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The NY Post slams George Clooney, they proclaim Clooney isn’t a star ’cause most of his movies bombed… I disagree…

Despite most of his films being box office failures, Clooney is still the most recognizable star and he’s an icon. Probably because he rose to fame and became well-known for the drama TV-show “ER” in which he became famous for. I’m pretty sure Clooney is still getting big paychecks from that show so I’m sure he doesn’t care whether his movies flop or not. Maybe Clooney is not worried about the money when acting? He does acting for a living ’cause maybe he enjoys it and it’s his passion?

I’m not a big fan of Clooney’s liberal politics and all that but I won’t deny that he has some good films. Some of my favorites that he did in his career were: “Gravity”, the Oceans trilogy, “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, “O Brother, Where Art Thou”, “Solaris”, “Michael Clayton” and that war film, “The Thin Red Line”. Yeah, most of Clooney’s movies weren’t good but he does have some good ones.

There were a lot of other actors who had most of their movies flopped like Sly Stallone for one but he’s still the most recognizable star. The same goes for Eddie Murphy, Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman. Most of their movies flopped too but they are still a “star”.

Don’t listen to the NY Post ’cause they are just being “opinionated”.

I just believe these actors don’t care about the money. Like I said, they’re in Hollywood ’cause they enjoy the passion of acting and that’s what they do it for. Maybe they don’t see it as a job and they just wanna be a part of Hollywood? They just wanna act in movies and have fun. Not caring whether or not their movies are a hit.

On top of that, just because an actor/actress has most of their films flopped in the box office, doesn’t necessarily mean they are untalented. It doesn’t necessarily mean they continue to make movies no one wants to see and it doesn’t mean their movies suck either. I’ve seen some amazing movies even though they didn’t sell well in the box office.

That article is all a crock of shit.


Now here is a Sony hacking that’s actually pretty cool! George Clooney exposed for being worried about “The Monuments Men”!!!

Most Sony hackings and leaks are pretty crazy but this one is actually pretty good. George Clooney caught in an e-mail conversation with Amy Pascal… he was saying that he was a little worried about “The Monuments Men” (a movie that he directed himself, by the way) and wanted to protect himself from the critics. Even George realized that the script to the film was pretty bad. That could explain why the casting was full of big name actors like Bill Murray, Matt Damon, John Goodman, Jean Dujardin, etc. Having the big name stars was just a cover for a bad script. Just an excuse to get people interested in seeing the film and it worked.


I have seen “The Monuments Men” and the film was garbage. I didn’t like it either.

While George is a talented actor and an okay director, he really is a piece of shit in real life, though. He’s one of the most egotistical actors I’ve ever seen and this should be good enough to prove that.


George Clooney is engaged and all the women are pissed off!!!

I don’t talk celebrity gossip on here too much but I’m sure some of you are wondering my thoughts on George Clooney getting engaged to Amal Alamuddin. I read through the comments of facebook, twitter, blogs, forums, etc. of people responding to this news and it’s mostly women responding to it. Some women are congratulating the couple but most women are pretty much pissed off. It’s entertaining as hell to read women’s responses to Clooney’s engagement. Wow! Women really are into gossiping and drama, are they? LOL!

It’s obvious that women think George Clooney is hot and they are pissed off ’cause they know they can’t get into bed with him now. That’s why women are outraged ’cause they can’t get into his pants now that he’s taken. So it’s pretty obvious that women are jealous as hell of this guy.

Now… Clooney’s sudden engagement does raise questions ’cause this is a guy who has said many many times in interviews that he vowed to never get married. That’s why he broke it off with Stacy Keibler ’cause she wanted marriage and marriage wasn’t for him. It’s pretty well-documented that George never wanted to get married and he seemed pretty serious about it.

I think it’s because his new fiance, Amal, talked him into marriage and she won. I’m sure George wasn’t gonna go for it but she probably begged him. That’s the thing with George Clooney. When women have a relationship with him… they all wanna be married to him. Why? Because he’s George Clooney. Rich, famous, and good-looking. Those kind of people can get married to anyone and anytime they want to.

George maybe a phenomenal actor and he’s one of the best out there but in real-life the dude is a bit weird. He is also kind of a douche in real-life too.

I wonder what made Clooney change his view on marriage? I’m sure he’ll speak about it in an interview soon. In his interviews, he has always been honest and realistic about his life so I’m sure he will explain himself. Give it time.



George Clooney and Stone Cold Steve Austin are liberals??? Well, that doesn’t surprise me…

Some of you are wondering what my thoughts are on the George Clooney and Stone Cold Steve Austin stories being all over the news in the world of politics. Okay, before you start reading this post… I’ll have to WARN YOU that this post is going to anger some liberals. So if you decide to read this post and get mad, it’s your own fault for deciding to so don’t blame me. If this offends you, I don’t give a fuck. It’s my blog… I write what I want.

Anyway, lets talk about the George Clooney thing first. George was at dinner with Steve Wynn and a group of other guys at some hotel in Vegas. Steve started talking politics. George didn’t talk, he just kindly listened to him but once Steve started talking Obamacare in a negative light — George said nothing and continued to listen to him. George didn’t want to get into politics discussion. While Steve was continuing to discuss Obamacare, he suddenly called Obama an “Asshole”. That’s when George finally got pissed and George responded with, “President Obama is my friend, don’t treat him like that”. Steve responded again with, “Well, you’re friend is an asshole”. Clooney storms off and leaves. Look the article up.

Secondly, WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin took to his online podcast and said that he is “all for” gay marriage. I heard it in youtube and my first thought was, “Steve Austin is a freakin liberal???”. Many of you know my stance on the gay marriage thing. I’m one of those who believe a marriage should be between a man and a woman. Adam and Eve was created for a reason. I just think gay marriage isn’t normal. I have no problem with gay people but I have a problem with gay marriage. I have conservative beliefs as many of you know and feel no shame for it. I lost respect for the Texas Rattlesnake. Kind of funny coming from a guy who beat up his ex-wife Debra multiple times and Steve was arrested for it too back in the day. I think Steve talked about the gay marriage and defended it just to promote his podcast and get more listeners.

Sure enough, liberals on the internet are acting like George and Steve Austin are heroes. Liberals are like all over them.

Going back to the George Clooney dinner incident, all Steve Wynn did was tried to warn George about Obamacare and Obama himself and sure enough, George is just an ignorant liberal who doesn’t want to wake up about him. I think Steve Wynn is the hero for trying to wake people up about Obama and President Obama himself. So I’m siding with Steve Wynn on this one.

This is just more evidence that liberal media is getting so horrible. I hate it so much. It seems that the world revolves around them for sure and I’ve been saying it for a long time now.

Hollywood is full of liberals. The internet is full of liberals. Social media is full of liberals. Liberals are fucking EVERYWHERE, LMAO!!! WOW!

I don’t like the liberal community… they really bother me. Liberals can be pretty intolerant. It’s making me sick.

When will people who call out President Obama be looked as heroes? No… instead people wanna call us racists and troublemakers for disagreeing with Obama’s politics. When we disagree with gay marriage, we get called homophobes.

I don’t know anymore. Obama have definitely gotten some of his popularity back ’cause of Obamacare so it’s gonna be even tougher to get people to wake up about him. That’s all Steve Wynn tried to do. He just wanted to bring to your attention that Obama is a badguy. If Clooney just ignored him and blew him off like that, then Steve Wynn won. Clooney could have been a man and debated him about it but nope, he coward out and left.


Film Review: Gravity…


Starring: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney

Directed by: Alfonso Cuaron

Today, I finally saw the movie, “Gravity”… the outer space movie and here is my review:

Plot/synopsis: Two astronauts, Dr. Ryan Stone (Bullock) who is an expert medical engineer on her first space mission and Matt Kowalsky (Clooney) who is a veteran on the way to retirement was on a mission but their shuttle was destroyed leaving Stone and Kowalsky the only survivors. They try their best to survive and return home to Earth safely but of course things get a lot worse.

I understand that Sandra Bullock isn’t everyone’s favorite actress. I was never a fan of hers myself but after seeing this movie, I am now absolutely in love with Sandra! A lot of people want to judge her by her past work in Hollywood. There are people negatively criticizing Sandra saying stuff that they refuse to see this movie ’cause they think her acting is bad. I mean, come on? After finally seeing this movie… Sandra really showed her acting talent. She proved that she “CAN” act. Without a shadow of a doubt, I think she has an Oscar coming for this role whether you like it or not. Before negatively judging her, you should actually see this film. You’d be surprised of Sandra. I thought she did an amazing job. Plus, she was sexy as hell in the film too!

As for the film itself… I honestly thought it was the best film released in 2013. It’s a true science fiction movie at it’s best. It’s a pretty realistic story… something that can happen in real life. I’m sure NASA has already dealt with similar situations like this in real life. I’m sure NASA had plenty of accidents and plenty of astronauts were killed. Remember, the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster? If not, look it up. Everyone dreams of wondering what it’s like to be out in space but this film wants to give you a reality check that being out in space is not all that fun as you think. It wants to show you how dangerous space can be.

The film may have only two people throughout but the film was still amazing. The script was perfect. The visuals were phenomenal, and the score was excellent as well.

Clooney’s acting is great as always but Sandra steals the show here.

This was a beautiful movie and it blew me away. The film has a mix of emotions. It can be very scary and frightening at times — it can also get funny/comedic and very sad.

I would strongly suggest you check this movie out before it stops playing. See it in 3D. This is the best 3D movie, in my opinion.

Two thumbs up.


Film Of The Day: O Brother, Where Art Thou

The Coen Brothers made a lot of great flicks, but I think this is my favorite one. George Clooney is mostly known for starring in drama roles, but sometimes he likes to do a comedy film. When he does a comedy film, he will do a good job at it. I thought Clooney was real funny in this movie.

It tells the story of Everett Ulysses McGill, who escapes from a chain gang along with his friends, Delmar and Pete. The film is taken place in the 1930’s, and was based on Homer’s “Odyssey”. Everett wants to go back home so he can seek the treasure that maybe there but of course, they meet a bunch of strange people along the way, including the KKK, in which, they want to stop them from getting that treasure.

The reason this movie works perfectly ’cause the film was shot beautifully, the acting was well done by everybody. It was funny, and enjoyable. Lots of memorable scenes and funny catchphrases. Most importantly of all, it was the music. Lots of folk music being played throughout the film, and these are songs that you can sing all day yourself, most notably, songs such as “I’m a Man of Constant Sorrow”, “I’ll Fly Away”, “Go To Sleep Little Baby”, etc.

Yes, this is another one of those movies I would never get tired of watching. “I Don’t Want Fop, I’m a Dapper Dan Man”.


Report: George Clooney arrested in Washington D.C.

Actor George Clooney (yes, that George Clooney, who starred in ER and a handful of big screen movies), has been arrested and handcuffed outside the Sudan Embassy in, Washington D.C. What he was protesting for, he was trying to bring awareness to violence in Sudan.

More on the story, here.

Whatever you’re protesting for, it is worth it getting arrested. I would protest something and wouldn’t mind getting arrested for doing something good.

I’m sure Clooney doesn’t care about getting arrested ’cause as you clearly saw on the video, he was all smiles. The guy is too rich and loaded, he wouldn’t even last a day in jail anyway.


Report: George Clooney finally speaks out on dating former WWE star, Stacy Keibler in Rollingstone magazine…

George Clooney, and, Stacy Keibler, have kept their relationship to themselves for quite a while. Now they are finally starting to make it public. George is the first to speak out about the relationship in the next Rollingstone, in which he is on the cover. He doesn’t mind Stacy talking about the relationship on her twitter account and says she can do whatever she wants.

He also talks about what it’s like for his world of, “fame”. George maybe one of the biggest celebrities and icons in Hollywood, but is his life all perfect and glorifying that everyone thinks? According to George himself, no, he isn’t perfect. He reveals that he is just like the rest of us, just an ordinary human being. He likes to joke around and laugh, like the rest of us. He admits that he finds “farting” funny. He likes farting so much that he even has farting sounds on his phone.

Read more on the story, here.

He maybe rich & famous, yes, but don’t judge the book by it’s cover that his life maybe perfect. I’m sure he doesn’t even care about the fame. He works on movies ’cause that what he does for a living. He is a talented actor and director. He is one of my favorites.

Is he a fan of WWE? I’m sure he’s no wrestling guy at all. I’m sure he’s a big fan of hot women. I’m also sure, Stacy went after him and George ended up liking her.

It’ll be interesting to see how long this relationship lasts. Will they go as far as getting married? Who knows. I’m not into gossip too much but since this is WWE related, I had to post about this. Plus, I’m a fan of George’s work as well.


Report: George Clooney is dating former WWE star, Stacy Keibler? Yes, seems that it’s for real…

I usually hate celebrity couples and celebrity gossip like always but I have to write about this one, since I like George Clooney as an actor and Stacy Keibler is one of my all time favorite, WWE stars. It seems that George found himself a new lady already. George and Stacy both flew to Lake Como, Italy where he has a home there.

See the full story, here.

Even though Stacy or George haven’t confirmed this pairing yet, Stacy have been dropping hints about it on her twitter page. She wrote that she went to Cannes film festival and she has nothing to do with movies, I bet George took her over to Cannes with him.

If this pairing is true which I’m sure it is, I actually like this couple. Stacy is hotter than hell, she has the most amazing legs I’ve ever seen. She’s a pretty tall woman too and I’m sure she’s taller than George.

Stacy hooked up with George Clooney before he got someone else. I’m sure plenty of women were after him. So the question you have to ask is this. Is George a fan of professional wrestling? Who knew.


Report: President Clooney for 2012????

In Clooney’s defense, I think he would make a better President than Donald Trump. Remember, folks, a Hollywood actor DID become President of the United States before. Ronald Reagan anyone????

In Clooney’s new interview with Newsweek magazine, he admitted he would never become President because of history with drugs, alcohol, and women.

Read more on the story, here.

Now, now, Mr. Clooney. If you knew George W. Bush’s history, he had a dark past with alcohol & drugs too, but that didn’t stop George W. for being President for 8 long years we had to put up with him.

I think Clooney would make a great president if he tried. He probably prefers concentrating on his acting career more, though.