1971. In the caption of that photo it says that “President Barack Obama ’79 credited his fifth grade Punahou teacher Mrs. Mabel Hefty”… which kind of confused some and it even confused me a little. People thought the White House was trying to mislead people a little but I read the article and it was claimed that photo was in 1971. That school is definitely in Hawaii ’cause all the kids are barefooted.

It seems that the White House and Obama are doing this as an excuse to silence “birthers” for good but it’s not working….

The question I have to ask is……


That black kid in the photo doesn’t look like Barack if you look a little closely.

Here’s a young Barack in third grade…


Nope. The kid in the 5th grade photo above doesn’t look like Barack at all. Sorry, Barack but you’re still not fooling anyone. Give it up, buddy!


The capture of Benghazi suspect will get Trey Gowdy all excited now…

I’m pretty sure Trey Gowdy heard the news that Ahmed Abu Khatallah has been captured finally. I can see Trey reading the news about this and he’s raising eyebrows. I’m sure Trey will want to question Khatallah and bring him in for testifying. I’m sure Trey Gowdy will want to investigate the US capture of Khatallah. See what’s it all about. In reality though, I’m sure Trey Gowdy is pretty pissed at this. I’m sure he’s looking into it right away.

I don’t know much about this Ahmed Abu Khatallah but he gave interviews to TV and the press and wasn’t shy about it. Ahmed Khatalla may have been in charge of the Benghazi attack but he was probably taking orders from Hillary Clinton. It’s just my bet. Taking orders by Hillary who was taking orders from Barack Obama. Obama gave her instructions of what to do and she was probably in close contact with this Khatallah fellow. She was probably talking to him on the phone in the Situation Room and Khatallah was probably on a cell phone.

The Benghazi Republican select committee will definitely look into all this. I bet Obama negotiated with Khatallah to turn himself in and Khatallah agreed.

This is an obvious distraction of the American people. To get people’s minds off of Benghazi, the Bergdhal trade-in and the rest of Obama’s scandals.

Khatallah coulnd’t be hard to find so why get him now when they should have captured him the day after the attack? More proof that this is a cover up.

Trey Gowdy is probably getting frustrated and annoyed. He would want Khatallah to testify in front of him for sure but of course, he won’t though. Obama will probably have him testify in front of a different court/trial. Khatallah is probably being sent out just so he can try to prove Obama’s and Hillary’s innocence. I bet my money that’s what this is all about.

No matter what happens and no matter what the Obama administration tries to pull off, the Benghazi case is never gonna come to a close until Obama and Hillary is held accountable. They can catch as many suspects as they want but Benghazi is never going away until the “real” attackers are held responsible. Once again, the “real” attackers are Obama and Hillary. They are the ones who should be captured, though.

This is still not justice for the Benghazi 4. Not even close. Sorry, y’all.


George Clooney and Stone Cold Steve Austin are liberals??? Well, that doesn’t surprise me…

Some of you are wondering what my thoughts are on the George Clooney and Stone Cold Steve Austin stories being all over the news in the world of politics. Okay, before you start reading this post… I’ll have to WARN YOU that this post is going to anger some liberals. So if you decide to read this post and get mad, it’s your own fault for deciding to so don’t blame me. If this offends you, I don’t give a fuck. It’s my blog… I write what I want.

Anyway, lets talk about the George Clooney thing first. George was at dinner with Steve Wynn and a group of other guys at some hotel in Vegas. Steve started talking politics. George didn’t talk, he just kindly listened to him but once Steve started talking Obamacare in a negative light — George said nothing and continued to listen to him. George didn’t want to get into politics discussion. While Steve was continuing to discuss Obamacare, he suddenly called Obama an “Asshole”. That’s when George finally got pissed and George responded with, “President Obama is my friend, don’t treat him like that”. Steve responded again with, “Well, you’re friend is an asshole”. Clooney storms off and leaves. Look the article up.

Secondly, WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin took to his online podcast and said that he is “all for” gay marriage. I heard it in youtube and my first thought was, “Steve Austin is a freakin liberal???”. Many of you know my stance on the gay marriage thing. I’m one of those who believe a marriage should be between a man and a woman. Adam and Eve was created for a reason. I just think gay marriage isn’t normal. I have no problem with gay people but I have a problem with gay marriage. I have conservative beliefs as many of you know and feel no shame for it. I lost respect for the Texas Rattlesnake. Kind of funny coming from a guy who beat up his ex-wife Debra multiple times and Steve was arrested for it too back in the day. I think Steve talked about the gay marriage and defended it just to promote his podcast and get more listeners.

Sure enough, liberals on the internet are acting like George and Steve Austin are heroes. Liberals are like all over them.

Going back to the George Clooney dinner incident, all Steve Wynn did was tried to warn George about Obamacare and Obama himself and sure enough, George is just an ignorant liberal who doesn’t want to wake up about him. I think Steve Wynn is the hero for trying to wake people up about Obama and President Obama himself. So I’m siding with Steve Wynn on this one.

This is just more evidence that liberal media is getting so horrible. I hate it so much. It seems that the world revolves around them for sure and I’ve been saying it for a long time now.

Hollywood is full of liberals. The internet is full of liberals. Social media is full of liberals. Liberals are fucking EVERYWHERE, LMAO!!! WOW!

I don’t like the liberal community… they really bother me. Liberals can be pretty intolerant. It’s making me sick.

When will people who call out President Obama be looked as heroes? No… instead people wanna call us racists and troublemakers for disagreeing with Obama’s politics. When we disagree with gay marriage, we get called homophobes.

I don’t know anymore. Obama have definitely gotten some of his popularity back ’cause of Obamacare so it’s gonna be even tougher to get people to wake up about him. That’s all Steve Wynn tried to do. He just wanted to bring to your attention that Obama is a badguy. If Clooney just ignored him and blew him off like that, then Steve Wynn won. Clooney could have been a man and debated him about it but nope, he coward out and left.