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47 Senators who helped Tom Cotton send letter to Iran…

Here’s the list of the 47 Senators that sent that letter to Iran about nuclear deal.

You even see the names of the most well known Republican Senators on there like: Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions, Lindsey Graham, Joni Ernst, and Marco Rubio.


How does it make them traitors for standing up for something they believe in? Like I keep saying libtards will side with Obama on everything no matter the situation. Liberals side with Iran and they don’t even know who they are siding with. They are misinformed and uneducated people.

That speech Bibi gave to Congress, his speech wasn’t just for Republicans/Conservatives, Bibi wanted to speak to all Americans. He loves us all regardless of the party whether you’re liberal or conservative, it didn’t matter. Bibi wants to protects us all even liberals, that’s what his speech was about. He’s concerned for all of us.

Yet liberals who side with Iran and disrespect Bibi Netanyahu, they are the ones who are the traitors. Think about that.

This is inspiring me to make a videoblog about this. I’ll get to work on that this week.


Health director who approved Obama’s birth certificate mysteriously killed in plane crash…

Welp, here we go… the woman who approved Obama’s birth certificate was just mysteriously killed in a plane crash and I’m feeling it was no accident… somebody did this. Who else would be capable of taking down an airplane? Obama has done this many times before. Why would he kill the health director who signed his birth certificate? Probably because she knows that he was really born in Kenya and he didn’t want her revealing this information.

That’s the thing with President Obama… every time someone knows too much about him… the next thing you know, you see a report about that person being killed in the news. It’s happening quite a lot.

Sharyl Attkinson from CBS news better watchout ’cause I’m feeling he’s going after her next… give it time. Lara Logan too.

Read the full story, here.


72 years ago today, the Japenese attacked Pearl Harbor, never forget…

How come you don’t see facebook all over this? It’s trending on twitter but facebook silent. Shame. Never forget people. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and got us into WWII. Not too long ago I read a whole book on WWII titled, “Total War – The Story of World War II” which was about 1,000 pages thick and I’ve read the whole thing from start to finish. I’ve become a big history/political buff lately and this is interesting stuff to learn. Learn your history, folks. It’ll do you some good, trust me.


President Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood allegedly involved in Benghazi attack???

Did President Morsi — the President of Egypt — order the Benghazi attack? Did he send all those armed men to attack the US embassy in Libya? Several other people from Muslim Brotherhood helped Morsi out? That’s what it’s looking like and it looks like we may get closer to the truth of Benghazi, after all, if this is proven to be true.

Seriously though, do you find it a surprise that Muslims were involved in Benghazi? All those armed men were Muslims?

If this story turns out to be true and if the US confirms that President Morsi was involved — that would land Obama into a lot of trouble. Why?

1) For helping to cover it up and not sending military help

2) Obama could have been the one who armed all those Muslim men

3) He could have been working closely with Morsi on the attack

4) Obama knowing about Morsi attacking the embassy and not telling anyone about it

If this story posted in the link turns out to be true then it would for sure put an end to Obama’s presidency and could land him some prison time too. Islam a peaceful religion? I don’t freakin’ think so!

Check out the story here, and then you be the judge.


More on the Mission To Mars…

I’ve talked about the topic of Mars before on my site. A lot of people mistakenly believe that it would be pretty easy for NASA to travel to Mars and have a human being step on Mars safely, without any harm and successfully leave the planet after exploring it. If you think it’s easy, why don’t you try it. Go to MARS yourself and step on the planet, I’m positive you would be dead in a flash

I can think of several reasons why Mars would be a dangerous planet, and why it would take years and years of investigation for a human being to successfully step on Mars for the first time.

  • The planet could either be cold or hot at the same time – Yeah, I know that the further a planet is away from the sun the colder it gets, but Mars sounds like it may be pretty hot at times too since the planet could be volcanic. There has been lava flow sightings on the planet before as I said.
  • The planet could have dangerous dust storms – The planet is very dusty and dirty, there’s very strong winds on the planet at times, which I bet a human being couldn’t handle no matter what kind of astronaut suit you wear.
  • There could be aliens on the planet – You may say there’s no such thing but there could be lifeforms on the planet. You may never know what’s around.
  • Mars has a pretty thin atmosphere – There you go, here’s the big reason why it would be impossible to make it on Mars. It’s said that it’s full of methane which could be dangerous for human, could cause asphyxiation.
  • Radiation – That’s another big one, the cosmic rays. I read that could give humans cancer.
  • Food and Shelter – How is NASA going to survive without food and shelter on MARS? That maybe pretty risky if you think about it.
  • The air may not be safe to breathe, not enough for a human to take – I’m sure NASA would build a breathe-able enough suit where you can survive on Mars, but still pretty risky.

I can go on people. If you think it’s easy for NASA to send someone over to step on Mars, then you’re delusional. It would probably happen someday, yes, like I said, but it won’t happen anytime soon. It’ll probably happen in 2030 or later. In my opinion, we don’t have the technology to do it right now.

It’s not easy as some of you think it is. I would like it to happen yes, it would be wonderful. I’m sure other planets in our solar system are just as dangerous too. Just wanted to give you a bit of a reality check.


Brock says no to Gabby Douglas winning the gold, Russia should have won…no joke…

I’m a proud American, but that doesn’t mean I have to support every American athlete winning the gold at the Olympics. I don’t have to support Michael Phelps because he is an American and I don’t have to support the Fab 5 because they are Americans. When Gabby Douglas, the teen gymnastics sensation was announced the winner of gold last night, I’ve noticed that her or the other four girls in the USA team, didn’t show any respect to Russia again last night. They acted like Russia didn’t exist. They left the Russian girls crying in tears like they didn’t have a care.

While it’s great the USA dominate the Olympics like we usually do, we need to show more respect to the other countries we compete against.

Sometimes the other countries can be talented athletes too, and I’ll admit that China is interesting to watch. Gotta be real about stuff, folks. While I support USA athletes it is interesting seeing unique and different talents from other countries too. I’m glad the Fab 5 are dominating the gymnastics, but they need to show more respect to other countries, and not loving themselves and their huge egos. Make the losing teams feel good about the loss and show respect. The Fab 5 girls didn’t do any of that. They have hatred toward Russia and you can see it too. If you don’t, then you’re blind and clueless.


Thought: About Sarah Palin and the Paul Revere controversy, if everyone thinks she’s wrong, then she is probably right…

The entire internet is all over Sarah Palin again. People are pissed at her comments on Paul Revere, when she said, that Paul Revere did the midnight ride to warn people that the British were coming. My thoughts, that I think she is probably right. She’s a smart woman who knows American history better than anybody. That is why people are mad at her, because she is right.

When you want to be a politician, you have to know American history well. So they are not going to make things up about our past. Those who thinks she’s wrong are probably uneducated people themselves. This whole thing was blown out of proportion, I think. People misunderstood what she was trying to say.

Everything she says is right.

Straight from the wikipedia itself:

As a result, his “midnight ride” to warn the people that the British forces were coming is a legendary part of United States history.

The British were going to destroy weapons from Concord and all military stores. Paul did the “Midnight Ride” to try and stop that from happening, by warning people. The British were also going to capture Sam Adams and John Hancock.

What Sarah means, that if Paul Revere didn’t do what he did, then we would have no 2nd amendment rights. Paul Revere was the one who inspired the 2nd Amendment rights . The British would have had taken control of the weapons. Things would have been different today if Paul didn’t do the Midnight Ride. He did it to fight for “freedom” like she said.

Think long and hard on how she is right about everything she said. He’s the founding father of the 2nd amendment right. If it wasn’t for Paul Revere, we wouldn’t have our rights to bear arms.

She still gets my support.


Report: President Clooney for 2012????

In Clooney’s defense, I think he would make a better President than Donald Trump. Remember, folks, a Hollywood actor DID become President of the United States before. Ronald Reagan anyone????

In Clooney’s new interview with Newsweek magazine, he admitted he would never become President because of history with drugs, alcohol, and women.

Read more on the story, here.

Now, now, Mr. Clooney. If you knew George W. Bush’s history, he had a dark past with alcohol & drugs too, but that didn’t stop George W. for being President for 8 long years we had to put up with him.

I think Clooney would make a great president if he tried. He probably prefers concentrating on his acting career more, though.


Report: “The Big Four” to play one off show in the United States!!!

“The Big Four” have announced the huge news today, that Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax will play their first show in the United States. Their show will be taken place on Saturday April 23rd, at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. If you live in California or near there and want to go, tickets go on sale Friday. Get ’em fast, ’cause this will indeed be a quick sell out. Tickets are $99.00 a pop, VIP are for $199.

Read more here, at Guitar World.

Man, wish I could afford this. If I had all that money, I would certainly travel to see this show. I would love to see it. I’m sure they’ll be video taping this for a DVD too.


To those that defend Roman Polanski is a total loser…

I can’t believe how many people online and in the news media are defending this guy! Just goes to show that so many people are living in a delusional fantasy world that are obsessed with celebrities and famous people.

I read a lot of things about how Samantha Geimer forgave Polanski and wanted charges dropped, people are saying this happened a long time ago, move on, and free Polanski. I just shake my head and say, “What the fuck?” to all off this!

What is wrong with people’s heads? Having sex with minors is ILLEGAL in the United States. Polanski knew what he was doing, he pleaded guilty the first time, and admitted to it. Now he thinks he’s above the law because of his fame and power.

I’m sure Polanski’s supporters know that having sex with minors is wrong. The reason his supporters defend him because he is one of the world’s famous film director, an icon in the film industry. They can’t lose the opportunity working with him in film. He’s made a few great movies that I even liked, films like “Rosemary’s Baby” and “Chinatown”. “Frantic” with Harrison Ford was also a great film.

I have a feeling that Polanski will get freed and never return to the US to serve prison time because with money and power, will do it. Polanski may seem like a happy guy, living his everyday life like a real person, but he will always be a selfish ego driven asshole.

People defending this coward is disturbing. They are probably a loser like him. Polanski’s film career should have been boycotted and he should have been banned from making films a long time ago. I will never support his work again.