Noomi Rapace to star as Amy Winehouse for biopic film…

There’s an Amy Winehouse biopic in the works and Swedish actress Noomi Rapace is in negotiations to star as Amy Winehouse for her biopic film. The Amy Winehouse biopic will be written and directed by, Kirsten Sheridan.

Will Amy’s music be featured in the film? Yes, probably… the film makers are in negotiations to score the rights from Amy’s father, Mitch Winehouse who is in control of Amy’s estate. I would think he would be cool enough to let them feature Amy’s music in the film.

I’m a pretty big fan of Amy Winehouse and it’s a shame that she died so young and her music career was short-lived. If she would have lived, she would have been a bigger star, absolutely. She may have been a messed up chick but hey, what can I say? Everybody’s got their problems. It was the music that mattered so I’m hoping that the film would focus on the music.

Before anyone accuses me of becoming a fan of her after her death, not true. I was a huge fan of her “Back To Black” album long before her death. Even though she was a pop star, still though, she was a phenomenal live performer and such a blast to watch. She really loved what she did and she showed it. I was pretty bummed out by her death and still kind of am.

Noomi Rapace is a perfect choice, in my opinion. They kind of resemble each other. Only problem though is that Noomi is Swedish so she’s gonna have to learn how to speak like Amy which shouldn’t be a problem. Noomi will have to learn how to speak like a Brit for sure. She’s gonna have to learn how to sing and dance like Amy too. She may have to take singing lessons.

I’m looking forward to that film and hope they do a good job with it. I haven’t seen the new “Amy” documentary film yet but looking forward to that one as well.


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