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More on the Olympics… Fab 5 vs. Russia…

To make things more clear and to explain it better… now I’m not exactly saying that the Fab 5 should go over to their opponents to hug/shake hands or whatever right after a game is over with. What I really mean is that they really need to show that they care. Most athletes in the Olympics do care about their opponents from other countries. Most US athletes are passionate and respectful of other countries. I’ve seen it. I’m sure everyone else had too. They don’t exactly go over to shake hands or hug but they do show ways of caring. When the medals are given, hands are usually shaken as a way to show them respect at the end.

There was something about the Fab 5 that didn’t seem right. Russia was full of emotion and guilt. Crying in tears, and most of the Russian girls were very young, they look like they were 14 or 15. The Fab 5 girls maybe a little older. The Fab 5 girls didn’t even look at the Russian girls. There wasn’t a sign of respect from the US team at all toward Russia, instead they were all over themselves as if they were in a god damn slumber party, while Russia cried their eyes out. Know what I mean? They don’t necessarily have to shake hands or hug, but at least be compassionate for the losing team. Give them a nod of respect or apologize or something. Just something to make them feel better, but the girls in the Fab 5 didn’t do shit. They just let them suffer. Cruel. Just cruel.

There’s too much hate and bullying everywhere, and it even happens in the Olympics sometimes. I like the what the girls in the Fab 5 did, they were incredible young athletes, can’t deny that. They were just too excited for their gold medal win earlier this week, that they didn’t care about anything else around them. It was their ego. That’s what it is.

At least Michael Phelps shows sympathy to the people he races with, he has class.


Brock says no to Gabby Douglas winning the gold, Russia should have won…no joke…

I’m a proud American, but that doesn’t mean I have to support every American athlete winning the gold at the Olympics. I don’t have to support Michael Phelps because he is an American and I don’t have to support the Fab 5 because they are Americans. When Gabby Douglas, the teen gymnastics sensation was announced the winner of gold last night, I’ve noticed that her or the other four girls in the USA team, didn’t show any respect to Russia again last night. They acted like Russia didn’t exist. They left the Russian girls crying in tears like they didn’t have a care.

While it’s great the USA dominate the Olympics like we usually do, we need to show more respect to the other countries we compete against.

Sometimes the other countries can be talented athletes too, and I’ll admit that China is interesting to watch. Gotta be real about stuff, folks. While I support USA athletes it is interesting seeing unique and different talents from other countries too. I’m glad the Fab 5 are dominating the gymnastics, but they need to show more respect to other countries, and not loving themselves and their huge egos. Make the losing teams feel good about the loss and show respect. The Fab 5 girls didn’t do any of that. They have hatred toward Russia and you can see it too. If you don’t, then you’re blind and clueless.


BREAKING NEWS: Kurt Angle will NOT make the London Olympics due to serious knee injury during training…

For a long while now, Kurt Angle has been trying to make a big comeback to amateur wrestling for the Olympics, this year in London. In 1996, Kurt won a gold medal even though he had an injured neck (fracturing two of his cervical vertebrae, herniating two discs, and pulling four muscles), but he won the bout anyway against, Abbas Jadidi, an Iranian wrestler.

Kurt’s been trying really hard to make the Olympics again, but now his dream of an Olympics comeback looks to be over. During training sessions, he tore an MCL in his right knee and tore his right hamstring muscle. He was going to try out for the Team Trials in Iowa, in hopes of making the London Olympics, but he decided to pull out. The injuries look serious.

More on the story, here.

Well, after years of Kurt working for professional wrestling companies like WWE and TNA, and when you’re getting older, your body can’t take it anymore. Amateur wrestling is real wrestling. Not fake wrestling like you see in entertainment. Even though entertainment wrestling is fake, you still have to be physical and yes, it’s still a “sport”, in professional wrestling, no matter what you think of it.

While I feel bad for Kurt, this was expected to happen, so I’m not surprised at all. He shouldn’t have worked for TNA after all these years and put his focus on the Olympics instead. His years of working in the professional wrestling industry is what put his Olympics dream to an end.

It would be cool to see Kurt make it in the Olympics and see him win another medal. He should have seen this coming.


Cool Video: Lindsey Vonn’s amazing downhill ski run yesterday…

Here it is. the Olympic official website has the video up. Lindsey Vonn’s amazing downhill ski run which scored her a gold medal. I can’t stop watching this video. Lindsey is the best skiier alive. Holy shit.

Must download and install the Silverlight player in order to see it:



Congrats to Lindsey Vonn…

A lot of you may not know this but yes, I’ve been watching the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, a lot on TV. I’ve been watching the Olympic games every night and it’s amazing stuff. Lots of history making. Everything from Shaun White, Johnny Weir and now Lindsey Vonn.

Lindsey Vonn makes Olympic history today by winning a gold medal for downhill skiing. I saw her on TV and she was incredible. Flew down the hill really fast without falling this time. She suffered a major crash in 2009 and earlier this year, she admitted to having an injury of her shin.

Today is history making in the Olympics. Shaun White is all over media news for a reason that’s ’cause he’s an amazing snowboarder. Lindsey Vonn caught my attention more. She blew my mind watching her downhill ski run. I’m hoping to get the video of her downhill ski run to post here in the blog.


BREAKING NEWS: Olympic gold medalist, Michael Phelps, does it 4:20 style…Olympic star enjoys his weed!!!

Michael Phelps, the Olympic star and icon, has been caught smoking a bong by the News of the World tabloid newspaper. Turns out, it is true that Michael Phelps is indeed in the picture smoking pot from a large pipe called a bong. You think sports athletes are never into drugs and alcohol, always being fit, eating right and staying healthy? Not always. The sports stars like to party hard too. Phelps himself released a statement admitting that he enjoys weed.

The Associated Press reports:


News of the World report here:


Watch out Michael, Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin will be calling you for some bong hits with them.

A weed smoker’s dream come true, partying with Michael Phelps!!