Is Bernie Sanders flip flopping on Hillary Clinton? It seems so…

Bernie made claims in the past before that he would never attack Hillary Clinton and would never get all over her. For a while now, it seems that Bernie gave Hillary a lot of love & support but now it looks like he’s turning his back on her.

You see that’s what politicians do. They flip flop on a lot of things and would do anything to get elected. Don’t give me any of this “people change their minds on things” crap. Bernie said he would never get all over Hillary many times and this is what he’s doing right now.

He’s probably trying to steal Hillary’s voters. Trying to get them to get turned off by her and support him instead. That’s what politicians do in elections, try to steal each others voters… hoping to surge in the polls.

Bernie should be careful ’cause this could be career suicide for him. He’ll be done in the election if he keeps at it ’cause all he’s doing is helping Hillary. He should have stayed quiet on Hillary ’cause that was actually a smart move but now he didn’t keep his word. Do you libtards really trust Bernie? I’m sure he’s losing voters right now ’cause just said he’s all for Trey’s Benghazi investigation.


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